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This is your one stop resource for skin care product reviews from industry veterans around the globe. We’re very passionate about skin care and if you’re reading this blog your probably looking for unbiased skin care product reviews. Each month, we review hundreds of skincare products, including cleansers, toners, serums, lotions, masks, moisturizers and rank the best skin care products – so you don’t waste your time and money on skin care products that just don’t work. Skin care manufacturers spend around twenty percent of their revenue on marketing programs. In contract, they spend two percent on research and development. Large skin care manufacturers are extremely good at marketing. Unfortunately, most of them aren’t so good at creating products. In fact, most skincare brands don’t even manufacture their own products. This is why it is difficult to come across good skin care products. That’s right, some of the top skin care brands use private label companies to make their products for them . Searching online for skin care products reviews brings thousands of reviews from consumers, whilst helpful, often times the reviews relate to delivery issues, billing practices and or customer service concerns. Its also worthwhile noting that reviews of skin care creams requires extensive knowledge in the formulation and manufacturing of products and sometimes weight is placed on ingredients that prevent aging – which isn’t something you can visibly evaluate.

Right now, we’re reviewing thousands of skin care products in our laboratories and we’re bringing you fresh data each and every day. We’ll rank our favourite products and let you know which products just aren’t worth your hard earned dollars. We’re very passionate about skin care and we’re hear to identify the skin care companies that are doing the right thing and bring those with poor practices to shame. We’re talking about your face an we want to make sure your using right skin care products that are going to work instead of inferior creams that don’t do much more than smell good and hydrate the skin or even worse, skin care products that can do more harm than good..  We review skin care products from grocery stores, department stores, physicians offices, drug stores, online, spas, dermatologists, etc.

Latest Skin Care Product Reviews

- Dior launched Instant Gentle Cleansing Oil, a gentle oil based skin care cleanser for sensitive skin types that that cleans dirt and removes make up without stripping the skin of essential lipids and preserving the skin’s natural hydration. Even though it’s an oil based product, it leaves no greasy residue behind. I found my skin felt very soft and hydrated after just one use.

- Vichy launched Neovadiol Gf Eye and Lip Contours to combat hormonal aging around the eyes and lips. The main ingredient is Neovadiol Gf, a mollecule that reconstruct the skin to a denser quality in a short period of time.

- Tom Ford Beauty launches a new skin care range specially for men in 30+ countries. Tom Ford Beauty will feature 9 skin care producs . The skin care range is now available at Neiman Marcus, Selfridges, Norstrom and Barneys New York. Tom Ford Beauty is manufactored and distributed by Estee Lauder Companies. In addition to skin care products, Tom Ford Beauty includes color cosmetics, fragrances and body products.

- Kanebo Skin Care recalled 450,000 skin care products due to 4060 women developing white blotches. The reaction was caused but whitening chemical substance called 4-(4-hydroxyphenyl)-2-butanone, which was found in Kanebo Blanchir Superior. Whitening products are extremely popular in asia and incorporated into most skin care products.


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  1. Monique

    I’m an old woman, 65 years of age. My skin is sagging and I want to correct it. I know there’s not much that can be one at this age but I want to do something. I’m a very social person and I don’t want sagging skin to be an obstacle in my way. I was looking for skin care reviews the other day and I realized that it is very difficult to find genuine anti-aging skin care reviews. All creams claim to give you younger looking skin. Although DMAE skin care reviews showed that it has some active ingredients which help to address sagging skin, but how can it give instantaneous results. That’s unrealistic. The only thing which convinced me is ZO skin care reviews. I’m looking forward to their treatments.

  2. Kelsey

    I have read the skin care reviews for many brands for my research. The subject of my research is to review the skin care brands available in the market. After the completion of the research, I found that one of the most sought after brands is No7 skin care, since it suits all skin types. Osmosis skin care helps to maintain the health of the skin through a combination of holistic and innovative products. Kosmea skin care products are moderately priced and highly effective. They also provide free samples so that you can actually try the product before buying it.

