CoolLipo: The Very Latest In Non-Invasive Fat Reduction

Body confidence works 2 ways, first you need to feel confident about you, and second you need to feel confident in the skin you’re in. Taking control to make positive change in either direction will have you feeling like the smart, confident, able and empowered person you are.

If feeling confident in the skin you’re in, means taking action to reduce areas of body fat, or pesky areas of stubborn fat exercise just won’t touch – you will find a host of fat reduction treatments available to you. Which by the way – it is 100% ok to invest in, you should feel proud for taking action to better your life.

One all-star fat reduction treatment you will find numerous glowing reviews for goes by the name of CoolLipo also scientifically known as cryolipolysis. While cryolipolysis is an established fat removal technique – don’t worry we’ll explain all about what cryolipolysis is soon – CooLipo is the very latest generation cryolipolysis treatment. A must have for no-downtime, surgery free fat reduction.

What is CoolLipo?

Fat cells can be persistent, pesky and stubborn but they have 1 very well-known Achilles heel – they don’t like the cold. Put a fat cell and a skin cell into a cold temperature environment and your fat cell will perish while your skin cell will survive and thrive.

Fact: Fat cells die in cold temperature environments.

Scientific definition: Cryolipolysis. Cryo being the ancient Greek word for icy cold and lyposis being the scientific word for breakdown of fats.

CoolLipo is the next generation in cryolipolysis fat reduction treatments, it’s a process that is FDA approved, non-invasive, no downtime procedure offering you great results with minimal to no discomfort.

How Effective Is CoolLipo?

Let’s be honest, results are the first and foremost priority when choosing any fat reduction treatment. You’ll be excited to know CoolLipo has impressive effects even from the very first session – 20 to 25% is the average fat reduction achieved. Imagine the change you could see with 2 or even 3 CoolLipo sessions.

Say no to no-pain no-gain and hello to results which last.

How many times do you have to do CooLipo?

Great news: You get to see and determine the number of CoolLipo treatments you need based on the interim results you’re seeing. Most clinics will offer a recommended treatment plan based on training and experience, however if you already have results you love – there’s no need to go further.

You’ll notice results from your very first CoolLipo treatment and you’ll see significant before and after change with 2 to 3 sessions.

CoolLipo your Double Chin/Thighs/Neck

Almost any body part you have right now which is storing a noticeable excess of body fat has strong potential to be a candidate for CoolLipo. Which is a revelation. Previously cryolipolysis was a technique you could only use on large areas – you should see the size of the original paddles!

CoolLipo however makes cryolipolysis an option for both small and large areas. The treatment machine comes with specially adaptable attachments which make the technique available for double chin reduction, thigh fat reduction, muffin top treatment and even banana rolls.

Whether your fat reduction area is little or large – CoolLipo can help.

CoolLipo Results: How Quickly?

A stand out benefit of CoolLipo is its ability to use your body’s own fat drainage system to eliminate stubborn areas of body fat. CoolLipo uses a natural Achilles heel of your fat cells – the cold to kill them after which your body naturally gets rid of them. Permanently.

CoolLipo results are therefore gradual – which is great news for allowing you to get on with life while your procedure continues to work for you.

After a CoolLipo treatment you should expect to see first results in around 3 weeks with very exciting, body confident changes happening up to 3 months post procedure.


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