Smashbox Primer

Did you know that high-end cosmetics brand Smashbox is the top rated primer brand in the USA? That’s quite a title to carry and for good reason. The Smashbox Primers are the cream of the crop when it comes to high-quality makeup primers that perform. There are currently ten different types of Smashbox Primer available. Each celebrated in their own right with each Smashbox Primer working well for various skin types and needs.

Most Popular Types of Smashbox Primer

Smashbox Photo Finish Primer: The original Smashbox Primer is the award-winning Photo Finish primer and is still the brand’s best-selling. This Smashbox Primer is your typical silky primer designed to provide flawless skin for a seamless foundation application. This Smashbox Primer is formulated with a healthy blend of vitamins and nutrients that work together to improve the skin’s appearance by visibly reducing fine lines, pores, and other skin imperfections. After using the Photo Finish Smashbox Primer, you are left with smooth skin and a soft focus finish that will help your makeup last throughout the day.

The Photo Finish Smashbox Primer has won numerous awards for its high performance. This Smashbox Primer has been celebrated in Martha Stewart Weddings Big-Day Beauty Awards in 2015, was a Brides 2014 Beauty Winner, voted the Best Primer in the Best of Sephora awards, and even a winner of the Nylon Beauty award. The Photo Finish Smashbox Primer is the one that started it all and a sure bet for anyone looking for a solid primer that delivers superior quality.

Smashbox Photo Finish Primer Oil: Easily a popular choice of Smashbox Primer, the Photo Finish Primer Oil is the oil based primer that provides a smooth moisturized canvas for your foundation application. The Smashbox Primer oil is the first of it’s kind and is formulated with a nourishing blend of 15 plant oils including jojoba, Arabica, and Argan that work to hydrate your skin instantly. The Smashbox Primer Oil blend also includes soothing oils like chamomile and lavender which work to calm the skin. This potent blend of essential oils works within the Smashbox Primer Oil along with a light veil technology to helps improve the overall appearance of skin.

The Smashbox Primer Oil is a fast-absorbing lightweight luxury oil that can be applied to bare skin before your foundation application for a dewy finish that leaves your skin looking healthy and hydrated. You can opt to add a few drops of Smashbox Primer Oil to your foundation to help give your makeup a more natural application. Or you can even try applying this primer to split-ends, nail cuticles, and even elbows to add shine and a healthy glow to these areas.

Smashbox Photo Finish Priming Water: The Smashbox Primer Water is just as popular as its oil based sister product. This Smashbox Primer is the ultimate lightweight primer that provides all of the essential skin benefits you desire from a primer with an extra dose of hydration. Packaged in a convenient bottle which allows you to prime skin efficiently with just a few mists, the Smashbox Primer Water helps to recharge the skin. Packed with electrolytes, the Smashbox Primer Water provides instant moisture resulting in skin that looks rejuvenated, healthy, and ready for a seamless makeup application. Inside of the supercharged Smashbox Primer Water formulation, you’ll find that this primer is formulated without silicone, alcohol, and oil. This makes the Smashbox Primer Water a great option for all skin types.

The Smashbox Primer Water is a super fine, ultra-light primer that can be applied in various ways to experience its benefits. You can use the Smashbox Primer Water as a primer to provide the smoothest canvas for your foundation or you can decide to use the Smashbox Primer as a setting spray after your makeup application to set everything in place. The Smashbox Primer Water is also great to mist onto skin throughout the day whenever you need a quick touchup or refresher.


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