Oxygenetix Foundation

Oxgenetix Foundation is the foundation that claims to be the cosmetic industrys first breathable makeup. Created with a formulation proven to increase oxygen levels in skin and promote skin cell regeneration, the Oxgenetix Foundation promises to naturally cover and quickly heal, making it one of the most intriguing foundations available on the market today.

Oxygenetix Foundation Overview

On the surface, the Oxgenetix Foundation is a foundation designed to provide breathable coverage that helps to heal and treat while concealing. This interesting Oxgenetix Foundation was created specifically for the medical space, enabling doctors to provide patients with  coverage and healing of common skin injuries like wounds and rashes, dry and irritated skin, rosacea and eczema, and a host of other skin concerns. The breathableaspect of the Oxgenetix Foundation helps to promote healing and stimulate collagen grown while providing skin with coverage that promises to leave the skin condition virtually undetectable. Think of the Oxgenetix Foundation foundation a second-skin that covers without comprising the healing process.

The patent-pending formulation of the Oxgenetix Foundation is where this product shines. First containing an innovative Ceravitae complex, the Oxgenetix Foundation directly targets the collagen and connective tissues in skin, stimulating both to speed up recovery and healing time. This system directly results in a decrease of scar tissue, a faster recovery, and leaving no period of time where skin is exposed or uncovered. The Oxgenetix Foundation also contains a generous dose of SPF 25 which helps to protect skin from harmful rays of the sun. The rest of the Oxgenetix Foundation formulation is super gentle, leaving out skin irritating ingredients and catering to the most sensitive skin types. The Oxgenetix Foundation is also cruelty-free and vegan which is another highlight of this foundation.

The Oxgenetix Foundation is currently available in 14 water and transfer resistance shades designed for optimal blending and color correcting. Within this extended Oxgenetix Foundation shade range, there is an option for a wide variety of skin tones ranging from very pale to very dark. Whats also great about the Oxgenetix Foundation shades, is the brand takes into account the unique undertones of skin and have created foundation shades accordingly. Youll find seven shades of blue based Oxgenetix Foundation, starting with Pearl and ending with Mahogany, and seven shades of yellow based foundations, starting with Opal and ending with Chakra. The Oxgenetix Foundation works best with ongoing use and to experience the best results, try applying it directly after using the Oxgenetix moisturizer.

Oxgenetix Foundation Reviews

Like many medically advanced foundations, the Oxgenetix Foundation comes with a steep price tag that leaves it more susceptible to critiques. Most people who opt to try the Oxgenetix Foundation are recovering from mild to serious skin complications and are particularly looking for a foundation that provides full coverage, with breathability taking a backseat. For this reason, the Oxgenetix Foundation reviews are vastly varied. For those with more serious skin conditions looking for superior coverage, Oxgenetix Foundation reviews claim the foundation falls a bit short. A large group of users felt the Oxgenetix Foundation just couldnt provide the intense coverage that more serious skin issues needed. Other common Oxgenetix Foundation reviews compare the Oxgenetix Foundation to other medical options and find that performance doesnt measure up, even with the Oxgenetix Foundations increased price tag. On the opposite end of the spectrum, those with more minimal skin concerns generally tend to like the Oxgenetix Foundation. Within this group of users, youll commonly find Oxgenetix Foundation reviews that appreciate the coverage, texture, and long lasting wear of the foundation. Youll also commonly find Oxgenetix Foundation reviews that celebrate the gentleness of the formula with people with sensitive skin using this foundation with success. Overall, while the Oxgenetix Foundation has a good idea behind it, it doesnt seem to be designed for those who need superior full coverage. If youre battling simple skin concerns like rosacea, acne, or blemishes, this would be a great option for you.


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