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DR Perricone MD is  skin care range developed by dermatologist Dr. Nicholas Perricone. Perricone manufactorers a wide variety of products, including cleansers, exfoliators, toners, serums, boosters, moisturizing creams, eye creams, masks and supplements. As part of this review, we have evaluated the following Perricone skin care products; Acyl-Glutathione Deep Crease Serum, Photo Plasma, Blue Plasma, Face Finished Moisturizer, Cold Plasma Sub D, Hypoallergenic Firming Eye Cream, Cold Plasma Face, High Potency Evening Repair and Cold Plasma Eye. Our favourite product in the Perricone MD skin care range is Cold Plasma due to its high concentrations of DMAE, an anti aging ingredient that causes muscles to contract and tighten sagging skin. When writing the Perricone Review, we were looking forward to trialling their products as we fit perfectly into the anti aging category. He is the author of NY Times best seller  The Wrinkle Cure, The Perricone Prescription, The Perricone Promise and Forever Young. He is well known for his strong beleive that aging is caused by inflammation and one of his books contains diets to beat inflammation. He claims this theory is why he founded the skin care range and introduce people to a breakthrough skin care range that can prevent such damage.  Perricone has hundreds of patents and his formulas are very innovative. They claim their products  intelligent  approach to achieving beautiful skin through simply and effectively maintaining its optimal health.

Perricone does not have many reviews online so it is hard to gauge what consumers overall consenses on his products is. However, judging by the size of his business, the lack of reviews is always a good sign as most reviews are generally negative. Dr Perricone’s best sellers by far are Blue Plasma, Face Finishing Moisturizer, Cold Plasma and our personnel favourite the Hypoallergenic Firming Eye Cream. Perricone’s price points are high, average product is around $80. Dr Perricone has a variety of supplements which complement their skin care products. Perricone products are well formulated and include innovative ingredients. Perricone skin care products are suitable for mature skin as they are thicker and quite hydrating.

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  1. Lynne

    I had been using the no Foundation Foundation along with the bronzer and blush. It was fine for a couple months, then I stopped due to foot surgery and not going out of the house. When I used the products again, I developed a rash with swelling and itching. Had to take a Benedryl to get the swelling and itch to stop. I waited till that cleared up and tried it again. Worse reaction that time. After more Benedryl and Shea butter to clear what looked like a chemical burn on my face I will not be using any Perricone products again.

  2. Lynn

    Also used Plasma Sub D for my neck and developed a red itchy rash. I stopped using it and the rash cleared up. After a few weeks I tried using it again because I was not certain of the cause, and once again the rash appeared. Wound up throwing the jar away.

    • mindy paul

      I also am suffering from a red, hot, itchy rash on my neck. I don’t know what to do about it and my dr. is not calling me back. I put an ice pack on my neck this morning and am using anti-itch cream. It seems a little less red after a day. This was a very expensive rash!

  3. Ramona

    After two months of using these products my face has developed an itchy red rash. Will have to discontinue and never purchase again.

  4. Gerry

    I bought the today special value. I was very excited to try the product. One girl I worked with said gerry you will never get ride if your lines on your face and neck. I guess it was about four days into using the product when some one asked me was I getting Botox. I started noticing that my cheek bones and my eye lids where swelling. I starting using smaller amounts. After the 5 day I noticed my neck had a red rash all over. Called the company they suggested me to stop using the product for a couple of days. After that try one at a time to see what one I had a reaction to. So that is where I am at now. We will see how it goes I guess.

  5. Coral

    I am very upset that I can not talk to a customer person if I am not placing an order. They are fast to answer if you press 1 to place an order but if it is for anything other than placing an order a recording comes on and you are not able to speak to someone. The service sucks…. I need to speak to someone other than the order desk. They are fast to take your order and your money but tif there is a problem no one will answer the phone and you can’t leave a message. Guess I will go some where else..

