YSL Foundation

Luxury brand Yves Saint Laurent is known for its impeccable fashion and its high quality cosmetic products. Packaged in tubes and bottles of gold, Yves Saint Laurent shines when it comes to their gold standard face products. With four high performing YSL foundations, the brand leads the way in innovation and luxury.

Types of YSL Foundation

YSL Touch Eclat Foundation: The YSL Touche Eclat foundation is one of the newest additions the beauty industry’s luxury foundations. This YSL foundation was designed to awaken skin and provide a more energized rejuvenated complexion. The way that this YSL foundation works is by infusing an energetic stimulant within its robust formulation. Dubbing the Touche Eclat YSL foundation as anti-fatigue, the formulation promotes circulation and targets the dull areas of skin. By harnessing the power of its secret ingredient, Ruscus Extract, this YSL foundation is able to instantly reduce the appearance of shadows on the skin while simultaneously brightening the skin.

The energizing formulation of the Touche Eclat YSL foundation is only the beginning. It’s ultra lightweight texture applies to skin effortlessly and wears extremely comfortably on skin. The weightless and soft feel of this YSL foundation delivers equally matched coverage which helps skin appear more radiant and fresh with a finish that promises to last a full eight hours. In addition to its coverage and feel, the Touche Eclat YSL foundation leaves no skin tone to be desired in its impressively extensive shade range. The Touche Eclat YSL foundation is available in 22 shades ranging from Porcelain, a shade suited for very pale skin tones, to Ebony, a color best suited for deep brown skin tones. As far as reviews, the Touche Eclat YSL foundation is highly recommended. The most common Touche Eclat YSL foundation review compliments the glow it leaves behind on skin in addition to its naturally dewy finish.

YSL Fusion Ink Foundation: Those looking for unbeatable coverage that literally lasts all day—meaning a full 24 hours—look no further than the Fusion Ink YSL foundation. This YSL foundation proudly promotes that it provides the most intense coverage available in a weightless formula that feels incredibly lightweight on skin. That’s not where the Fusion Ink YSL foundation stops. This YSL foundation is designed to last an entire 24 hours without sacrificing the color or wear of the foundation. Now that’s impressive.

The Fusion Ink YSL foundation formulation is expertly designed to cover skin while protecting it. This YSL foundation contains SPF 18 which offers a small amount of sun protection in addition to its supreme coverage. Like the Touche Eclat, this YSL foundation is available in an extensive shade range and includes 21 diverse shades starting with Porcelain and ending with Mocha. The Fusion Ink YSL foundation is top rated and highly recommended luxury foundation with the most common Fusion Ink YSL foundation review celebrating its top-notch coverage and lasting power both on the skin and in the bottle. A little of this YSL foundation goes a long way.

YSL Youth Liberator Serum Foundation: The Youth Liberator Serum is the YSL foundation that is designed for mature skin and those focused on anti-aging benefits. This buildable YSL foundation is packed with anti-aging, skin nourishing ingredients, and generous sun protection to promote more firm and youthful skin. This YSL foundation also contains an innovative Color-Tune Complex that helps to brighten skin’s complexion. The Youth Liberator YSL foundation contains the brand’s award winning serum and delivers 24 hours worth of hydration.

This medium to full coverage YSL foundation is available in a significantly smaller shade range only offering 10 shades. Although the brand claims the Youth Liberator serum works on fair to dark complexions, due to the limited shade range, this YSL foundation is best suited for pale to medium skin tones.

YSL Perfect Touch Foundation: This is the best selling YSL foundation of the brand’s foundation line. This YSL foundation was formulated to deliver an extra boost of hydration and nourishment in a convenient tube. The innovative brush applicator of this YSL foundation allows for precise and even application with just a few strokes. The Perfect Touch YSL foundation is available in a gentle non-comedogenic formula which means this YSL foundation won’t clog pores and is suitable for all skin types. This YSL foundation is part of the brand’s radiance essentials line which is evidenced in the luminously radiant it provides to skin upon application.


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