Neck Wrinkles

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How to Get Rid of Neck Wrinkles

Sagging skin is a common aspect of aging, but unlike wrinkles on the face, which show themselves in fine lines and skin folds, neck wrinkles can be much more exaggerated and can make you look (and feel) much older than you really are. Various creams and professional skin care treatments are available to treat this condition, but with all the available options, it can be tough to make the best choice. To understand how to get rid of neck wrinkles, it’s important to first understand how and why they form.

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How Neck Wrinkles Develop

Overall, wrinkles tend to first develop where the skin is exposed to the harsh effects of the environment, such as on the hands and face. Another area where skin is often exposed, yet we do not think about it until after we see the signs of aging skin, is on our necks. Once they are formed, neck wrinkles and sagging skin in the area is very difficult to deal with, making prevention a key aspect of treatment. This is because the skin on the neck often becomes thicker than what is ideal, and is a part of the body that is in constant motion, causing the skin to stretch.

Every time you swallow, turn your head, or speak, the neck is moving and stretching the skin with it. Repetitive gestures, when combined with sun damage, can cause deep lines and wrinkles on this area of the body.

Horizontal versus Vertical Neck Wrinkles

When it comes to neck wrinkles, two distinct types must be addressed. The first are horizontal wrinkles, which generally occur as a result of collagen deficiency. Collagen is a natural element present in our skin that keeps it firm, and gives it a smooth, plump appearance. The production of collagen tends to diminish over time due to hormonal changes in the body and environmental hazards, such as damage from the sun.

Vertical neck wrinkles are more problematic, because they are often deep in the skin and develop over a long period of time. Vertical creases on the skin are often due to keeping the head in the same position over long periods of time, which usually occurs when working with a computer or when you sleep. Because most people cannot control their actions when they sleep, these are often the most difficult neck wrinkles to prevent. Long-term exposure to the sun combined with long periods of staying in the same position, make decreasing vertical wrinkles difficult.

Neck Wrinkle Treatment Options

Once you are aware of which specific type of problem you have, you will need to decide on how to get rid of neck wrinkles. For starters, begin by using a moisturizer with sun block. The sun, although it feels great on the skin, is bad for your skin and can lead to dark spots on face and neck. It also breaks down collagen production, making it harder for your skin to retain moisture. Although this may not immediately treat your current neck wrinkles, it will certainly slow their development in the future. After you have your skin properly moisturized, you may choose to pursue topical treatments or quick fixes with cosmetic surgery.

Topical Treatments

Search for moisturizing creams that will improve collagen production in your skin and support elastin strength. For example, creams with vitamin C can help stimulate collagen while fighting damage-causing free radicals. Collagen keeps the skin tight, giving it a firmness to it that should be apparent with the naked eye. Elastin is the substance that gives skin elasticity, helping it snap back into shape. Your skin care products may also include retinol, a vitamin A derivative, which boosts collagen production in the skin when applied topically. Also, search for alpha hydroxy acids, which help cell turnover to reveal younger looking skin and attract moisture to the skin. The added moisture plumps up the skin and helps you get rid of neck wrinkles.

Cosmetic Procedures

Cosmetic surgery is another solution to get rid of neck wrinkles, but all such cosmetic procedures carry the possibility of side effects, and sometimes lengthy recovery times. Among more common treatments, there is fractionated resurfacing, which removes excess skin, thus diminishing the appearance of wrinkles. If you have sagging skin, platysmaplasty is an option, in which a neck lift is performed by making incisions, stretching your skin, and anchoring it just beneath your chin.

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    I’m 57 and my neck looks soo bad! I had a goiter on it years back and when it went down it seemed to make the skin on my neck look like an accordion! Now years later between that and the aging my neck to me look like crepe paper! I go out and look at creams and I have no idea what could even help me. I don’t have a bunch of money to spend on plastic surgery or for that matter not sure I can afford a dermatologist either.

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