RCMA No Color Powder

RCMA is a brand for makeup artists. Literally. Standing for The Research Council of Makeup Artists, RCMA was created by Vincent JR Kehoe. A legendary makeup artist, his goal was to create a brand that provided professional quality makeup products specifically for film, television, and theater. Of the RCMA highly regarded products, the RCMA No Color Powder is a beauty staple that is in the kit of every makeup artist in the industry.

RCMA No Color Powder Overview

At first glance, if you arent familiar with the RCMA brand you might overlook the RCMA No Color Powder. Packaged in a simple white jar, with an equally simple black lid, and a sticker identifying it as the RCMA No Color Powder, it doesnt exactly look like a legendary makeup product. Inside the simple container is an even simpler white powder. Dont let the RCMA No Color Powders simple appearance fool you, its simplicity is what makes it such a highly regarded product. Designed to be the ultimate multitasking powder, the RCMA No Color Powder is a finely milled setting powder that can be used in whatever fashion you like. The RCMA No Color Powder is also designed to work on any and every skin tone so you can imagine why it is considered a makeup artist staple. The RCMA No Color Powder is not formulated with any filler or additional pigment so it can used over, under, and simultaneously with any foundation shade or base.

The way that the RCMA No Color Powder works is to provide a matte finish to skin or foundation application. The finely milled texture of the RCMA No Color Powder helps it to melt into skin instead of laying on top. This means you get a smooth and flawless finish after using the RCMA No Color Powder instead of a cakey powdery finish that some setting powders leave behind. Unlike many other traditional translucent powders, the RCMA No Color Powder is truly pigment free, which helps to keep your initial foundation application stabilized and consistent throughout the day. By using the RCMA No Color Powder as a setting powder after applying foundation, you can ensure it will set flawlessly and dry without worry.

Being such a simple fuss free product, many people question what does the RCMA No Color Powder actually contain. With no pigment or fillers, the RCMA No Color Powder ingredients are limited to just four. The RCMA No Color Powder is formulated with silica, calcium oxide, talc, and magnesium oxide. The simplicity of the RCMA No Color Powder combined with its ultra-fine texture is what allows the powder to work so effortlessly.

RCMA No Color Powder Review

It almost goes without saying that the RCMA No Color Powder is celebrated through the makeup artist and professional beauty industry. You’d be hard pressed to find a professional expert speak against the amazing quality of the RCMA No Color Powder. Typically the rave reviews regarding the RCMA No Color Powder are directed at its flawless finish, its ability to work all day, and its ease of use regardless of skin tone, type, or condition. Many makeup artists have also commented that the RCMA No Color Powder works just as well for touch ups during the day as it does as a setting powder and can even be used to set targeted areas of the face such as setting under eye concealer, cream contours, or blush. The only less than favorable RCMA No Color Powder review is directed to the lack of accessibility to the product. The RCMA No Color Powder isn’t generally sold locally and if you want to get your hands on it, you’ll most likely have to purchase the coveted product from an online retailer. This doesn’t seem to be an issue for makeup artists but everyday women who desire to use the RCMA No Color Powder may find this one aspect frustrating.


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