Vitamin E Cream

The Benefits of Using Vitamin E Cream

Vitamin E cream has been used as a beautification treatment for many years, and has also been known to reduce the appearance of scars and stretch marks, particularly for women who had their children via a Cesarean section. The reason why this vitamin has become so widely used in many creams is because of its ability to penetrate deep into the skin and stimulate natural cell growth. However, there are many other uses for vitamin E that can benefit people’s health as well as their beauty. From improving the hair and skin and fighting aging, to functioning as a healthy additive to the blood, vitamin E cream can have positive, long-lasting effects on the body.

Effects on the Skin

While vitamin E has been proven to reduce the appearance of scars when it is applied to recently-healed wounds, it also has a number of anti aging properties. After being absorbed into the skin, this vitamin sinks below the surface, to the deeper layers of the skin and encourages the natural growth of collagen. This gives skin a firmer, plumper look, which can play a significant role in reducing the appearance of many fine lines and wrinkles, especially in the forehead and around the eyes (although great care should be taken to protect the eyes themselves when applying any skin care products that contain vitamins).

This vitamin is also good for the scalp, as it moisturizes the skin and prevents dandruff and psoriasis. Rubbing the cream on age spots will also help them to fade naturally, as it helps to repair damage caused by exposure to the sun. Vitamin E is also often found in overnight beauty masks. This is because being applied overnight allows it to sink into the deeper layers of the skin, and encourages cell regeneration, which fights wrinkles and other skin imperfections. When used properly, as part of a regular skin care routine, vitamin E masks can help rebuild the skin more naturally, but stimulating cell regeneration from within.

Beautify the Nails and Cuticles

For many people, a big part of a sound skin care routine also involves the treatment of their fingernails and cuticles to prevent unsightly hangnails and prevent fungal infections. Vitamin E cream can play a big role in this treatment, as it can smooth cuticles and moisturize the area as well, which will prevent dryness, cracking, and hangnails that may become infected. If you are trying to grow your nails longer, but find that they are prone to cracking, you should try coating your nails with vitamin E cream as part of a daily skin care regimen. The cream will strengthen the nails’ surface, as well as the edges, thus making them more resilient.

Additional Benefits

While vitamin E cream helps make hair appear more shiny, conditions the scalp, and even functions as an anti aging treatment, there are many other additional benefits to using it. Because it encourages new cells to grow at a faster rate, it can be used to heal and rejuvenate skin that has suffered sunburn. Since the vitamin molecules are small enough to penetrate the outermost layers of the skin, it can heal sunburned skin from the inside out, thus helping ease the pain and redness. With daily application, it will also discourage unsightly peeling once the sunburn fades, because the cream helps the skin retain more of its natural moisture.

Overall, vitamin E creams have the ability to benefit almost every area of the body when it comes to looking younger and helping the skin retain its moisture, elasticity, and health.

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  1. Devon

    I had been diagnosed with psoriasis. My skin had so many ugly red lesions and patches. I visited a skin care specialist and he advised me to use a Vitamin E cream. Although I had never heard anyone using a Vitamin E cream for this, I went ahead with the prescription. I bought an organic Vitamin E cream. My skin had become so itchy and so I did not want any other allergic reactions from chemical creams. Although this cream helps to soothe the skin and protect it and should actually not have any chemicals, I did not want to take any chances.
    My lesions had started getting better and I was partially relieved. I was thinking of going out very soon. After about two weeks since I started applying the cream, I started to feel dizzy and my head started aching very often. I wasn’t sure if these were side effects of Vitamin E cream. Can this cream possibly cause any side effects?

  2. Olivia

    I have been using a Vitamin E cream for stretch marks on my under arms. I had heard of the benefits of a Vitamin E cream a long time back but happened to use it just recently. A Vitamin E cream is beneficial in various ways. At times, people also prepare face masks using Vitamin E capsules. I have also purchased a Vitamin E cleanser. It deep cleans my face to the core and all the dirt and oil gets removed very easily. I had open pores but now that problem is also solved.

  3. Alissa

    Vitamin E cream has been found to be very effective for skin care. I had many stretch marks on my stomach post pregnancy. I used the Lotion recipe with vitamin E cream and my skin looks so smooth. The stretch marks only visible to me and nobody can say that they were there. I was using a progesterone cream earlier. I found that the Vitamin E was better than progesterone cream. I recommend it to everyone. If you want a vitamin E cream, just buy gene’s vitamin E cream from any drugstore.

  4. Aubrey

    thanks a lot for the information. i use fruit of the earth vitamin e skin care cream. I have tried colonial dames vitamin e cream but it is not as good. vitamin e is great for keeping the skin nourished. if you have dry skin in asia the first thing they use is vitamin e on its own. you cant buy this in pure form in the us however.

  5. Anonymous

    The Body Shop Vitamin E Cream is a very good moisturizer. I have very dry skin and have been using it for years. I also use the eye cream. They are in a pink jar and actually cost $25.

  6. Luz

    Somebody told me to use Vitamin E Cream every night and I have been doing so for years. My skin was very dry before and ever since I started doing this my skin feels very hydrated and smooth. The product is not pricey and you can buy it from most drugstores or online.

  7. Penellope

    I use a vitamin e face cream. I also use a vitamin e cream for the lips. These product works good. You can also take vitamin e supplements. Read about the benifits of vitamin e. There is no need to buy an expensive product. I pay $20 for mine from the body shop.

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