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Oz Naturals Review: Company and Ingredient Overview

Oz Naturals is a skin care company that focuses on natural anti-aging solutions, for healthy skin, and for prevention against future skin damage. The company currently carries less than half a dozen products that include a vitamin C serum and hyaluronic acid. Oz Naturals are made in the United States and the products are available to U.S. customers only. If you have sensitive skin that has responded negatively in the past to products that contain paraben-based preservatives, artificial colors, or ingredients that create fragrance, these skin care items may be a viable alternative, as they contain none of these elements. While the skin care lineup from Oz Naturals is limited, you may be able to replace other items in your skin care kit that are similar to these products but contain ingredients that are not beneficial to your skin.

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About Oz Naturals

Oz Naturals was founded in Florida by licensed esthetician Angela Irish, who started the company when other skin care products weren’t giving her the kind of results she was looking for and many of the chemicals that are present in over-the-counter products were making her skin look and feel irritated. Oz Naturals Products are produced in a lab that has been certified by the FDA, and the lineup features limited products because they are not mass produced. However, those who are looking for all-natural or organic skin care products should keep in mind that even though the production facilities have been certified by the FDA, none of the items in the collection have been certified organic. Also, keep in mind that contrary to popular belief, Oz Naturals is not affiliated with TV personality Dr. Oz, and is a completely unrelated company.

Discover the Best Skin Care Products of 2017

Price and Purchasing Information

Oz Naturals products are available directly from the company website and from several online e-commerce sites as well. Authorized resellers are limited, as it is the company’s goal to offer their customers the freshest products possible.

The price of Oz Naturals products range from about $20-$30 for one fluid ounce, with the Oz Naturals Vitamin C serum being the most costly. These prices allow almost anyone the chance to try the products with minimal financial risk and add them to their skin care kit as often as they need to. If you are comparing products that are similar to those in the Oz Naturals product lineup by their ingredients, the process should be simple, as the ingredient lists are brief.

Oz Naturals Ingredients

Many of the Company’s products, like Oz Naturals eye cream, for example, include a number of all-natural ingredients. Some of the more common ingredients are vitamin C, which is a powerful antioxidant for the skin, boosts collagen production, and protects the skin from free radical; hyaluronic acid, which hydrates the skin and allows it to draw in and retain moisture; and organic jojoba oil, which smooths and improves the texture of the skin’s surface.

Keep in mind that Oz Naturals products do contain phenoxyethanol, which is a preservative; however, it is not paraben-based and has a low instance of causing allergic reactions in the skin. If you have never used a product that contains these ingredients and are not sure how they might affect your skin, consult your dermatologist before you make your purchase.

Oz Naturals Shipping and Returns

Shipping to all fifty states within the U.S. is offered by Oz Naturals, and physical addresses and P.O. /APO are all accepted. The company does not offer free shipping, but all items are insured at no cost to the customer. Returns are accepted within thirty days of purchase, but only on unused items that are still in their original packages, and exchanges or refunds on used products are not honored. Customers who want to return Oz Naturals products must request a return authorization from the company and pay for the return shipping as well before any refunds are processed.


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  1. Annette Connelly

    I have been using the Vitamin C and the Hyaluronic Acid for about a month now and I LOVE these products. They soak into the skin and don’t leave any sticky residue behind. I just ordered the Retinal Cream and can’t wait to try that too. Honestly, I’ve tried every price range in beauty products and by far I have found these products to be the best. Thanks so much for making a good, well priced product for the middle aged woman!!!

  2. Bonnie Beitz

    What determines the different coloured labels on Oz Naturals products. I have a blue label eye gel and a green label moisturizing serum. I’ve seen other colours online as well. Thank you.

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