Serious Skin Care

A Serious Skin Care Regimen for Health and Beautification

Everyone wants to look and feel beautiful, but what most people don’t realize is that they can never achieve this without instituting a serious skin care regimen. Without a deep cleansing and moisturizing skin care regimen, people’s skin can look dull, cause them to appear older, and they will never achieve the kind of appearance that they strive for. Only a serious skin care regimen, one that goes far beyond simple washing and moisturizing, can bring the kind of youthful and healthy glow to one’s skin that will turn heads wherever you go.

Step One

The first step in any serious skin care regimen is to cleanse the skin thoroughly, beyond just simple washing. During the day, the skin is subjected to outdoor pollution, the sun, wind, and of course, any kind of makeup that is used to conceal skin imperfections. People who have oily skin also need to pay special attention to daily cleansing, as too much oil will clog the pores and cause acne. On top of that, too much oil production gives the face an unattractive, oily sheen, which can sometimes create an unkempt, dirty appearance. Serious skin care cleansing should be performed with a facial scrub that is designed to reach down below the surface. Hand soap should be avoided when it comes to any kind of skin cleansing because many brands lack moisture, and the chemicals can cause dryness, flaking, and peeling.

Next, exfoliate the skin and pay special attention to areas that are especially prone to roughness, such as the heels and elbows. A big part of serious skin care is using a cleanser that contains cleansing beads to make the skin smooth. For stubborn areas, use a pumice stone to whisk away dead skin cells and discourage peeling or thickening of the skin. Once this is accomplished, apply a deep moisturizing lotion made especially for healing dry or cracked skin. For especially rough heels that need serious skin care, slip on a pair of soft, moisturizing spa socks to help protect the treated area.

Step Two

Once you have treated all of your problem areas, prepare a steam treatment by filling the bathroom basin with water that is hot but not boiling. Once it produces steam, drape a clean towel over the head and the basin, so that the steam can open up the pores on the face in a way that will both cleanse and moisturize more deeply than a simple wash could ever do. Let the steam penetrate the skin anywhere from five to ten minutes, and then gently wipe away any extra moisture before applying an overnight moisturizing cream. Make sure that you don’t over-steam, as this can damage capillaries within the skin. Remember, serious skin care is about opening pores so that you can more easily unclog them and moisturize more deeply.

Other Serious Skin Care Options

For serious skin care and anti-aging treatments that go even deeper, there are a number of outpatient procedures available. From treating acne to erasing fine lines and wrinkles, these services handle a number of skin care options that don’t include invasive procedures or a hospital stay. When over-the-counter acne has no affect or the skin suffers from discoloration, serious skin care treatments can offer a non-surgical solution. Some procedures can even lift and tighten the skin without laser incisions. Your skin is usually one of the first things people notice about you, so investing time into serious skin care, with the proper cleansing and moisturizing regimen will benefit you physically and boost your self-confidence as well.

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  2. Ann

    I heard about serious skin care from the tv shopping channel. I have problematic skin, and cannot use most products as the fragrance causes me to breakout. I have heard it is a wonderful products but would like to see more serious skin care reviews.

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