  6. Donna

    Within a week after first using the product, my husband thanked me for using the product, he was happy with the results on my neck…

  7. Lauri

    I have to say that, when used in the recommended combinations, Dr. Perricone products really do what they say they’ll do. I’ve used the acne/pore reducing regimen, as well as an anti-anging regimen. My issue with Dr. Perricone is 2-fold. First of all, the products are extremely expensive. My second issue is with customer service. I signed up for the auto-renewal to save a bit of money, but as another reviewer mentioned, it is very clear that this company’s customer service M.O. is to trap you into spending money and then being very hard to reach to deal with problems. You cannot manage your auto-renewals online (say to skip a delivery or change the frequency), you have to call the company…which you inevitably are too busy to do and then wind up with a bunch of extra product. All of this being said, the products work extremely well and will achieve results in just a manner of weeks.

  8. rjfelix

    I tried the Perricone plasma but found it left my skin too dry. I called and cancelled future orders and I was so surprised and grateful that it was cancelled and the money was redeposited in my account. This is one honest and reputable company is my experience.

  9. Linda

    I have had a problem with a very red itchy rash on my neck and the hand I used to apply it, after using Sub D cold plasma. After the first bout I stopped, then tried it again and the same thing occurred. I do not have sensitive skin and have had no previous skin problems.

  10. Linda

    I used Sub D Plasma on my neck for several months, once, occasionally twice a day. I developed a very itchy, red rash on my neck and on the hand I use to apply it.

  11. Anna

    I have read so many perricone reviews. I had grown really fat while I was in a sitting job and needed to reduce weight as soon as possible. I read Dr Perricone review of lipovox and I really liked this approach to weight loss. In the process of losing weight I lost a bit too much and people started telling me that I look undernourished. I then took some of the supplements by Dr Perricone to come back to shape again. My face too looked reaaly thin and pale. I went ahead and got the perricone neuropeptide facial cream.

  12. Karen

    I have just ordered my first shipment, and am looking forward to trying Dr. Perricone’s products. I was able to get in on a great deal that was being offered, otherwise I would have said no, to the price. I will post another review once I have my products!

  13. Lurline

    The Amine Face Lift did not work for me ,it makes my complexion dark,and the
    Sub-D after three months use I did not see much improvement. Besides the products are too expensive.

  14. Barbara

    I asked for a TRIAL SHIPMENT from this company. They sent it to me then sent another shipment and charged my credit card $104. I had to pay to ship it back and I’m jumping through hoops to get my money back.

    They will not give anyone a phone number for their billing department and require 4 to 6 weeks to process a return!

    I would not encourage anyone to deal with this company!

  15. Andrea

    I was very curious about the Perricone Sub-D cream for the neck and finally succumbed to purchasing when I received a department store gift certificate that defrayed part of the ridiculously high cost. Just like another person’s comment above, I used the product with no problem (and no results) for about a month when developed a very itchy rash that was difficult to clear up. When it finally healed, I waited a couple of weeks and tried the cream one more time, hoping it was not the cause. It was. I won’t use this stuff again.

  16. samin

    I ordered the neck cream kit to try his products. I did not see any changes and the product was smelly.

    The bigger problem came later when I received another package that I never ordered. I called them and they tolled me I can return it. Who has the time to go to post office to return it. Anyway I have filled a dispute….let see. If you want to buy it, buy it from only. I never buy his products anymore.

  17. Diana

    I just started using the cold plasma eye cream, I am a 51 yr young woman with very dry skin and dark circles under my eyes, when I put on concealer it does not blend well due to dryness. I just started using this cream twice daily and so far it feels better, but I am still not sold that it works. I will try for a few months and return with a verdict.

  18. Susan Trear

    I will take responsibility for not following their pricing when I first purchased, however: Ordered first “kit” in January 2014, a “3-mo supply” of items, for $99.95. Then was billed additional $79.95 in February and again in March. So, a 3-mo supply (one kit) will actually cost you around $260.00. Too much for a retired person I’m afraid. No complaints about the products; they seem pretty good, but too pricey. There are other effective product lines I believe.

  19. Pat

    This product not only did not provide the skin care results it touted – there were repeated charges over months that are still unresolved for over $1400.00 for product I never reveived nor wanted. Perricone was unwilling to stand by their products, accept returns of product and issue the appropriate credits.
    Not a reputable company – wouldn’t recommend anyone purchase anything from them.

