Too Faced BB Cream

When BB Creams hit the US market it was like we discovered gold and never looked back. Since then, virtually every brand has worked to create their own magical elixir that lies somewhere between a moisturizer, primer, and foundation. BB Creams, also known as beauty balms, are the multitasking product to provide you with the benefits of a moisturizer and the coverage of a sheer foundation. A popular contender in the beauty balm space is the Too Faced BB Cream in which the brand refers to as a multi-benefitbeauty product.

Too Faced BB Cream Overview

The Too Faced BB Cream is the multi-tasking tinted beauty balm that fuses makeup with skin care. Designed to provide your skin with five key benefits, the Too Faced BB cream works to moisturize your skin and leave you with a perfect complexion in just thirty seconds. The Too Faced BB Cream five tier benefit system works to treat, perfect, mattify, prime and protect the skin in a lightweight beauty balm formulation that delivers the standard sheer tinted coverage that is to be expected from BB creams. The Too Faced BB Cream is packed with a number of skincare benefits like mineral sunscreen, plant, and vitamin based antioxidants. The mineral sunscreen allows the Too Faced BB Cream to  house a generous broad spectrum SPF which provides ample sun protection. The antioxidants in the Too Faced BB Cream help to protect the skin against free radicals.

Next to the Too Faced BB Cream five tier formulation, the product itself is also quite pleasant. The texture of the Too Faced BB Cream is extremely lightweight and feels very moisturizing to the touch. Like most BB Creams, the hydrating consistency of the Too Faced BB Creams makes it a highly bendable product which allows for a quick and easy application. The Too Faced BB Cream has a naturally sheer coverage is not designed to cover blemishes or conceal any other skin imperfections. It does, however, work to provide skin with healthy luminous skin.

While the Too Faced BB Cream formulation and skin care benefits are quite impressive, it doesnt hold as much weight when it comes to shade options. Most BB creams or tinted moisturizers naturally have a smaller shade range than say a foundation or concealer because they arent designed to provide full coverage, but the Too Faced BB Cream has five shades that stop at a shade suited for light tan complexions. The other shades of the Too Faced BB Cream start Nude Glow which is a light beige and go through Linen Glow which is the darkest shade. If you can grab the Too Faced BB Cream in your shade though, youre in luck. This multitasking beauty product can be worked into your beauty routine in a number of ways. Primarily The Too Faced BB Cream can work on its own as a daily tinted moisturizer or, because of its lightweight formula, it can even be worn under your liquid or powder foundation as a primer. However you decide to incorporate the Too Faced BB Cream in your routine, note that its best applied by starting in the center of your face and blended outward.

Too Faced BB Cream Review

The Too Faced BB Cream seems to be a product that is loved across the beauty space from consumers to professionals. The most common Too Faced BB Cream review commends the beauty balms ability to leave a radiant glow to skin. Some of the most applauded attributes of the Too Faced BB Cream are is luxuriously smooth texture and admirable coverage for a tinted moisturizer. On the opposite end of the spectrum, though the Too Faced BB Cream claims to mattify the skin as one of its five benefits, users with oily skin have had a difference experience. Overall, the Too Faced BB Cream is regarded as quality beauty balm that moisturizes skin while providing a wash of sheer coverage. Exactly what a BB Cream is meant to do.


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