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Bellaplex, dubbed ‘the found of youth, costs $69 and has sold thousands of bottles since it first came out. Bellaplex describes their product as a “cost effective alternative that is less expansive than surgery or injections.” Bellaplex claims to “decrease the appearance of deep wrinkles, decrease the appearance in wrinkle density and promote new collagen production.” Does Bellaplex work? How effective is this product compared to other similarly price wrinkle creams? We put it to the test. Bellaplex is an anti aging skin care range developed by Hydroxatone Labs, the same people who created Luminique, Hydrolyze and various other wrinkle creams.

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The only reason we don’t review more skin care products is because of the time it takes to evaluate a product. Typically, a review takes 3-4 months and requires substantial resources. As part of our Bellaplex review, we conducted in depth research, analysis and benchmarking.

Bellaplex contains three active ingredients: Matrxyl 3000, Argireline and Hyaluronic Acid. These are good anti aging ingredients that will help you achieve what you want to. Our initial evaluation indicates Bellaplex has utilized the manufacturers minimum recommended dosage for these 3 active ingredients. Too often, skin care manufacturers add only a small concentrate of these types active ingredients as they can be very cost prohibitive. But Bellaplex has included the manufacturers minimum recommendation or slightly more.  Whilst these are proven ingredients, they are available in products that cost less then Bellaplex. However, they are not the only active ingredients in Bellaplex.

Results will vary amongst patients, depending on their skin conditions and concerns. The ingredients used in Bellaplex will help fight the visible signs of aging, such as fine lines, wrinkles, laxity and uneven skin tone. Bellaplex alo offers immediate cosmetic plumping. Whilst only temporary, it will help your face look fuller and softer.

Consumer Reviews: We compiled “Bellaplex Reviews” from other websites and noticed that consumers were generally pleased with the product. However, we also noticed clients were dissatisfied with the Bellaplex Free Trial. Numerous consumers wrote that they were unaware their credit card was going to be charged at the end of the review period. Bellaplex discloses this in the fine print, so please read the conditions carefully to avoid any surprises charges on your credit card.

Warnings: as is the case with any skincare products, this product is for external use only. You may experience mild tingling or redness during use. Apply a sunscreen of SPF 15 or higher during the day while using this product. Avoid the delicate eye area unless advised otherwise.

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  1. Kerri Kovacich

    Bellaplex and Christie Brinkley products are answered by the same person. I ordered two samples – 1 one from each of the above companies – I have cancelled my subscription and my account but have been charged over $200 for no products. When I called to enquire/complain the same man answered my call! Yes they have all the spills in the world but have no doubt – THIS IS A SCAM. A RIP OFF. A HAVE. Do not purchase from either company. Two $2.0 trials have turned into $200. I have had to cancel my card with the bank!

  2. Jennifer

    It did not work except to leave
    the skin a red with white circles. it is nothing more than paint in an expensive tube I purchased for $1.99. then the company sends Malaysian call centers to ring you up for $300.00. She gave me a fake name of Tracey Smith, I sent the products back did not want to express post as it costs more than initial product. They harassed me to give them my card details. I was bullied to give my details, as she was not going to apply her STAFF DISCOUNT, which is half price. They do not send invoices and apparently the only invoice is with the original package. Cause I didn’t send it back the way they wanted it, they are charging me. then they also charge the American dollars for their paint!!

  3. Joan

    My husband graciously bought the samples for me after I whinged about the dark circles under my eyes not understanding about the re-order catch. I thought it was very sweet of him to want to make me happy but I felt he had been led down the path a bit. I had him cancel his card at the bank so he would not be charged for a product that is in my view over rated and when I found out the cost I was thrilled he cared but did not want him financing this product on a monthly basis. I will use the samples and be grateful for such a caring man.

  4. Sam

    When I realised it was a recurring monthly payment after receiving my 1.99 samples and then checked the reviews, I actually cancelled my credit card at the bank and ordered a new one. I’ve been down that recurring payment road before so I just thought stuff it – cancel that credit card. Haven’t heard a thing. Got my samples – never used though after the reviews as I’m too scared!! And ZERO extra charges! Ring your bank ASAP – cancel your card, get a new number! It’s the only way. Good Luck x

  5. Eloise

    I bought a book online and with this sale came an offer for a sample of Bellaplex for the cost of postage only at $1.99. I have received the sample, but now that I have read the reviews, I won’t be using it. But I would like to let you know that today I rang my bank and reversed the charge from Vellaplex for $98.00. NOT NICE GUYS!

