In a market full of cosmetic companies, when you come across a brand that is different from the pack, it’s refreshing. With quirky beauty brand The Balm, different is exactly what you get. A fast growing and easily fan favorite, the Balm is the home of a full-service cosmetics line that lives by the philosophy “beauty in five minutes”.

The Story Behind The Balm

The Balm cosmetics is a beauty brand that was founded by Marissa Shipman in 2004. Born from the need to find simple, user-friendly, makeup, the Balm started as an idea in a kitchen that grew into the popular cosmetics brand you see today. The idea behind Marissa’s makeup line The Balm was to create beauty products that were as fabulous as they were easy to use, as high performing as they were as great at solving skin and beauty needs. In the earliest days of The Balm, each The Balm product was mixed by Marissa in her home. A self-taught formulator, Marissa was able to build the foundation of The Balm cosmetics line from her kitchen. As The Balm brand expanded so did the team. Soon after its launch, The Balm cosmetics were formulated by chemists and included the finest anti-aging ingredients, vibrant pigments that undergo a triple milled process, and exceptional fragrances. Today, at just over ten years old, The Balm cosmetics popular and versatile beauty products are sold around the world.

Popular The Balm Products

The Balm Meet Matte Hughes Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick: There are many The Balm products that have won over the hearts of beauty experts and enthusiasts. With the liquid lipstick craze at its peak, naturally one of the most popular The Balm products on the market is The Balm Meet Matte Hughes Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick. The Balm Meet Matte Hughes liquid lipstick line is the lipstick created for those looking for a standard matte finish with a super comfortable feel. Available in eight shades with neutral to deep options, The Balm Meet Matte Hughes liquid lipsticks are cruelty and paraben-free and have a subtle vanilla mint fragrance to them, an added bonus to this popular lipstick. Just a few swipes of The Balm Meet Matte Hughes liquid lipstick is all it takes for full color, pleasant wear that lasts throughout the day.

The Balm Nude Dude Eyeshadow Palette: Another popular The Balm cosmetics product is one of the brands most recent additions. The Balm Nude Dude Eyeshadow palette is a convenient palette of 12 complimentary shades of nude toned eyeshadows. With this versatile The Balm Nude Dude palette you’re able to create unlimited eye makeup looks that can be toned down or packed on for any occasion. The 12 shades of eyeshadow within The Balm Nude Dude palette are designed to work well together but you can opt to wear each shade alone as well. Furthering the versatility of The Balm Nude Dude palette, when applied wet, the shadows work well as perfectly toned eye liners.

Bahama Mama: The Balm is probably most well known for its highlighting and bronzing products. With a quick Youtube search, you’ll likely come across multiple videos of beauty gurus gushing on a The Balm bronzer or highlighter. One of the most popular is The Balm Bahama Mama. The Balm Bahama Mama, like many of The Balm products, is designed to work for multiple uses, specifically as a bronzer, eyeshadow, and even a contour powder. Unlike most bronzers, The Balm Bahama has no shimmer so it works well to give skin an even-toned tan appearance. As a bronzer, The Balm helps skin to appear like it has been kissed by the sun and as a contour powder, it works great to give subtle definition to the hollows of the cheek, down the sides of the nose, and on the temples. For a very natural bronze eye look, just sweeping a sheer coat of The Balm Bahama Mama across the eyelids will do.


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