Sacha Cosmetics

For women of color one of the hardest things to combat when it comes to makeup is finding foundations, concealers, and setting powders that work well on darker skin. So many of the most innovative makeup brands have limited shade ranges that stop just short of including an assortment of dark skin tones in their lineup. There are some companies, however, that have identified this need and have created cosmetic lines exclusively for the diverse skin tones of women of color. Manufactured in Trinidad and Tobago, Sacha cosmetics is one of those brands.


Sacha Cosmetics launched over 35 years ago designed for the beautiful assortment of shades and skin tones of women from Trinidad and Tobago. Noting the diversity amongst the skin and the need for quality cosmetics products that did not come off as chalky on ashya common occurrence with poorly manufactured cosmetics of deeper shadesSacha Cosmetics created a line of makeup that was specifically for women with exotic skin tones. This means Sacha Cosmetics works for those from African, Indian, Latin, Caribbean, and Mediterranean descent. All of the Sacha Cosmetics are exclusively designed to be flash-friendly and avoid the dreaded cast that some makeup can leave behind in photos.

With an impressive track record behind them, Sacha Cosmetics was the official cosmetics brand of the Miss Universe Pageant in 1999. Sacha Cosmetics also was the cosmetics brand of the Miss USA Pageant in 2000 and Miss Panama Pageant in 2014. All noteworthy accomplishments in their own right and a growing fan base here in the US, Sacha Cosmetics gained a burst of recognition within the past few years with every YouTuber and Beauty Blogger gushing over a particular Sacha Cosmetics product that rivaled a cult favorite.


Sacha Cosmetics Buttercup Setting Powder gained popularity with a number of popular YouTube beauty gurus compared it to the Ben Nye Banana Powder. The hype surrounding the Sacha Cosmetics Buttercup as a possible Ben Nye Banana Powder had the beauty space abuzz and soon everyone raving about this new product. Sacha Cosmetics Buttercup Setting Powder is a loose setting powder that remarkably comes in one shade, a pale yellow, that works for all skin tones. This Sacha Cosmetics powder is finely milled to smooth skin by filling in pores and fine line. Its incomparable oil absorbing properties provides skin with a soft matte finish. Packaged in a standard container without a sifter, the Sacha Cosmetics has been celebrated as the preferred setting powder for women of color.

What makes the Sacha Cosmetics Buttercup Setting Powder such a power products is its FINELY milled consistency. Those who prefer the Sacha Cosmetics powder over the Ben Nye claim that the texture feels like velvet and melts into skin. Also unlike the Ben Nye Powder, Sacha Cosmetics Buttercup Setting Powder is more user-friendly and subtle enough for daily wear.


While the Sacha Cosmetics Buttercup Setting Powder gets a lot of the shine when it comes to beauty space, another product that excels is the Sacha Cosmetics Second Skin Foundation. It gets it enticing name by the brands claim that this Sacha Cosmetics foundation is so lightweight that it literally feels like a second skin. Providing medium coverage and suitable for all skin types, the Sacha Cosmetic Second Skin Foundation offers a long-lasting natural finish upon application. Available in a diverse 12 shade range, the Sacha Cosmetics Second Skin foundation line starts with a Light Beige and ends with Perfect Copper. Theres a shade for every woman of color within this line.

Like its sister productthough not nearly at the same scalethe Sacha Cosmetics Second Skin Foundation has been met with majority positive reviews. Its coverage has received nods for its build-able medium to full range and most women are pleased with the inclusive shade range for women of color.


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