  6. Lesley Golding

    Please cancel my account for Bellaplex and Hydrolyze products. I live in NZ and the cost far too much. I AM 71. have Parkinson’s Disease and can not afford the huge charges on my Visa account some of which I not received any product. Please refund extra charges.
    Lesley Golding

  7. Anonymous

    I like many others have been duped by this company! I paid postage for my ‘free trial’ and then within 30 days cancelled the trial and was given all the info to send it back and was told clearly “you will NOT be charged any money” (after being told it will cost me £300 to cancel, to which I said f@&£ off! And then told “oh ok well as your a new customer we will make it £150”?? again to which I said f@&£ off) so I send it all back as instructed and a month later… 2 payments of £69 taken out of my account! So I ring them, the women is extremely rude, says they didn’t receive them but tah dah I have a tracking number!! This women conveniently couldn’t find the package, I go on Royal Mail website after call and find it, and a lovely little picture of a signature!
    My bank is doing a wonderful job and dealing with this for me and are looking into this fraudulent company as once again this month 2 payments of £69 was unsuccessfully tried to be taken out of my account! No creams tho!! So thank god my bank cancelled and are trying to get my money back.
    Do not make the same mistake I made and MANY others, I mean THOUSANDS!!!!

  8. MIchelle

    I received both bellaplex and luminique and have been using it for 2 days and have seen wonderful results already! I have rung the 0800 line and spoke with customer service to ask several questions and they have been so courteous, helpful and even assisted with extending the trial period due to a delay in receiving the goods since ordering it. Thankyou for a wonderful product. Very happy I clicked on the trial on facebook as THS product is not sold in outlets in New Zealand. Very happy customer!!!!!! 🙂

  9. stargazer

    I just cannot understand all these complaints. When you order the product you are told if you are not happy contact them, they give you their number and the order number which you have placed. READ the small print if you did not hear the person on the other end of your line. If they do not hear from you, of course you will be charged on the assumption that you are happy with the product. If you are not happy contact them immediately stating your order number your name etc. Dont complain if you did not do this. These people are nice people, not rude or obnoxious, and they are there to help you, not rip you off.

  10. Cherry

    Wow, just about to entire my credit card details, but hang on I thought I would better do a research first, because I noticed that the pictures on the ads appeared to be PS, exactly the same photos but dated different and wrinkles were erased on the last one, I myself can do that easily with Photoshop. So, here I am now, luck I didn’t fill the free trail form, and will never do it . Be careful, ladies, miracle won’t happen so easily.

  11. lisiROBERTS

    Bellaplex is not worth the money and the energy..its the worse product ever use…now got more pimples from using it….I WILL NEVER NEVER RECOMMEND IT…could squeeze the cream out of the bottle. $69 for a small bottle is just ridiculous….these people nowadays are looking for making products to rip people off…..already thrown the bottle out – no use and total waste of money…It is totally a scam

  12. Linda Hanson

    I want nothing else to do with this product or company. I received the samples but they are worthless because I cannot get the cream out of the bottle without a wand to pump the cream to the nozzle. Who designed this thing?

      • Jac

        Even slapping it on the bottom doesn’t allow cream to come out. So put bottle in cup of boiling water which softened cream enough to scratch out with an icy pole stick. Very little cream inside for the size of bottle. Useless crap! Don’t be fooled. Am embarrassed to say I gave a bottle to a friend for her 60th birthday. Now I have to apologize even though she hasn’t said anything to me

  13. Anonymous

    I agree with all of the above. It is a ripoff Shame on them. This maybe a coincidence but the day after I placed my order I kept getting a text call from an Egyption man saying he wanted to marry me. I told him to go away I am 59 and he was 40years old, so he started to phone me and send me seductive texts .I would not answer the calls or reply. I thought that maybe Bellaplex whoever runs it had given my number to this person. This person was located in Dubai I am in NZ and would ring my phone at all times of the night and day, I did not answer. This went on from 28/04/14 to the 04/04/2014.A thought passed through my mind maybe the Bellaplex website is just a front for some other big operation who are trying to con older women who use their product for other means. This egyption guy wanted my passport details Thats what he was really after Has anyone else had this problem since they signed up with Bellaplex?

  14. Anonymous

    I have been using this product for more than three weeks didn’t see any results,it was supost to be free trial but they charged me two payment of $89 I think they are a rip off . I don’t recommend them at all .

