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Derm Exclusive: Product Information and Company Overview

Derm Exclusive is a line of skin care products designed to fight the signs of aging and sagging skin. The company’s products are marketed through BeachBody LLC, a health, fitness, and exercise company, and are sold on BeachBody’s website. Derm Exclusive claims that its products boost collagen growth, reduce dark circles under the eyes, and fades dark spots on the face and arms. The product line was created by Andrew Ordon, a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon who has approximately thirty years of experience in the skin care field. When developing Derm Exclusive, Ordon’s goal to create collagen products that achieved the same results as expensive skin care treatments performed in high-end skin care clinics but that could be used at home. However, when considering the company’s products, it’s helpful to remember that topical treatments are almost never as effective as cosmetic procedures, so it is important to accurately temper expectations.

Derm Exclusive Product Information

Derm Exclusive products include items such as exfoliating pads designed to remove dead skin and minimize pores, collagen creams that the company’s website claims can tighten skin over time, facial cleansers, lip moisturizers, and a wrinkle treatment called “Fill & Freeze.” In a video available on the company’s website, Dr. Ordon claims that when used correctly, Derm Exclusive may give users the same results as collagen injections and other in-office skin treatments.

Derm Exclusive products contain peptides that were developed by Ordon and his team of scientists, and are thought to penetrate the surface of the skin and relax muscles where wrinkles exist, such as those on the forehead and around the corners of the eyes. The wrinkle treatment is delivered to the skin via a pen-like device that allows users to “click” the amount they want to use and then brush it onto the skin. The cleansing pads, collagen cream, and Derm Exclusive wrinkle treatments are all designed to work together, but they may also be purchased separately.

Purchasing Derm Exclusive

Derm Exclusive can be either ordered via the toll-free number on the company’s website or via online checkout. There are a number of interviews on the site that may help those who have never used the product before be more confident with their decision to purchase Derm Exclusive. Unfortunately, Derm Exclusive reviews from customers are not available for specific products on the site, although a general star rating is available for the company’s products overall. Those who order from the website will receive the exfoliating pads, collagen treatment, the repair serum, and the wrinkle treatment when they sign up for membership with the company.

There are several kits on the Derm Exclusive site, ranging in price from three payments of $39.95 to three payments of $54.85, and customers who don’t cancel their membership after thirty days will be shipped additional kits every 90 days and will be automatically charged in three installments of the regular price plus $9.95 shipping and handling. Future shipments will be charged to the same credit card that was used to purchase the initial kit. Those who continue to receive shipments of Derm Exclusive can add other products to it each month and may cancel their shipment at any time by calling the company directly.

Derm Exclusive Shipping Information

Shipping is available throughout the U.S. and Canada, but orders that are shipped to Canada may take up to two weeks to arrive. P.O. Box addresses are accepted for shipments, but these orders may take up to three weeks to reach their final destination. Shipments to physical addresses take two to five business days via FedEx, while P.O. Box shipments will be delivered via the USPS. Rush shipping is available for both U.S. and Canadian orders of Derm Exclusive.

Derm Exclusive Returns

Derm Exclusive offers a thirty-day money back guarantee on any of their products. Customers who wish to cancel their orders to prevent additional installment payments must do so by calling the customer service number and follow their specific instructions. Jars and filler pens may be returned even if they are empty. After the thirty day trial period is over and customers have taken an additional shipment, they can then modify their Derm Exclusive products or cancel future shipments.

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  1. holly carey

    I started using this product after seeing the commercial on television. It sounded good. Shortly after using the products, my skin actually starting feeling like a chemical burn. I used the serum after using the Glycolic pads on my facial area and it burned my eye area. It did not say to not use on the eye area. It was inflamed and my eyes were crying all day at work. The folks on the phone told me I must have had a bad reaction to the products and to not put anything on my face for 2 weeks? Really disappointed. Spent a lot of money and went back to my old skin program, which is like heaven compared to this product! The Fill and Freeze product does not work. Its like a primer you put on before your powder or foundation and temporarily appears to make your lines or wrinkles but after you sweat or after a few hours, your lines or wrinkles are back. And my eyelids are still burnt and look red. Its been almost 2 weeks since I used the products. These products are not for everyone, obviously. Disappointed!

  2. Saundra

    I have only used this product for a month and a half but I can see a difference already.I believe it is worth the money plus you get a free product in each shipment.

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