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The Vi Peel is a pharmaceutical-grade chemical peel, that is produced by Vitality Institute Medical Products, a manufacturer of medical-grade skin care treatments that are meant to address the signs of aging and common skin damage problems. The company believes that the Vi Peel can help reduce the effects of sun damage and reduce signs of melasma. The main thrust of the Vi Peel is an attempt at reducing the pain and discomfort commonly associated with chemical peels, although results vary between patients.

How Does Vi Peel Work?

As with any facial chemical peel, Vi Peel works when your doctor spreads a chemical evenly across the skin. The chemical reacts with the skin and creates micro damage that causes skin to blister and peel off, thus removing the top layers of skin to allow new tissue to grow more easily. The damage caused to the skin on the one hand removes older skin cells, and at the same time helps stimulate collagen production, in order to heal the skin faster.

One of the differences between a Vi Peel and other chemical peels is that Vi Peel is contains an anesthetic. This was an attempt to lower patient discomfort during this professional skin care procedure. Patients using Vi Peel usually report feeling a stinging sensation at the beginning of peel, which tends to subside when the anesthetic sets in.

What Areas Can Be Treated by Vi Peel?

Chemical peels, in general, are designed to improve the overall condition of the skin, and can usually be used on many areas of the body. However, it’s important to keep in mind that sensitive areas like the eye lids should be avoided because the skin is too thin, and incorrect application, especially if the peel is not performed by a skin care specialist, can lead to serious skin damage. Some areas that are commonly treated with Vi Peel include:

  • Face
  • Neck
  • Hands
  • Chest

How Many Treatments Are Required?

As with most chemical peels, to maintain the effects of treatment, follow-up procedures are recommended every three to four months. In the initial treatment process, patients can undergo Vi Peel treatments every two weeks. However, rigorous use of the Vi Peel is not recommended as a long-term treatment option.

As part of treatment, your doctor or skin care specialist may prescribe a line of professional skin care products that will help you to maintain healthy skin. It normally takes about four days for skin to properly heal from a Vi Peel treatment. During the healing process, skin will slough off and may look flushed or red. You should not put any skin care product on your face besides moisturizer until your skin has completely healed.

Who Can Use Vi Peel?

Vi Peel was originally created by Dr. Kalil of the Vitality Institute to help his daughter get rid of acne. The peel is designed to be used for treating teenage acne as well as acne on aging skin. Vi Peel can usually be used with any skin type, but people with a darker complexion do run a higher risk for hyperpigmentation.

Anyone that has a history of skin rashes, allergies, or other reactions to skin care treatments should first consult their doctor or skin care specialist before attempting to use Vi Peel. As with all chemical peels, Vi Peel carries risks of skin damage and a prolonged recovery period, if not applied correctly. It is very important that you tell your doctor ahead of time if you suffer from frequent cold sores, as this could lead to complications. Your doctor may prescribe medication to combat these eruptions before attempting the Vi Peel treatment.


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