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A truly eco-friendly cosmetics brand keeps both the needs of the skin and the environment in mind when creating sustainable beauty products. For Dr Hauschka Skin Care that manifests in the brands mission to support humanity and the earth. An eco-friendly brand through and through, Dr Hauschka Skin Care is committed to delivering high performing beauty products to the masses while simultaneously taking care of our big, beautiful, earth.

The Story Behind Dr Hauschka Skin Care

Dr Hauschka Skin Care is a brand founded with an intense focus on creating a cosmetics company that puts the needs of people and the environment first. With every aspect of Dr Hauschka Skin Care you will find this mission embedded through the brands daily practices, manufacturing methods, sourcing of ingredients, and, of course, infused into each and every Dr Hauschka product. Under its parent manufacturer WALA Heilmittel, Dr Hauschkas founder Dr. Rudolph Hauschka was able to create a cosmetics company with a truly conscious culture. Dr Hauschka Skin Care has been a leader in sustainability well before it became a hot topic around the world. With Dr Hauschka Skin Cares roots dating back to the 1950s, this brand has cultivated sustainable living and beauty for decades.

The Dr Hauschka Skin Care company is a line of high quality and performing products that are formulated with the finest ingredients of the earth. With Dr Hauschka Skin Care products, the goal is not simply to provide natural beauty to customers but to empower people across the world to take charge of their own health and beauty both within themselves and their communities. Starting with the Dr Hauschka natural skin care products, each Dr Hauschka formulation consists of a majority organic formulation infused with plants, oils, and waxes. To take this a step further, Dr Hauschka sources all fair trade ingredients as frequently as possible. To produce the Dr Hauschka Skin Care products, the manufacturer runs on green energy while working in material cycles. All of the Dr Hauschka packagings are recyclable as well.

Popular Dr Hauschka Skin Care Products

With a history as long as Dr Hauschka Skin Care, the line of natural, sustainable beauty products to choose from is extensive. Today, there are few that make it to the top of the list and are most popular in the ever evolving beauty industry.

Dr Hauschka Foundation 01-05: The Dr Hauschka foundation 01-05 is the popular foundation created to illuminate and nourish the skin. This innovative and highly beneficial Dr Hauschka foundation works to naturally even skin tone, subtly conceal minor imperfections, while still allowing skins radiance to shine. This Dr Hauschka foundation is packed with soft pigments, botanicals, oils, and extracts, providing skin with unparalleled nourishment. Within the Dr Hauschka foundation youll find ingredients like macademia nut oil which helps promote radiance to the skin, pomegranate which is known to stimulate skin regeneration, and coconut oil which is a popular ingredient to provide moisture to the skin. The Dr Hauschka foundation is also formulated without many skin irritants and chemicals including fragrance, preservatives, mineral oil, paraben, silicones, and PEG. This dermatologist tested Dr Hauschka foundation works well on all skin types even sensitive and is available in five simple shades, best suited for those with pale to medium complexions.

Dr Hauschka Mascara: Another popular Dr Hauschka product is the Dr Hauschka mascara. The Dr Hauschka mascara works to lengthen the eye lashes while encouraging the health and vitality of lashes. Once applied, just one coat of this Dr Hauschka mascara leaves lashes looking refreshed and vibrant. Infused with gentle ingredients like rose petal wax that works to protect and fortify the lashes, black tea extract known for its soothing properties, and neem leaf extract that helps with strengthening, its no wonder this is one of Dr Hauschkas top rated products. Youll find that the Dr Hauschka mascara is gentle enough for the most sensitive eyes and is available in three shades for ultimate versatility.

Dr Hauschka Daily Hydrating Eye Cream: As Dr Hauschka Skin Care is most regarded for its exceptional skin care products, it is most fitting to include one of the brands most popular natural skin care products. The Dr Hauschka Daily Hydrating Eye Cream is the celebrated cream that works to provides a boost of nourishment and hydration to the most sensitive area of the skin. This Dr Hauschka eye cream is great for those with mature and dry skin around the eyes as it is infused with ingredients that work to rejuvenate and revitalize the skin. Formulated with ingredients like pineapple, marshmallow, and calendula for soothing and calming, this Dr Hauschka eye cream works to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. The addition of macadamia nut, sea buckthorn, avocado and rose work within this Dr Hauschka eye cream to provide supreme hydration to instantly refresh the skin.

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