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Sensai: Company Overview

The Sensai line of cosmetics, skin care products, body care products, and sun care products are all formulated with a focus on blending science with technology. There are a number of product lines available from the company, with each focusing on the treatment of different skin conditions, such as dry skin or aging skin. Some Sensai products include cleansers, sunscreen, moisturizers, eye care products, foundation, and bronzing products. The company does not offer any ready-made skin care kits, but the products are varied enough to create a custom kit to match your skin type. Sensai also offers beauty counseling at a number of spas throughout the world.

Sensai Company Background

Sensai operates under its parent company, Kanebo, Ltd, which was founded in Japan in 1887. The company’s main goal is to offer skin and beauty products to women that are created with the latest skin care technology yet created with natural products, such as silk.

Sensai also operates a number of spas and salons where their customers can ask advice about the products, try samples, and receive instruction about how to use the products most effectively. Most of these salons are located in Japan and in Europe, so Americans who want to buy Kanebo Sensai products will have to purchase them online.

Sensai Product Line Overview

One of the largest product lines is Sensai Silk Purifying Cleansing Skincare, which includes a dozen different products that are designed to be used in steps. Some of the products include cleansing gels, balms, oils, and milk that remove cosmetics, excess oil, and other impurities from the skin.

The company website does not list ingredients for any product and recommends that you visit a Sensai salon to discuss them with the company’s beauty representative. However, since these salons are not readily available everywhere, especially for American customers, finding the product on other skin care retail sites may offer you more ingredients disclosure, as well as tips for use and Sensai reviews.

While silk is heavily featured in many of these products, other ingredients used by the company in their formulations include cyclomethicone, which conditions the surface of the skin; sanzashi extract, which helps healthy skin cells receive the products’ active ingredients without damaging them; and hyaluronic acid, which delivers a great deal of hydration to the skin.

Kanebo Sensai Prime Solution, which is a moisturizing treatment, contains both Koishimaru silk and sanzashi extract, which may benefit those who suffer from dry, aging skin.

Where to Buy Kanebo Sensai Products

Because the company strongly recommends that you travel to a salon or spa to try Sensai products and get a beauty consultation, you cannot purchase any of the cosmetics or skin care products directly from the website. However, many of them are available online from third-party resale and auction sites. These sites also offer Sensai reviews that may give you more insight about how effective they have been for those with a skin type similar to yours. Prices for these products range from $35 to $75 online.

Sensai Shipping and Returns

Because Sensai does not sell its products online, there are no shipping options available. Any products that are purchased online must be returned to their original purchase point. If you purchase a Sensai product from an unauthorized dealer, be sure to read his or her individual return policy carefully, as all sales may be final with some retailers.

Any products that are purchased from a Sensai spa or salon should be returned there, although you may want to ask about their return policies before making your purchase so you can be sure to return products within the allowed time.


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  1. Sandra D'Alterio

    I have used Kanebo Sensai Cellular products. They are fabulous tried other skin care ranges but nothing compares with the results I get from Kanebo.

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