  15. Elwood

    I found the product to sting my skin and upon checking the ingredients on line, discovered this review site. Called to cancel immediately, and a strange thing happened. At first i was told the cancellation would cost 139, but could be reduced with a 50% discount because i had apparently misunderstood their terms and conditions. I was about to go ahead with this payment when I found these lines in their enclosed invoice: “If you are not completely delighted, call …within 45 days of the date of your order to avoid further payments or for a full refund of the product-purchase price, less the shipping and handling”. I read this to the operator, (I had to interrupt the operator going through her spiel) and immediately she stated that the balance on my account has now been cleared and that further shipments have been cancelled. Next step is to contact the bank about this and ensure they do not make further withdrawals from my credit card.. disappointing to be played like that..

  16. Debbie

    Purchased from ebay after hearing plenty of complaints in regards to free samples this product works and well have been using for 6 weeks and yes a vast improvement

  17. Louise Clifton

    I bought these two products as a trial and now I am being charge every month full price and I want it to stop but I can not find the web site to go to could you please help thanks

  18. vicki

    BAD EXPERIENCE, DON’T GO NEAR THIS COMPANY!!! They are a total rip off. I sent for the free sample, didn’t like it so sent it back in the correct time and still got charged on my credit card. Rang them immediately and they said they would credit my account. (still waiting). A month later they sent me another two bottles of the stuff, rang them again and he was very rude and told me it was my fault as I hadn’t paid for the last two bottles, to which I explained why. Will be interesting to see whether I am also charged for these. Even their free phone number has been disconnected. There will be trouble for them if I don’t get my money back. Definitely keep away from this company.

    • Anonymous

      Hi can someone please post their phone number so I too can ring them to cancel further orders? Really appreciate getting some contact details. Many thanks in advance.

  19. Brenda sacrey

    Why would anyone order your product
    After what I just read from the reviews I certainly changed my mind fast , what nothing to do with this

  20. Anne

    I had big problems
    Said it would cost me $400 on top of the 2x $69
    If you don’t stop them ordering
    They say they are not samples and not free
    Stay away

    • Anonymous

      I had the same exact problem, its obvious there product works. but they have deceiving business practices and only want to take your money, there trying to charge me an extra 140 on top of the two packages I already paid, for two more products I have not yet received in order to cancel it, this does not apply to there terms & conditions at all.

  21. Noel

    I brought this for the wife.She used it for 3 weeks had all the problems with the bottles.Rang the 02 8073 4408 had no problems with the company they told me to do what ever with the product and they would refund the money.that went went through.Just check my account and found they had taken another $69.95 .On the phone and they told me that my account was closed but couldn’t expland why they took more money out so I ask to speak to her supervisor still waiting to hear.

  22. Michelle

    This is a product review site. Why are so many of you telling this site do not charge me, cancel my account, etc…????? This may be a reason so many of you got duped. You need to pay attention. That being said, I noticed no difference when using this product and yes I have problems getting it out of the bottle as well.

  23. Lani

    Is it just me or is anyone else having trouble getting the cream out of the bottle? The only way I can do it is by unscrewing the lid & tapping the bottle on my hand?

    • Anonymous

      Hello. Put the bottle in the fridge for an hour upside down. Then while still upside down, bang it on the bench a number of times. Should start pumping. Good luck.

  24. Carolyn

    No incredible change in the 30 days yet I’ve found the company has been extremely professional. Just phoned before the 30 day trial period was up and cancelled order. I’ve chosen to pay $69.70 and keep the 4 samples. No other money will be taken from my credit card. Can always reorder if the miracle effect suddenly shows.
    Cancellation number was given for both products and lady gave me her name and extension number. So I’m happy.
    With most trials, customer takes responsibility for paying the return costs, and credit cards are usually charged once the trial period has ended so I wasn’t surprised that this was due to happen. If you decide to trial these products and they don’t work for you, perhaps make a note in your diary when the 30 days is up so your card isn’t charged.

  25. Marianne Parkinson

    I sceptically tried both products today. I am fairly distressed that the Luminique I saw as a free trial with $1.99 shipping fee actually withdrew the $139 from my Visa. Unfortunately I never thought about the charges incurred when sent from the states to Canada. $30 and then I see it is manufactured here and not the US. I do feel a bit of tightening of my skin, but whether it works or not, I will be returning it.

  26. Denise Gibson

    I received a noticed of an unpaid bill.
    Please note that I ordered the sample and paid for it.
    Never received any other products from you. I actually cancelled any future orders because
    my free sampled cost me over $100. and it was suppose to be free.
    This is a real racket you have going. The telephone number on the invoice is not in service
    how convenient this is for you but not for us stupid consumers that are so thrust worthy.
    I do not want your product, I have not received any so please credit my account for the $139.90
    Denise Gibson

  27. Caroline

    I have been using this for 2 weeks, combined, as advertised with Luminique age defying complex and it is working wonders for me. I am 47, and I have to say, my skin is looking great!!

