Clinicians Complex – Brand Overview

For consumers who don’t seem to benefit from over the counter skin care products, but who aren’t ready to try prescription medication, the Clinicians Complex product line may be a viable solution. The company that manufactures these items created them specifically for clinicians; medical and aesthetic professionals who typically have some sort of certification in health and skin care. However, though Clinicians Complex may exude an air of sophistication with a medical focus, it does not mean that the products are right for everyone. Therefore, it’s imperative to read Clinicians Complex reviews and thoroughly analyze the ingredients in its products before making a purchasing decision.

How Clinicians Complex Works

The company offers a large selection of items, across many skin concerns, like acne treatments, anti aging products, creams for the delicate skin around the eyes, and sun screen, among others. In order to understand how Clinicians Complex works, it’s important to analyze the ingredients in the specific products being considered. Let’s take a look at several items as examples.

  • Acne Drying Lotion:  To help individuals struggling with acne, Clinicians Complex offers a drying lotion to remove excess oil and speed up the healing process of pimples. This product includes ingredients like sulfur, which removes oil; salicylic acid, to break down pore plugs; and isopropyl alcohol, to further address excess oil
  • Stem Cell Cream:  This Clinicians Complex anti aging cream is designed to protect the skin by focusing on the stem cells within it. The cream has ingredients like rare Swiss Apple stem cells, to improve the health of skin stem cells; hyaluronic acid, to draw hydration to the treatment area; and squalane, to moisturize.
  • Skin Bleaching Cleanser:  To help consumers struggling with hyperpigmentation, the manufacturer offers a special cleanser that may also brighten the skin. The main ingredient in this cleanser is kojic acid, which is a relatively common skin lightener. Other ingredients in this Clinicians Complex cleanser include lactic acid, to gently exfoliate the skin; vitamin C ester, which has antioxidant properties that repair skin damage; and glycerine, to moisturize.

It’s important to note that the descriptions above are general overviews, and do not include all ingredients in these products. To keep your skin safe and to avoid side effects, it’s essential to review the entire ingredient list for the product(s) you are considering.

Where to Buy Clinicians Complex

Clinicians Complex products are sold exclusively through skin care professionals, like doctors, aestheticians, and medical spas. Any consumer who would like to try the products in this line would first need to find an authorized clinician on the company’s website, and then make an appointment to learn which product is the best choice for them, and complete the purchase.

However, not all of the products under the Clinicians Complex label have prescription strength ingredients. Instead, the company may have made the choice to distribute these items through skin professionals as a strategic marketing approach. By focusing on skin care experts, the manufacturer doesn’t have to market to the general public, and can instead devote their efforts to their wholesale clients.

Thought the profit margins are lower in a wholesale skin care model, it can actually be more profitable in the long term. For example, if the Clinicians Complex sales team converts just one doctor to distribute their products, it can mean lots of recurring sales, as the doctor will sell the products to her patients on their behalf.

However, some of the Clinicians Complex products are available for purchase online, through unauthorized third party distributors. These creams, serums and skin brighteners can be found on major online market places. It is important to note, though, that because such distributors are not authorized by the company, they may be selling expired (or otherwise damaged) products. Therefore, if considering a purchase from a third party distributor, it’s vital to read Clinicians Complex reviews to ensure the vendor is trustworthy.

Skin Care Experts and Clinicians Complex

Although a consultation with a dermatologist can go a long way in determining whether the products in the Clinicians Complex line are a good choice for you, it’s important to find the right doctor. For an unbiased opinion, it may be beneficial to visit a dermatologist who is not a distributor for the company, and discuss the ingredients in detail. This is a small distinction, but an important one, because a doctor who is also a distributor of Clinicians Complex may not be unbiased in their suggestions.

Price of Clinicians Complex

The cost of Clinicians Complex products will often vary depending on which skin care expert you visit. This allows each distributor to set their own price, according to their local economic factors and the required profit dynamics. For example, a distributor of Clinicians Complex in Beverly Hills is likely to charge more than a distributor in a rural area, where wages and office rent are cheaper.

However, as rough estimate, some of the online prices for some of the products include;  $35 for 1 ounce of the Acne Drying Lotion, about $70 for 2 ounces of the Stem Cell Cream, and $35 for 7.5 ounces of the Clinicians Complex Skin Bleaching Cleanser.

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