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In 2002, The American Academy of Dermatology held a research conference where they demonstrated the manner in which peptides could firm the skin and stimulate collagen production. Ever since, peptide creams have been all the rage in skin care manufacturing. With all of the peptide creams on the market, it can be difficult to know which cream will be right for you. The important thing to keep in mind when selecting a peptide cream is understanding what the right cream can do for you. There are five main types of peptide creams, and it may surprise you to know that not all of them work in the same way.

What peptide cream should I use? Below is a list of the more commonly used peptides in skin care today.

Palmitoyl Pentapeptide-3

One of the oldest and most researched forms of peptide, this cream has been proven to stimulate collagen and fibronectin production in the body, both of which play an important role in the health of your skin. Collagen helps make your skin stronger and more resilient, while fibronectin enhances your skin by stimulating cell growth.

Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide-7

The name may sound similar to the above-mentioned cream, but these two peptides have very different uses. Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide-7 is used to reduce inflammation on the skin. Conditions like sun damage, internal stress, or even pollution can all cause the skin to look worn and weathered. This inflammation can lead to premature wrinkles and skin damage. Most Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide-7 creams come in nighttime rejuvenating formulas so that your skin heals better while you are asleep, instead of when you are in the office or outside, where you continuously encounter pathogens.

Acetyl Hexapeptide-3

This peptide cream is commonly known as Argireline, and is touted to have the same effects as Botox. Argireline works in the same way as Botox, by inhibiting some muscle function, thus helping to lift and shape the skin. This peptide cream has been so effective that some patients experience very visible results that can diminish the appearance of wrinkles by as much as 30%. The one difficulty that many patients have with Argireline creams is that they do not always penetrate to the deeper layers of the skin. The results can be more superficial that Botox, but many patients still swear by it. To experience the best outcome with this type of peptide cream, choosing an Argireline cream or serum with a concentration of more than 10 percent will yield the best outcomes.

Palmitoyl Oligopeptide

Human fibroblasts are the collagen-producing cells that exist in the lower layers of the skin, called the dermis. These cells reduce their production of collagen as a person ages, limiting the body’s ability to lift the skin. This change in collagen production plays a big role in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Palmitoyl Oligopeptide is designed to stimulate these deep cells into producing more collagen. When used twice a day for at least six months, many users have experienced firmer and tighter skin.


Maytrixyl-3000 is relatively new on the market. This peptide combines Palmitoyl Oligopeptide and Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide-7 in an effort to further stimulate the human fibroblasts that control collagen production in the body. Because Maytrixyl-3000 is new to the market, there isn’t a lot of research to accompany this chemical compound’s long term effects on the skin, but it does contain additional antioxidants that should help users see dramatic results in skin quality.

With all the peptide creams on the market, it is always best to talk to your doctor so that you can choose the cream that will be right for your goals. Whenever you begin a peptide cream regimen, make sure that you are consistent. If the label says to use twice a day, follow the label for best results. Finally, be patient. Peptide creams are not like plastic surgery, and don’t show immediate effects. The real effects of most peptide creams take about six months to achieve.

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  1. Adriana

    I’m using a peptide cream for wrinkles and it is very effective. My dermatologist had recommended me a peptide cream and I bought a special peptide cream with Hyaluronic acid. It is a peptide cream with serum. It is better than the traditional collagen creams, which are ineffective and expensive. Peptides are smaller molecule proteins. Since the collagen in peptide creams is small, it has superior absorption dynamics, able to penetrate the dermis and can be utilized to improve skin quality. Intact collagen proteins, such as contained in typical collagen creams, cannot improve skin quality. My cream is a powerful anti-aging wrinkle cream with six potent Peptides. It contains Argireline (Acetyl Hexapeptide), Matrixyl, and Hyaluronic moisturizer. It is stronger than Vitamin C and faster than Retinol. It reduces wrinkles, builds collagen and increases skin elasticity. It does not contain parabens or sulfates. While peptides are found in a variety of products, ranging from affordable to the very expensive, you don’t have to get the most expensive skin care product in order to reap their benefits.

  2. Cierra

    I have received a peptide cream as a gift from a colleague. She told me that it’s a great product and will do wonders for my skin. I have searched online and found that peptide can be used as a face cream. A peptide cream can also be used for the face. There are also some wrinkle creams which contain copper peptide. Peptides help to firm the skin and also stimulate the production of collagen. Collagen helps to make the skin strong and more resilient. Peptide creams can lead to tighter skin.

  3. Hannah

    I had very high hopes for peptide creams because all the claims skin care companies make about these marvelous peptides but after trying two different peptide creams i have not seen a result. I know there are many different types of peptides. What is the best peptide for wrinkles? Is there a brand that you have used that you know works well for aging skin?

  4. Anonymous

    All good wrinkle creams have peptides. yes peptides are drying by nature. I apply paw paw ointment onto my face and i have no problems with dry skin.

  5. Symasheikh

    Hii um 38 years old .. I need best antiaging cream having good amount of peptides AHA nd BHA.. To build collagen kindly contact me…

  6. Darren

    I am using a peptide cream daily that was made by the chemist for me.
    Not sure how it works but I have been told it works the same as Botox.
    Never had botox so I cannot compare but I have not seen any miracle results.

  7. Jessica

    I recently purchased a peptide cream but found it to be too drying.
    Do peptide creams dry the skin out because of the nature of the ingredients or was it could it be that the cream I was using wasn’t hydrating enough? What is the best peptide cream? Are there eye peptide creams?

  8. Alexa

    I have heard really good things about peptide creams.
    Apparently these ingredients actually do work but you need to find the right peptides.
    Also make sure they are derived from plants and not animals.
    I know peptides are different but I found there were peptides from animals.

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