  3. Albertsmith

    Thanks for posting this. Your blog is so interesting and very informative.Thanks sharing. Definitely a great piece of work Thanks for your work

  4. Veronica

    My sister is obsessed with her looks. Her skin had a pink glow on her face till she became a teenager. With the onset of puberty, her skin has started breaking out. She is very upset and this is adversely affecting her skin. I really want to help her. I have read many Skin care reviews and want to know about products which can be used by teenaged girls. I saw YouTube Clinique Skin care reviews but I found them to be unclear whether it is suitable for teenagers. Osmosis Skin care reviews and Kosmea Skin care reviews also claim to make the skin beautiful but I don’t know if it will also prevent acne.

  5. Louise

    I do not usually write skin care reviews but I am disappointed withla prairie. very expensive product but no results. they also do not offer refunds if it does not work for you. most cosmetic brands offer a money back guarantee but apparently this brand is a concession and you cant just get a refund like that.

  6. Skin Care Product Reviews

    I found that all the products I need are on Amazon. You don’t need to go and pay premium prices for products at the department store. Skin care companies will tell you those products are not real or have expired but the only reason they are cheaper is because amazon does not have the high overheads that the other stores do.

  7. Gina

    You get what you pay for when it comes to skin care products. Sephora is a good store that have a lot of upmarket products. If you buy a drug store product it is not going to work as well as a premium brand from the department store. I have noticed this from first hand but it also looks like the premium skin care brands get better reviews.

  8. Taylor

    I do not have any major skin problems, I just want to minimize pores and shine. Can you recommend a good product that will advert future aging?

  9. DIANE

    I love neovadiol GF Nuit. It is very cool and refreshing. Best of all this skin care product feels very light and it is hypo-allergenic It really hydrates your face, but does not feel greasy. I have tried a lot of high end products and ended up trashing or giving them away after about a month of use.
    This product is availalbe at your local drug store where they keep the specialty facial creams. You can probably find it at stores like ulta. I strongly recommend this if you want a moderately priced night cream that gives good results.

  10. Donna-marie

    I use many different skin care products and have found that the inexpensive products work just as well if not better than the expensive products. I prefer to use Olay skin care over La Mer even if they were the same price. The most important thing is wearing a sunblock as the sun rays cause aging.

  11. Vivian

    I am pleased I found this site as I am interested in reading skin care reviews before buying products. I wish you had more reviews. Your reviews are more scientific than the others but you need to publish more skin care reviews. Good luck.

  12. admin

    Thank you for sharing your skin care reviews
    Tash, we understand how you feel.
    There are a handful of skin care sites that we use and we are very pleased with the way they work. Our favorite sites are,,, and Sephora. We also have a few regional favorites we would be happy to share depending on which state or country you are in.

  13. Tash

    I have never had luck with any skin care and I thought I would check some reviews online to see what brands are popular. I think I am more confused now after reading all these reviews. Help. Whenever I go to a cosmetic counter they connivence you to buy a few products and it is hard to walk away and say no as they are very good at sales.

  14. Michelle

    Hey Brooke
    I am not convinced organic products do much for the skin. They might feel good and smell good but skin care is suppose to do more than that it is suppose to fight acne or aging or sun damage or something and prevent aging. Flower buds and fruit are not going to do that. That can only happy in a lab. Don’t get me wrong, I like natural skin care but it just doesnt work for anything more than looking and smelling good. I am still in my 30′s but I need preventative products so I need anti aging products that prevent wrinkles and I cant see that happening from a organic skin care product.

    • Erin M

      NeriumAD is a skin care product for fine lines and wrinkles, skin discoloration, uneven skin texture and aging skin. The product has been in research for over 10 years, trying to find a cure for melanoma. In the process they realized the effects it had on the symptoms listed above. The company promoting this product to consumers is only 2 years old. I’d be happy to give you more info if you are still looking. My website is and you can contact me through there!

  15. Brook

    I am 56 years old and tried all types of skin care products but are now using natural, organic skin care. I love organic skin care. Not one brand in particular but any certified organic cream. I feel my skin looks amazing – very soft, supple smooth and I receive comments all the time that I don’t look my age! Seriously.

  16. Tina

    I have heard of a program that you pay a monthly fee and they provide you with different skin care product samples that custom match your skin type. I cannot remember the name of the website though. Do you know of a skin care program that offers monthly samples? I like sampling different skin care products so this would be perfect for me.

