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When looking for an anti aging skin care line, some consumers will come across the Dr. Denese skin care line. According to the manufacturer and some skin care experts, this brand is an effective solution for aging skin because the brand focuses on using larger quantities of active ingredients. The face of the brand is Dr. Denese, a skin care specialist trained at Cornell University Medical College who has devoted her career to creating topical treatments for aging skin. However even though Dr. Denese reviews are generally positive, this product line may not be the right choice for every individual’s needs. A consultation with a skin care expert can go a long way in deciding whether Dr. Denese skin care products will actually benefit your skin.

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How Dr. Denese Products Work

Dr. Denese skin care products are specifically designed to target the signs of aging. The brand achieves this through a variety of formulary techniques, including the use of highly moisturizing ingredients and antioxidants. Additionally, the manufacturer suggests that its products are much more effective than competitor products because the company doesn’t engage in a practice called “fairy dusting.”

According to Dr. Denese, fairy dusting is the practice of using minimal concentrations of active ingredients so as to enable the manufacturer to claim the ingredient on the label. Unfortunately, creams and serums formulated with this approach are less effective and waste the consumer’s time and money. Dr. Denese products, however, are claimed to have active ingredient concentrations as much as three times higher than industry standards.

Dr. Denese Ingredients

Dr. Denese products rely on a variety of active ingredients to achieve their intended results. Let’s consider some of the products in this line in greater detail:

  • HydroShield Eye Fix Upper Eye Lid Care:  This Dr. Denese product was created to strengthen and tighten the skin of the upper eyelid. The health of the upper eyelid is very important because it can sag and droop with time; thus creating a more tired appearance and even affecting vision. To address aging issues, the HydroShield cream contains ingredients like glycerin, to moisturize; vitamin E, to repair skin damage; several peptides, to promote collagen growth; and rosemary extract, for its high concentration of antioxidants. The cost of this Dr. Denese cream is quite affordable, at $23 for half an ounce.
  • HydroShield Body Serum:  This anti aging serum from Dr. Denese aims to reduce the signs of aging through moisturization. The serum is formulated with ingredients like linoleic acid, to condition the skin; lecithin, a moisturizer; aloe barbadensis extract, to soothe irritated skin; and clover flower extract, to reduce inflammation. The cost of this HydroShield Serum from Dr. Denese is $39 for six ounces.
  • Firmatone Retinol Eye Serum:  With retinol as its main active ingredient, this Dr. Denese eye serum aims to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and hyperpigmentation around the eyes. Retinol is often used in anti aging skin care solutions because of its ability to improve the skin shedding process, thereby producing effects akin to exfoliation. In addition to retinol, the serum contains ingredients like capric triglyceride, to condition the skin; apple stem cells, to promote the growth of healthy skin; vitamin C, for its skin brightening effects; and peptides, for collagen strengthening. At a price of $39 for just half an ounce, however, this Dr. Denese retinol serum may be beyond the budget of some consumers.
  • Hydrating Cleanser:  This cleanser from Dr. Denese is meant to remove dirt, oil and makeup from the skin, but without the dehydration caused by some common skin care ingredients. It’s formulated with chemicals like retinyl palmitate, to promote cellular turnover; aloe barbadensis extract, to calm the skin; glycerin, to promote moisture barrier strength; and hydrolyzed wheat protein, which can attract water to the treatment site in much the same way as hyaluronic acid (albeit not as strong). With a price tag of $23 for six ounces, this Dr. Denese cleanser can fit into virtually any skin care budget.

Dr. Denese Reviews

Reviews for Dr. Denese products are generally positive. However, there seems to be a potential issue with counterfeit and expired products when purchasing the items through third party sellers. Therefore, it’s very important to read Dr. Denese reviews for vendors, to make sure that they don’t sell defective products.

Where to Buy Dr. Denese Products

Dr. Denese skin care products are available through the manufacturer’s website, as well as through third party distributors on large ecommerce platforms. Additionally, this brand is also sometimes sold on the home shopping network.

Dr. Denese Side Effects

Side effects from Dr. Denese products are not believed to be a major concern, and most reviews speak of the creams and serums favorably. However, one notable ingredient in many of the company’s formulations is fragrance. This Dr. Denese product ingredient has absolutely no benefit to the skin, while at the same time is known to cause skin irritation and 

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