1. Anonymous

    Thank you for sharing a list of the best anti wrinkle cream products. It is a shame you cannot buy any of these products where I live.

  2. Anonymous

    Do you know of any forehead wrinkle creams? You would think that you would need to use something more intensive than an eye cream for wrinkles. I am looking for a product that works well for men.

  3. Anonymous

    I am a frequent travel who finds the air-conditioning in hotel rooms causes wrinkles. What is the best crew for wrinkles cause by this?

  4. Melanie

    When my mother turned 40, she was alarmed at the first wrinkles that she noticed on her face, while she was applying make-up for a party. Although she was able to conceal it, I could see a look of concern on her face throughout the evening. I asked her the next morning and she shared her problem with me. We decided to search Google for the best wrinkle cream. We found the reviews for many anti wrinkle creams. Roc Retinol and Neutrogena were the most preferred products. L’Oreal also has some nice skin wrinkle creams and they have separate products for men too. Of Course, the effects would depend upon the skin type of the individual, but it was worth taking a chance. Many wrinkle cream reviews promised to make the skin look much younger and reduce the appearance of fine lines. Mother tried L’Oreal and two months later, dad took her for an exotic vacation! Her skin looked simply awesome. Highly recommended to all.

  5. What is the Best Wrinkle Cream?

    Do you have a consumer report on the best wrinkle creams in 2014? Any new breakthroughs?

  6. Mrs Rukmin Danapalan

    I am 62 years of age and have not had much for beauty care. I would like to try some of your anti wrinkle/aging products and wonder if you could send me some of your free samples. I would also like to be added to your list of clients to try out new products.

  7. Neal S.

    Dr. Oz recently talked about a promising new anti wrinkle cream called “phytoceramides” that can be taken in pill form to reduce wrinkles. Amazing episode if anyone saw it. The product just recently came out on the market, and is offering some great prices and incentives for those willing to give it a try.

  8. irish

    hello….try to use Murad anti aging cream products. Rapid Collagen Infusion, one of their products that can Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles in 2 hours.

  9. Bella

    I prefer using natural organic products on my face + body. I saw a review in the newspaper about how the toxins used in anti wrinkle creams can cause cancer and I threw out all my drug store products after reading this review and visited the body shop untill i realised that this also isnt organic.

    I would like to list my favourite organic products –
    Avalon Organic – these wrinkle products are like $10 and do the same thing as the expensive creams.
    Origins Plantscriptions
    Caudalie’s entire wrinkle cream range
    Ren Fab kit

  10. Harmony

    I am 49 and I have been told countless times that I look good for my age. I have always used professional skin care products since I was in my 20’s. I have combination skin that is sensitive and reacts to products with fragrance. I have been very faithful to Estee Lauder and I have used her anti wrinkle creams and anti aging products. It is too long to remember exactly how long I have been using these products but I would guess it has been 12 years now. These products are very gentle on the face and do not cause irritation.

  11. Kate

    I am also concerned with wrinkles, age spots, dry skin and everything seems to be sagging now. I do not like complicated skin care systems and just want a wrinkle cream I can use at night. I already have a sunscreen I use in the morning. Nothing complicated please.

  12. Lory

    I am 62 years old, and I have trialled a lot of different skin care product but have not found anything that completely does away with wrinkles. I cannot recommend any anti wrinkle products. I read about dermatologists saying that over priced wrinkle creams are as effective as grocery store products. Is this true?

  13. Rebecca

    I have been using Peter Thomas Roth Un-Wrinkle day and night for 5 months and I am starting to see some improvement in the size of my wrinkles. This cream feels really good when applied. I used it al almost every morning every day. I have not found a better product and I have tried everything,

  14. Patricia

    I have been using EB5 and it is the best anti wrinkle cream. I don’t remember when I first starting using it but it has been at least 10 years. This product is full of vitamins, minerals and anti oxidants. It is natural and it protects your face from aging. Recommended.

  15. Paula

    Howdy Daisy
    The best face is Olay Regenerist but you need to use it for a long time before you can see it working. It is more a moisturizer but it targets the 7 signs of aging including wrinkles. Olay also has an eye cream that you can use alongside this product as you cannot apply the face cream around the eyes.

  16. Lora

    Having read this review I believed it was a really helpful review on wrinkle creams. I wish there were more specific product reviews and hope this information will be made available sooner then latter. Thanks, I appreciate you spending time to put this resource together.

  17. Louise

    What wrinkle creams do you recommend for men with sagging skin? I’ve been using Loreal Age Visage but I want something stronger that will help with the deeper wrinkles. Do you have any samples I could try?

  18. krithi

    i will definitely recommend Artistry Youth xtend power system… its the best product in the world for aging and wrinkle problems.. my mom used it and she looks absolutely stunning now.. <3 im glad i bought her the product.. pls do give it a try.. u ll love it.. it works amazingly good..! :)

  19. Ashley

    Try the Nerium AD night & day cream, is like getting botox, its that amazing of a product!!

    Hi my name is Ashley!
    If you’re interested in wrinkles creams then Nerium AD is the product for you, ill tell you WHY?
    It has a 30% improvement rate in 30 days !!! &&
    What Nerium AD does not contain:
    No parabens, No Gluten, No phthalates, No propylene Glycol, No synthetic fragrance, No mineral oil, No sulfates, No paba, No synthetic color, No DEA, No GMO, NO ANIMAL TESTING.
    Nerium is the first to contain NAE-8 EXTRACT( Oleander Flower)
    Nerium has received so man great reviews, they were the youngest company to earn 1 million dollars in revenue its 1st year!!

  20. stephanie

    Have you tried a Clarisonic or Olay Pro X? Had same problem. Nothing worked. Used Olay pro x for a month and I am amazed!!!!!

  21. sharon

    hi where can i buy lifecell cream .i had a baby 2years agao and i notice that i have a little brown spots after having her and ive use alot of products i really miss my clear skin that i use to have please tell me what i can use

  22. kat

    Thank you for your post. It is helpful being a list and not too much of an explanation. I like how there are a mixture of price ranges, too, which suggests it is truly based on what works as opposed to advertising.

  23. Beaucat

    The Obagi system is the only cream that ever worked for me. I am 72 and look to be in my 40’s. It takes about 40 days to see results because it transforms your skin but it is sooo worth it. It is also on the expensive side to start as a starter kit will cost about $240 but it lasts 2 or 3 months. I also recommend a ViPeel before you start the system. This is a vitamin peel that will exfoliate all the dead skin and takes about a week, performed by esthetician and the trentoin or vitamin A cream is ordered by and M.D. No charge is made except for the product itself, but this actually works.

  24. Nnh

    Steph, very interesting. I’ve always wondered if these uber expensive creams work. I’m intrigued but since we plan on sending Nayan to college someday, I’ll have to save my pennies for his college fund. But I do plan on trying the new oil of olay creams that claim to be just as good. I’ll let you know how that turns out. Also, for what it’s worth, I think that eating well and genetics play huge parts in how one’s skin ages.

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