    • Ali

      Hi Caroline,
      I am 47 too, and I am thinking about trialling the combined Luminique age defying complex and Belleplex, and I am confused with all the reviews I am now reading.

      My question is are they trust worthy with our credit card details?
      No one seems to comment on this.

      It sounds like you have fabulous results, I am keen to give it a try, what do you think?

      I appreciate your comments.

      Best wish

  28. Cerutti

    Well I absolutely LOVE this product. I’m 53 this month and have always had beautiful skin until menopause kicked in and then it’s been product after product after product and EXPENSE until something finally had the WOW factor! I purchased this after seeing an advertisement featuring Ellen and thought what have I got to lose? I’ve been using Bellaplex for 3 weeks now, morning and night and the difference in my skin is AMAZING! Beautiful texture, leaves your skin feeling soft and dewey and a lot of people have commented on how amazing my skin is looking. I will happily pay each month for another supply to be sent to me because this product is worth it! Love it, love it, love it.

  29. Anonymous

    why not just search for this? It took me two seconds to get the number from their website. The contact number for Bellaplex is (800) 515-1070. I think they are open 9am to 5pm. I actually ordered a product through this number and found them to be quite professional.

  30. Dennis

    Tried Bellaplex, total scam. Good thing I ordered the free sample from my online credit card that has zero balance, that should eliminate the auto order scam. Buyer beware!!!

  31. Gloria Holtz

    My Name is Gloria Holtz I have recieved your product Bellaplex and have tried it.
    The product left a rash on my face so I have stopped using it,please cancel my
    account as I do not want to carry on with it.Would you like me to return what is left?
    Can you let me know where to send it thanks. Thanks for the Trial but I do not want
    any more.


  32. Sophie.Xanthis

    My name is Sophie Xanthis and I have purchased your products recently ( order was placed on 10th November 2013). I seem to have had a reaction to the products shortly after I used them and I was wanting to terminate my account. Please do not dispatch any more products and please take my payment details off your lists.
    Thanking you in anticipation of a prompt reply

    Sophie Xanthis

  33. Bernice Cox

    BEWARE!! I too ordered the “free” samples and after waiting a month to receive them I was charged 2 payments of $ 69.95…even though I cancelled.
    It seems the samples are not free….don’t fall for it!
    All the emails I sent were answered with the statement that my account was now closed….end of story!
    All the so-called “reviews” are a load of rubbish…it doesn’t work anyway.

  34. Andrea perry

    I also had the same trouble as it asks for a order number which there is an invoice number but no order number. The phone hangs up when you try and put the number in… I had to cancel my credit card. Don’t think I have seen results as no one has commented on my skin…

  35. juli

    I ordered your ‘FREE’ sample of Bellaplex while I was in Toronto , Canada and when it came to the post office my free product was going to cost me $29.00 because of customs charges. i refused the package. Again this month I’m getting another package which i again returned then again found a debit in my Visa account of $75 Canadian! What is all this..??
    The number 02-8073 4408 does not work as there is only a recording and then it disconnects the call.
    My attempts to reach someone through your email ads (that I continue to get via email) bounce back indicating this email is not for contacting your company and your Customer Service number does not work!
    I would appreciate a response and a credit to my account

  36. Eileen Pitcher

    I ordered your ‘FREE’ sample of Belleplex while I was in Alberta , Canada and when it came to the post office my free product was going to cost me $17.00 because of customs charges. i refused the package. I then found a debit in my Visa account of $73.94 Canadian! So much for free!
    My attempts to reach someone through your email ads (that I continue to get via email) bounce back indicating this email is not for contacting your company and your Customer Service number does not work!
    My order number is 800-5458294.
    I would appreciate a response and a credit to my account.

  37. Debra Stafford

    ordered Bellaplex product 9/10/2013 received confirmation for order but have never received the product and no order number The number 02-8073 4408 does not work as there is only a recording and then it disconnects the call. I wish to have this order cancelled and ask that the $69 is not charged to my account. Thankyou for your assistance

  38. Sabrina

    after using this product for 2 weeks i see no difference. i refuse to keep using it as i should have seen some difference by now.


    I bought this product because of all the good reviews it got on other products. It did not work for me. Bellaplex is a very heavy moisturizer and smells quite bad. I spent so much money on products for my face that were such a waste of money, and this is no exception.You can find a much cheaper and more reliable product from your local drugstore. The free trial offer is not clear and if you keep the product past 14 days they keep charging you and there is nothing you can do about it. These guys suck big time. Stay away from Bellaplex.

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