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Osmosis Skin Care Overview                                                                                                     

Osmosis Skin Care carries a complete line of skin care products, cosmetics, and wellness products that are chemical free. The company’s mission is to provide customers with a full range of skin and beauty solutions that enhance the appearance of aging skin and fight the effects of harsh commercial chemicals. More specifically, Osmosis Skin Care carries products that address collagen loss, scarring, and sun damage. The company was founded by Dr. Ben Johnson, an American physician who wanted to make a line of skin care products designed to heal damaged skin without causing inflammation or further damage.

Osmosis Skin Care Lines

The company carries a wide range of skin care products, such as serums, facial moisturizers, and facial cleansers. Beauty products in the Osmosis Skin Care line include items like eye shadow, concealers and foundation. A limited selection of supplements is also available, for those interested in a more comprehensive skin care routine. The company also offers private label solutions to skin care specialists, whereby Osmosis Skin Care products are sold under a different brand name.

Purchasing Osmosis Skin Care Products

Customers who wish to purchase any Osmosis products cannot do so online or at any major retailer. The company only sells to those who have set up an authorized or wholesale account on their website and has signed a contract agreeing to sell their product. In order to find Osmosis Skin Care products, customers need to use the locator map on the company website to find an authorized dealer in their area. While the company acknowledges that some of their products are being sold online, they do not authorize nor guarantee the efficacy of these products.

Osmosis Skin Care Website

Osmosis Skin Care Products are only sold within the U.S. Potential customers can browse the website and first choose products that fit their skin type, before they find an authorized dealer. Of course, keep in mind that you won’t be able to purchase the products right then and there, which can be inconvenient for some shoppers. Unfortunately, the website does not provide Osmosis Skin Care reviews, which could otherwise be helpful in the product selection process.

While no end-use customer can buy Osmosis Skin Care products directly from the website, photos and descriptions of each product are available via a sidebar menu on the site. From there, customers can read about the product, how it might help their individual skin problem, how the product works, as well as instructions for use.

Some product links feature videos where Dr. Johnson explains the science behind them, which may be helpful to some users, although not as helpful as Osmosis Skin Care reviews would be from other customers. For many people, having access to reviews is an important part of the purchasing decision, as it gives a more comprehensive understanding of the average person’s experiences with the products.

Osmosis Skin Care Shipping Policies

Any order up to $499.99 is subject to a flat shipping fee of $15.00, although the final cost of shipping may vary depending on the final weight of the package. The company only ships to physical U.S. addresses. Same-day shipping is available, but orders must be placed before 2 p.m. and may be subject to additional shipping fees. Anyone wishing to order products from Osmosis Skin Care must first become an authorized dealer.

Return Policies

Because Osmosis Skin Care products can only be bought through authorized or wholesale dealers, returns are made at the discretion of those dealers and may not be sent back to the company. New wholesale accounts may return all or part of an order within thirty days of purchase and with prior approval. Any returns made by either an authorized or wholesale account will be charged a 25% restocking fee. Products purchased through an unauthorized dealer, either online or through any other means, cannot be returned by the purchaser for any reason, as these are not guaranteed or authorized by Osmosis Skin Care.

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