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Cellex C: Company Overview

Cellex C is a Canadian skin care company offering a wide array of skin care products, all based around the idea of infusing skin with high concentrations of vitamin C. Originally, launched in 1991, the company’s technology is based on 1980s research into the effects of vitamin C on skin and wound healing. However, it’s important to note that research on Cellex C is still not fully conclusive. For example, one of the studies referenced on the company’s website shows remarkable results, with an average 84% reduction of hand wrinkles. Though upon closer examination, you will note that the study involved only five women, which is a very small group that may not reflect the average person’s skin chemistry. Therefore, as studies continue on this product, it’s vital that you read Cellex C reviews from other consumers in an effort to gauge the average effects of the company’s products on a larger population set.

About Cellex C

The company claims to be one of the first manufacturers of skin care products based on the unique properties of vitamin C. Although many other vitamin C skin care products have entered the market since the early 1990s, Cellex C claims that the results of its vitamin C serums are simply unparalleled. To strengthen this claim, the company suggests that Cellex C functions on advanced chemical technology that boosts the skin’s absorption of vitamin C and other ingredients.

This technology is claimed to be so secret, that only five people in the world know it. Though others outside the company question why larger recent studies are not cited on the company’s website. After all, if Cellex C was indeed a miracle cure, it would be relatively easy to substantiate in a medical trial with a large sample population.

Nonetheless, those interested in using vitamin C in their daily skin care routine will be pleased to know that Cellex C offers a variety of products to meet most regimen needs.

Cellex C Products

Cellex C offers a variety of products to treat many common skin care problems. Though the company touts the benefits of vitamin C for anti aging purposes, it offers products for skin problems like acne, dark spots on face, Eczema, hyperpigmentation, Psoriasis, sagging skin, and many more.

For example, to treat dark spots on face, the company sells a fade away gel at a cost of $65 for a jar of less than one ounce. The Cellex C website suggests that the best results from this gel can be achieved by using it twice a day, for 2-3 months.

To treat Eczema, Cellex C offers a specialized moisturizer, GLA Extra Moist; which claims to blend vitamin C with patented Cellex C chemicals for optimal absorption. This cream is claimed to work well for conditions like Eczema and Psoriasis, because it is said to be highly moisturizing. However, there are no Cellex C reviews for this product on the company website. In fact many products don’t seem to have customer feedback at all, and visitors must look for third party Cellex C reviews to gain a better understanding of customer experiences.

Where to Buy Cellex C

American consumers looking to buy Cellex C may initially become confused by the manufacturer’s website. The company has their own, main site that talks about the technology behind their products and the story of the brand. However, purchases cannot be conducted on the site, and the visitor must instead visit the U.S. distributor’s page.

In terms of the price for Cellex C products; you can expect to pay at least $40-$50 for one ounce of any product. On the more expensive side, however, you would have to spend $525 for a jar of skin signaling serum, which contains only four ounces of product.

Because of the price and proprietary formulation of Cellex C skin care products, it’s a good idea to fist consult with your dermatologist before making a decision to purchase.

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