7 Anti Aging Breakthroughs

Do you look old before your time? Do you want to fix the worst signs of aging? Who wants to look old?

We introduce you to the next generation skin care formulations for 2017 that can make all other products obsolete.

Who wants to look old? Introducing the next generationskin care formulations of 2017 that can make all other products obsolete.

Here are the breakthrough products to address the worst signs of aging:

How to lift wrinkled, sagging skin

When you’re young — you don’t realize  just how smooth and bouncy your skin is. As you age, the layer of skin beneath your epidermis begins to thin due to a loss of cells and elasticity.

This causes your skin to sag.

Well, EGF is a Nobel prize-winning breakthrough that can help you to look dramatically younger again. EGF is the most crucial thing the skin needs to keep it smooth and firm.

EGF is present in your skin naturally but it disappears with age.Without EGF, your skin shows signs of aging, including creepiness, wrinkles, and loss of firmness. This ‘miracle ingredient’ is called bioengineered epidermal growth factor.

The breakthrough formula helps lift and contour your cheeks, jawline, and neck for a more youthful appearance.

If you’re looking for a powerful serum that provides remarkable anti-aging action, take a look at Advanced Dermatology. It contains 5 growth factors in high concentrations.

When I first heard about this product — I thought it would cost a thousand dollars. Boy oh boy was I wrong! Perhaps this is one miracle product that really does live up to all the hype — and at a reasonable price, too.

A different growth factor product we recently researched will cost you six hundred dollars per ounce. Yes, $600. It’s astonishing this product retails for 59.95. And guess what?  This product contains a significantly higher concentration of EGF.

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Uneven pigmentation? Here’s what to do.

Do you have brown spots or blotchy looking skin?

Do you resort to camouflaging your face?

Do you remember having beautiful even-toned skin in your early twenties, but now find yourself a victim to blotchiness?

Pigment buildup leads to lackluster skin and spots add years to your appearance.

This next generation serum contains multiple cutting-edge lightening ingredients that help reduce the appearance of uneven skin tone for luminous looking skin. It is seriously hi-tech and innovative. There is nothing else like it. This product contains no bleach or hydroquinone, which can be harmful to your health.

Helps improve the appearance of dark spots, discolorations, blotchiness, and redness.

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Reduce dark circles, bags and under eye wrinkles

Let’s be honest, dark circles, bags and puffiness are the first telltale signs of aging. They make you look tired and old.

A good eye cream is an essential part of your skin care routine. Invest in the best eye cream.

This innovative eye cream is designed to lift and smooth the eye area while defying dark circles. It fights all the visible signs of aging including dark circles, bags and under eye wrinkles.

Instead of covering dark circles, use Advanced Dermatology’s Ultimate Eye Lift.

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Don’t forget about topical antioxidants

Vitamin C has long been heralded as the gold standard of beauty ingredients. The benefits of vitamin C are no secret.

It’s renowned for its antioxidant protection against environmental aggressors that age your skin.

Over the last decade, we have also discovered that vitamin C is one of the best ingredients to tackle uneven skin tone, rough texture, and fine lines.

Talk to any dermatologist, and the chances are they will recommend using a vitamin C serum daily. It’s a no brainer.

Introducing the amazing new serum that helps shield your skin from environmental assaults that age your skin. It

It contains vitamin C, E, B & ferulic.

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Fuller cheeks are the secret to younger-looking skin

When your skin ages, the mid-face DEFLATES.

EXCESS SKIN falls toward the jawline. With a deflated mid face, your skin starts to SAG.

And, your skin loses its “triangle of youth”. The lips turn down at the corners – creating an inverse triangle: the OPPOSITE of a youthful face. Saggy, sunken cheeks make you look OLD.

Round, plump cheeks look YOUNG.

You can achieve a more sculpted, more defined appearance in the cheeks, chin, jawline and neck.

When you replace volume around the cheeks, it softens the folds around the mouth.

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How old is your neck? Neck and Décolletage Lift

Your neck is the one place you can’t hide your age.

A wrinkled, droopy neck is a real giveaway of your age.

A sagging chin and neck lead to a turkey neck.

Aging leads to a crepey décolletage.

What if you could sculpt your neck with a serum?

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Instant Gratification? Quick Fix Wrinkle Serum

If you are concerned about wrinkles between your brows, on the forehead, and around the eyes… this will be the most important thing you read regarding your skin.

Here’s why: Most wrinkles are caused by the repeated movement of facial muscles. We call these “dynamic” wrinkles. You may have noticed that expressive people have more wrinkles in problem areas.

It’s a well-documented fact that frowning causes deep lines on your brows, squinting creates lines around the eyes and smiling causes laugh lines. Smokers develop lines around their lips because of the puckering of their lips.

These are all dynamic wrinkles caused by repetitive facial movements.

You see, repetitive facial movements will result in permanent lines.

Eventually, these lines become deeper wrinkles and creases.

But there is good news: Now there is a way to relax temporarily the underlying muscles that cause wrinkles with our extraordinary new serum.

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