The Real Truth about Crepey Skin

When skin ages, it can lead to Crepey Skin.

Most people know crepey skin when they see it in the mirror. It doesn’t just refer to the deep wrinkles that emerge with age. It looks very similar to the skin on your elbows. It is not always associated with aging. Crepey skin looks like hundreds of small wrinkles. The skin looks dry and lackluster. Typically, crepey skin appears on the cheeks, under the eyes, eyelids, hands, arms, neck, and legs. But, it can appear anywhere on the face or body.

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What causes crepey skin

There are a variety of causes of crepey skin. We’ll explore the four main causes.

First, as the body slows down the production of elastin and collagen, the proteins that allow skin to stretch and contract, the skin begins to sag and wrinkle. For some people, aging skin manifests itself in deep lines and facial wrinkles. For others, smaller, more prolific, wrinkles will appear primarily on the face, neck, and hands, giving the skin a crepey appearance.
Crepey skin on face and neck

Second, crepey skin around the eyes is typically caused by squinting or hard blinking. Excessive computer usage or poor vision that hasn’t been addressed can lead to squinting and hard blinking  Make sure you consult with an optometrist.

Another factor to crepey skin is the moisture that skin retains. With age, skin will begin to feel drier because the body will stop producing as many new skin cells as it once did. That means that the skin will also slow down the production of the oils that are designed to rid the body of dead cells and pathogens. The reduction of these oils can cause the skin to have more wrinkles, resulting in crepey skin.

Finally, the loss of fat may be a cause of crepey skin. Because the skin gets thinner and does not have a sufficient fatty layer underneath it, tiny wrinkles may begin to form. People who have recently lost weight are more likely to experience crepey skin.

How to get rid of crepey skin

If you’re bothered by crepey skin, you may be interested in treatment options. To improve crepey skin on face, you have to address all of the factors behind the change in skin texture. Firstly, it is important to help the body naturally replace the depleted supplies of collagen and elastin. Many treatments exist to rebuild these proteins:

  • Skin care treatments– peptide creams or hyaluronic acid creams can help to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin by making the cells reproduce more quickly. Once crepey skin occurs, things get worse quickly without intervention. If you want to turn back crepey skin, we recommend taking a look at Advanced Dermatology. This is an excellent topical skin care products that will not only target crepey skin, but all visible signs of aging. It goes beyond drugstore lotions.
  • Mesotherapy– this treatment injects a mixture of vitamins, amino acids, and other ingredients designed to stimulate the body’s production of collagen and elastin.
  • Dermal Rollers – Dermal Rollers contain hundreds of tiny needles. More abrasive dermal rollers must be performed by a physician and can help you achieve smoother looking skin. Multiple treatments are required.
  • Laser treatments-CO2 laser treatments send a beam deep into the layers of the skin. The laser irritates the lower layers, and, as the body attempts to heal itself, it begins to increase production of collagen. However, C02 lasers cause long downtime. In recent years, lasers are gaining popularity due to new less invasive procedures with less downtime. We recommend taking a look at fractional lasers, such as Fraxel. Radio frequency layers that help boost collagen such as ReFirm and Thermage are good treatment options.
  • Home remedies: Dehydration may worsen the appearance of crepey skin. The only home remedy we recommend is making sure you drink enough water – 8-10 glasses per day. Apart from skin care options, of course.
  • Microdermabrasion– one way to improve dry skin resulting from aging is with microdermabrasion. The upper layers of the skin are scrubbed with a small metal brush, causing the skin to produce new, healthier layers of cells. It is especially effective with crepey skin because the wrinkles are more prominent on the upper layers of skin.

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  1. Anonymous

    I would have stayed out of the sun if I had known what I know now. I hate my skin my neck, hands and arms age me. Very depressing. I just turned 70 and my arms look 80. I know we age but just not now. I see women older than I am and there skin looks younger then mine does. Any suggestions? Wonder if the other women received a response. If I had the financial resources I would spend it all to have yourger looking arms. I live in AZ and it’s hot can’t even feel good about wearing sleeveless tops.

  2. Becky Wallace

    Creepy skin on arms and top of legs wear long sleeves and no shorts
    I have tried all that I know to do. Would laser or chemical peels help my arms
    My face is fine but my arms makes me look very old as well as my chest no low cut blouses

    • Diane C

      I am a very, very young looking woman over 50. I am still able to wear my hair long, my skin looks pretty darned good. I’m petite and my size is OK enough to still wear youthful shorts and dresses, People comment on my skin all the time, but they are looking at my face, not my body. You will not catch me dead in anything that shows my arms or my knees and I no longer put on a bathing suit (even with sunscreen). If you were to take a photo of my face and then a separate one of my knees and especially my arms you would swear they belong to two different people. My forearms have very deep wrinkles and my biceps are flabby, but worst yet, I have severe crepey skin on my entire arms. I recently saw the back of my arms in a photo and I wanted to cry. Every summer blouse and dress I see is sleeveless so I have to cover myself up during 100 degree weather. My knees are wrinkled also and I can’t wear shorts. I look all over the internet for a procedure that takes care of this and cannot find a thing. My arms are worse than most old women. My mom is 92 and her arms look similar to mine but I actually think mine are even worse. I just wanted you to know you are not alone.

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