  17. admin

    Thanks for you message Dazy
    There are many great facial skin care products that can smooth out wrinkles, lighten uneven skin tone and reduce pores. You shouldn’t have to use wear make up and should be able to achieve a clear look just from using the right skin care products. We are always reviewing skin care products and enjoy publishing our findings. We do not supply samples unfortunately as we do not have affiliation with skin care manufacturers, however, we can bring you the right information to help you make an informed choice.

  18. Dazy

    I’m one of those girls who have also spent a fortune on skin care products but have not seen much benifit from my investment. I started using clinical brands, they seem to work better but it is just skin care afterall. I was hoping you could tell me what the best skin care products and brands are. I mean, for those looking to improve wrinkles, uneven skin tone and pores. Can you even get rid of pores or is that just done by make up?
    Do you know any brands that offer free skin care product samples?

  19. Tensile

    What is the best value for money skin care brand? Not specially talking about a skin care product but rather a brand. I need to replace my entire skin care range and don’t want to waste $$$ on stuff that doesn’t work and want to get the best value for money. If you had a budget of a few hundred dollars and wanted to get the whole kit and caboodle, what brand do you recommend?

  20. admin

    Hey everybody
    Thanks for sharing your favorite skin care reviews
    We will bring you a list of best skin care products in the coming weeks
    Stay tuned for the latest skin care news on The Derm Review

  21. Marisa

    Most expensive skin care is Kanebo, Revive, Dior, Chanel
    They don’t have very good treatments though but are expensive.
    I prefer natural, organic skin care products.

  22. Pamela

    What is the most expensive skin care product you have tested?
    I want to try the Tom Ford skin care range as well but my jaw dropped when I saw the price.
    Surely there aren’t more expensive skin care products then that?

  23. Matt

    I bought the entire Tom Ford Skin care range from Harrods and think their skin care products are pretty amazing. They smell so nice and look really amazing on my bathroom bench. Not sure about the ingredients but hope you can write a review for us. Products are expensive and I wasn’t to make sure it works.

  24. Pretty

    I started using a skin care product called Kiehl’s ultra facial cream. It has a nice feeling when I apply it to my skin. I’ll let you know how it works.

  25. Sammy

    Awesome reviews.
    I am searching for skin care products that can help with sun damage. I’m not sure if its called age spots or dark spots or liver spots but I was using a prescription grade prdoduct that got rid of them but then I went back into the sun and they all came back. Not sure if there is a product that actually works and I would like to hear from people to see if there is a drug store product that isnt dangerous on my health so I can use it long term.

  26. Jane

    Hey girls
    Does anybody know any products that are good for hormonal aging?
    I used a range called Murad and it was okay but I didn’t see any results.
    I have heard of a skin care product called Guinot but I think you need to go to a spa or beauty salon to find it and I wanted to hear from you first.

  27. admin

    Hey guys
    In a few weeks we will bring you our list of best skin care products. Please share your suggestions and skin care reviews or if there are any products you would like us to review.

  28. Harper

    I’ve struggled with uneven skin tone and wrinkles my whole life and I’ve tried lots of different skin care products but nothing seems to be able to help. I cant afford to continue buying products that just don’t work. Can somebody tell me what the best skin care range is for uneven skin tone and preventing wrinkles that you can buy online or in Miami?

  29. Ann

    Howdy I can see you are getting lots of of comments suggesting skin care products so I hate to add another one to the list but here I come. A few years ago I stummpled upon a skin care range called obagi. They have anti aging serums targeted for adult aging. I love how soft and smooth my face feels after using their skin care products. I might have to try some NIA24 products as well :)

  30. Ginger

    I am starting a skin care brand and I would like to know how and where we can send you our skin care products. I am a compounder who has worked in big research labs and took all my experience to setup my own skin care. Can somebody contact me regarding skin care reviews?

  31. Theda

    Have you heard of a skin care brand called Nia24 or something like that? I saw it a few years ago when I was in New York City but I cant seem to find any reviews on this and I have spoken to my beauty girl and she hasn’t even heard of it. Do you know if I need a prescription to use this product or any similar skin care products?

  32. Jasmine

    Hello there, I’m new to to this website and just wanted to say hi and thank you for the advise. I’ve seen several skin care review sites that look like they are ranking products based on who pays the highest advertising fee. I have to admit, I love buying and and using skin care an d make up products. Spend most of my free time at Sephora and my bathroom (and bedroom) is full of skin care. I must admin I have wasted lots of money on products that I got excited about but never used.

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