One of the more recent players in the beauty industry is the chic makeup brand Saucebox Cosmetics. Founded just a few short years ago by a makeup obsessed mother-daughter duo, Saucebox Cosmetics is the quirky beauty brand rooted in old English culture. Saucebox Cosmetics, a name that can be translated to mean words like rude and obnoxious, the philosophy behind the brand is attitude and self-expression. For Saucebox Cosmetics, this entailed creating a savvy cosmetics company, with intriguing old time feminine packaging that delivers quality with an affordable price tag.

Saucebox Cosmetics Products

The Saucebox Cosmetics line currently consists of a number of single shadows and palettes designed to work for both eyes and face. Grab a Saucebox Cosmetics palette filled with complimentary shades, choose your favorite Saucebox Cosmetics single to complete your makeup collection, or go the DIY route and create your own customized Saucebox Cosmetics palette. Whichever you decide, enjoy the high-quality Saucebox Cosmetics pigments at an affordable price.

Saucebox Cosmetics Singles: The Saucebox Cosmetics single eyeshadows are the highly pigmented shadows available in an extensive shade range. You can find these Saucebox Cosmetics in both matte and shimmer shades for long-lasting intense wear. The matte shades of the Saucebox Cosmetics are Nut Brown, Elegant, Sweater Weather, Coffee & Milk, and Rose. The shimmer Saucebox Cosmetics shades are Nikki Beach, Cryptic, Peach Soda, Spectral, Diamonds & Coal, and Black Widow. Both the Nikki Beach and Elegant Saucebox Cosmetics shades work great as face products as well with Nikki Beach acting as a wonderful illuminator and Elegant working as a beautiful blush.

Saucebox Cosmetics Palettes: As for palettes, there are currently four Saucebox Cosmetics palettes available. The first in the Saucebox Cosmetics palette lineup is the Saucebox Cosmetics Etude palette. This Saucebox Cosmetics palette is the palette designed to create unlimited neutral eye looks. The Etude Saucebox Cosmetics palette contains eight matte eyeshadows that provide intense pigmentation in one convenient package. Etude is one of Saucebox Cosmetics best-selling makeup palettes. The second Saucebox Cosmetics palette is the Forbidden Fruits palette that contains six vibrant pink and purple toned eye shadow shades. Within the Saucebox Cosmetics Forbidden Fruits palette, youll find a mix of shimmer, satin, and matte shadows in a high performing paraben and talc free formulation. The last Saucebox Cosmetics palette available is the Temptation palette. This Saucebox Cosmetics palette contains four intensely bright eyeshadows. With this Saucebox Cosmetics palette, you can create unlimited bright and tropical eye makeup looks for any occasion. Within the Saucebox Cosmetics Temptation palette, you can find a mixture shimmer and matte shadows that work together for an expertly designed makeup look.

Saucebox Cosmetics Reviews

Being such a recent addition to the beauty market, Saucebox Cosmetics has made an interesting impression on those who have used their shadows and palettes. Most of the Saucebox Cosmetics reviews are centered on the brands palettes which are most popular. Starting with the Etude palette the most common Saucebox Cosmetics reviews are torn. When it comes to the amount of eyeshadow and value of the Saucebox Cosmetics Etude palette, users are pleased. However, when it comes to the performance of the Etude palette shadows, Saucebox Cosmetics reviews are less than enthused. Youll typically find many Saucebox Cosmetics Etude reviews that are unimpressed with the quality of the pigments in terms of color payoff and ease of use. The Saucebox Cosmetics Forbidden Fruits palette seems to be a more universally popular option. Many Saucebox Cosmetics reviews of the Forbidden Fruits palette are impressed by the pigmentation of the shades within the palette in addition to how well each of the shades work together. This Saucebox Cosmetics palette seems to be a popular choice amongst beauty bloggers and makeup artists alike. The Saucebox Cosmetics Temptation palette seems to be the middle of the road when it comes to user reviews. Youll typically find the positive Saucebox Cosmetics review of the Temptation palette applauding the bright and vibrant colors. On the opposite end of the spectrum, the difference in quality between the shadows within the Saucebox Cosmetics Temptation palette has been the source of a few complaints.


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