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Building an Effective Skin Care Regimen: 3 Steps to Beautiful Skin

You skin is the largest organ on your body and takes in moisture and nutrients to keep it looking healthy, and finding the right skin care lines for proper care is vital to your overall beauty. However, although there are a number of skin care lines available that all claim to offer a complete skin care regimen by selling kits, but it may also be beneficial to create your own routine with a variety of products and brands. Just as you are an individual, your skin type and the way it reacts to skin care products and certain skin care lines is unique as well. Before you compare costly skin care lines, there are three important factors that you should consider while you are building your routine, to achieve truly healthy skin.

You Don’t Have to Use Only One Brand

While most health and beauty companies would have you believe that their skin care lines are the most complete and effective on the market, it’s better to consider using a variety of products when you’re building a skin care regimen. This is especially important when you consider what your skin is exposed to every day.

For example, while many skin care lines have a number of different products available, if you live in a region that sees a great deal of sunny days, then using a product with SPF protection is vital to keeping skin healthy and to avoid prematurely aging skin. Not all skin care lines offer products with SPF or UV protection, so mixing and matching allows you to combine the most effective items from a number of different brands.

Decide Which Ingredients are Most Valuable to You

 When you’re building a skin care regimen, consider which product ingredients are the most important to you. Some skin care lines use chemicals and man-made ingredients in their products, while other companies create lines of skin care that are natural or even completely organic. Considering ingredients is going to be an important factor when it comes to your skin care budget because certain organic products that take longer to make, or that are made by hand, are going to be more expensive.

Build Your Regimen Around Your Skin Type, not Skin Care Lines

If you’ve never created a skin care regimen for yourself before, you might be tempted to use products from skin care lines that your mother or grandmother always used because the logos and names are familiar. However, your skin is unique and how it reacts to certain products and ingredients in different skin care lines is more important than its packaging or name brand.

As you choose products, consider your skin type and how it has reacted to exfoliating scrubs, alpha hydroxy acids, and other skin care products in the past. One of the best ways to choose different products from a number of skin care lines is to shop at retailers that offer free samples. This way, you can test the products on your skin to see how effective they are and if your skin may develop an allergic reaction or dermatitis. Many websites that carry complete skin care lines also offer free samples of their products, so always be sure to take advantage of such free sample offers as they can save you time and money looking for the best skin care products in your situation.

Keep in mind that you don’t have to put together your skin care regimen together all in one day. Take your time and compare skin care lines, both in store and online, to not only get the best possible deal but to also create a total beauty ritual that will keep your skin healthy and beautiful.






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