    • Tommy


      Have you ever received your refund? I am having the same issue with something that my wife purchased and the told her 4-6 weeks for the credit to show but I don’t believe it will happen.

  20. Page

    Perricone products are pleasant and do a good job top keep the skin soft and hydrated. Sometimes I’m lazy and forget to use the evening cream. I can see the difference in my skin when I forget to apply this product. I have tried many products, spend thousands of dollars. Finally found a range my sensitive skin agrees with. Expensive products but a small amount goes a long long way.

  21. RH

    I used the Sub-D neck area cream and liked it at first, but after about a month I had an adverse reaction to it. My neck turned red from a very itchy rash which lasted 3days after I stopped using it. The extreme night cream hasn’t caused me any problems, nor has the daytime facelift cream, and they both seem to keep my skin soft. My favorite product is the No Foundation Foundation – now that is awesome. My overall opinion is that his products are good, but not any better than Murad products.

  22. Paula

    I love the way it makes the skin feel. i have been using perricone sub d for two years. The best thing about the product is the texture. It hydrates but it leaves a matt finish. My skin feels soft and smooth every time i use it. I would like to try other products like the cold plasma range but i just cannot afford it.

  23. Heather

    recently read about the dr perricone diet. i am not sure if i can follow this but i will try. using perricone sub d, cold plasma , no foundation foundation, and face finishing moisturizer. perricone skin care products feel great on my face. they are high end products so expect to pay more.

  24. Stella

    Okay, after reading this review I bought both the Targeted and Corrective Skin Care Regiments to try. So I am using all o the following products:
    Targed Skin Care regimen with Cold Plasma, High Potency Eveniong Repair and Advanced Eye Area Therapy. I also added Ntritive Cleanser., Formula 15 and Face Finishing Moisturizer.
    Perricone skin care products are expensive but I have read good things about them.

  25. Sabrina

    Great products. I trust Doctor Perricone MD with my skin care needs. I am not sure if it just me or everybody has the same experience with Perricone skin care products. The Cold Plasma Eye Cream is out of this world. Great product.

  26. Peter

    I have been using Perricone skin care product for several years and people keep telling me I have beautiful skin. Yes the products are expansive but they are well worth it because they use higher grade ingredients that actually work.

  27. Gina

    Just one word describes perricone md products perfectly: WOW.
    Go straight for the super cold plasma cream.
    Buy online from perricone directly so you know it is fresh. No outdated skin care please. Especially with cold plasma because of the types of ingredients.

  28. Jane

    Perricone Cold Plasma is my favorite skin care product. I like the way my skin looks. Not sure if it is the same as blue plasma but I think they are based on the same concept. It is a very expensive product but it is worth the investment each money. I also follow diet tips from Perricone and believe in the anti inflammation diet.

  29. Zara

    I am 34 and have been using Perricone skin care products for years. I am a big fan of the plasma cream and use it to prevent wrinkles. I also have a small dose of botox every 3rd month – purely for preventative measures. I apply a sunscreen in the morning if I am going out into the sun. I do not go to the beach or do anything that would cause long term harm and aging to my skin. Perricone product works well, i have noticed a difference with the lines around my mouth, they are not as noticeable as they were.

  30. Perricone Review

    I am so glad to see this review on Perricone skin care. I’m a big fan of Dr Perricone anti aging products I agree with the review above about cold plasma and it is definitely the best wrinkle cream you can buy – if you can afford it. I get tons of positive comments on my skin so I definitely know how to take care of it and which products to use.

  31. Nicky

    Perricone MD cold plasma, blue plasma and photo plasma are the best skin care creams and serums. Perricone MD is expensive but they are very advanced skin care products. Spend the extra $$$ and buy Perricone instead of cheap creams that will do nothing for your skin.

  32. Jacinta

    Perricone MD Cold Plasma Sub D is probably the most innovative product and ten years ahead of other products. I am a big fan Perricone and his anti inflammatory diet and not only did it change my skin but it changed my life. Try the Perricone diet if you havent already and you will appreciate what I’m talking about. They have also released their own super foods called super by Perricone. Read the book if you haven’t already. During the day I recommend using it with the Face Finishing Moisturizer.

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