Bye Bye Lines Serum

IT Cosmetics, which stands for Innovative Technology, are known for creating plastic surgeon-informed skincare and beauty product formulations that boast impressive cosmetic results. First developed to help women with rosacea conceal the redness in their complexions, the line’s cult-favorite CC Cream is fittingly known for providing flawless, even coverage on the face.

True to their motto, “Your Skin But Better,” the cosmetic effects of IT Cosmetics stands out among competitors. When it comes to the visible results provided by their wrinkle-erasing anti-aging serum, Bye Bye Lines Serum Advanced Anti-Aging Wrinkle-Smoothing Miracle Concentrate ($58), brand loyalists who have come to expect a certain standard will not be disappointed.

The multi-faceted serum targets ten visible signs of aging on the skin, from livening up dull complexions and fading dark spots, to filling wrinkles and helping the skin to preserve hydration. The formula uses science-backed ingredients that were selected alongside experts in aging and cosmetics, as well as a patented ingredient that creates an imperfection-masking optical blur effect on the skin.

What stands out about the Bye Bye Lines Serum are its fast-acting results; clinical trials found that ten different anti-aging results were apparent after just ten days use — a time frame that is practically unheard of in the world of anti-aging skincare.

Who Its For

Anyone hoping to incorporate anti-aging products into their regimen can benefit from the use of a daily serum. The lightweight, readily absorptive fluid is deemed appropriate for all skin types, particularly those with dry skin.

The serum addresses ten different signs of aging on the complexion, with clinically substantiated claims to improve: texture and smoothness; fine lines and wrinkles; skin barrier function; dullness; dryness; sagging skin; large pores; and uneven tone.

Key Ingredients

The active ingredients named are among the industry’s most-revered anti-agers, and the cruelty-free formula is paraben-, sulphate-, phtalate-, and talc-free. Among them, peptides help to replenish collagen, improving the appearance of wrinkles and creases in the skin. Caviar extract helps to fortify the skin’s natural barrier, helping it to retain moisture over time, while hyaluronic acid provides skin-plumping hydration.

The serum also provides some preventative and reparatory effects from environmental aggressors — most notable, the sun and UV-rays. It does so with mineral-rich algae, and potent antioxidants that protect the skin from free radical damage and photo-oxidation.

Visibly, your skin will appear smoother, and your tone more even, after just ten days. The brightening comes thanks in part to Licorice root; however, their miracle ingredient is presumably the Proprietary Drops of Light Optical Blurring Technology. The patented ingredient provides the complexion with a sort of luminescence, reflecting light and providing the imperfection-minimizing blur effect.

How to Use

Use this product day and night — after cleansing and toning, but before your moisturizer and SPF.

Review Recap

It Cosmetics Bye Bye Lines Serum improves the appearance of aging skin and does so with two distinguishable advantage over competitors. First, it provides fast-acting, clinically-substantiated visible results in a short, 10-day period of time. It also restores the skin barrier, providing a valid anti-aging function that allows the skin to naturally retain more moisture over time.

However, in just ten days, it seems possible that their positive results might be skewed by the cosmetic effect imparted by their Drops of Light technology. No matter whether the findings reflect genuine skin repair, or are the result of a fabulous cosmetic ingredient, the idea of seeing visible results in just over a week is still tempting.

The sheer length of the ingredient list poses another concern, as it contains a number of ingredients flagged by the EWG. Those with reactive skin types may want to steer clear of its hard-to-pronounce, chemical-laden ingredient list. (Although, negative side-effects could be stymied by the serum’s noted barrier-repair function.)

Lastly, many skincare and cosmetics companies note how their ingredients were sourced. While this seeks to make the company’s environmental impact more apparent, it can pose health concerns regarding certain ingredients. For instance, the formulation includes hydrolized collagen. Without knowing if the collagen was bovine or marine harvested, this poses cause for concern for those with allergies, autoimmune conditions, or a plant-based lifestyle.


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