Obey Your Body Review

When it comes to anti-aging skincare, there are hundreds of brands out there that claim to have the secret to youthful skin. But how can you tell what’s actually worth trying? Today we’re looking into Obey Your Body specifically, in order to answer that question. We’ll be looking at their product offerings, overall brand philosophy, as well as the science and research behind their formulas, so you’ll have all the facts in order to decide for yourself whether this luxury eco-skincare brand is worth the hefty price tag.

About the Brand

ObeyYourBody is a holistic skincare range that specializes in anti-aging skincare. Their formulas are inspired by a blend of contemporary scientific research and traditional holistic approaches in order to produce results. Today, the brand offers skincare as well as facial tools to help you achieve a more youthful looking appearance. You can find ObeyYourBody online through their website, as well as several stockists around the world.

Regimens & Routines

ObeyYourBody offers several different skincare ranges that are designed to target a variety of skin concerns. Their lines include DECO anti-aging, Mineraux, Pure & Balanced, Disobey for Men, Dark Beauty, Silver Care, as well as several unique individual products to support this line. They also offer two different facial tools to help amplify the results of the various options within their product line. All of these products are designed to be used together to create a skincare routine that addresses multiple skin concerns as well as signs of aging.

The DECO anti-aging range is the core collection of this brand. This range offers everything from basic cleansing and moisturizing to more unique masks and treatment products. While the entire line is inspired by the beneficial properties of naturally occurring ingredients, this line particularly focuses on retinol and evening primrose oil to help diminish dryness and other signs of ageing.

Moving on to some of the other lines from ObeyYourBody, each one of their collections aims to target a specific skin concern. The Pure & Balanced line for example is suited for those who experience occasional acne breakouts, as well as acne scars. Products like their Acne Treatment Cream and Detoxifying Treatment Mask have been designed to gently improve textural issues, breakouts and prevent future acne from occuring. On the other end, the Mineraux line is designed to ward off against environmental stressors. The Purifying Gel Peel, inspired by peeling gels that are becoming increasingly popular in Asian skincare helps to gently remove dead skin cells from the surface of the skin, effectively eliminating any rough or dull patches.

Formula Focus

With this brand, you won’t find exceptionally long ingredients list. The secret to these products is often in simplicity. Almost all of the products that ObeyYourBody offers, there is a heavy presence of plant oils that offer a variety of skincare benefits, while also intensely nourishing the skin. You’ll also find an abundance of botanical extracts, as well as more common actives like retinol.

But while this brand is inspired by a natural and holistic approach, the ingredients list may not be the right fit for some, especially given their price. The base of most of the products in this line include water, glycerin, stearic acid to act as a moisturizer and fatty alcohols. From here, you’ll see quite a few plant oils, which can offer quite a few nutrients and antioxidants, on top of being incredibly nourishing on the skin. The only downside with these oils is that they can be comedogenic depending on your skin type, so we do recommend doing a patch test. And finally, depending on the product, you’ll find a number of active ingredients or plant extracts, which can include green tea, peptides, retinol palmitate and collagen.

All and all these are solid formulas with many of popular ingredients that are circulating the market today. But these products do have a very high end price tag. Many of the ingredients in these formulas are available in more affordable products, so if you’re looking for anti-aging skincare but aren’t comfortable spending that much, there are alternatives available.

Review Recap

Currently, the best place to purchase ObeyYourBody’s products, as well as read reviews, is through their website, but unfortunately, there aren’t much to choose from. There are a small handful of reviews for the majority of the products available, but there are some who don’t currently have any reviews available. From the reviews that are currently available, the Mineraux Gel Peel remains the most popular, with 14 reviews and a rating of 5 out of 5. Most reviewers felt that this product helped to smooth their skin, as well as gently exfoliating without irritating, unlike other scrubs can. But we’d love to hear from you! Have you had a chance to try this holistic brand? Let us know in the comments below!


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