Missha BB Cream

Although just arriving here in the states a few years ago, BB Creams have been popular in the Asian beauty scene for much longer. While many brands have a BB cream or two in their cosmetic line up, none are quite as extensive as the Missha BB Cream series. With an overwhelming variety of BB creams for various skin types, levels of protection, and skin care options, Missha BB Cream offers some of the best selling BB creams on the market today.

Types of Missha BB Cream 

Being the BB Cream experts of sorts, the Missha BB Creams has quite the impressive collection available. The Missha BB Cream that will work best for you will depend on your skin type, skin needs, and personal preferences. We’ve broken down each of the main Missha BB Creams including the skin benefits and main ingredients so you can figure out the right product for your skin.

M Perfect Cover BB Cream SPF 42 PA+++ Missha BB Cream: Easily the most popular of the extensive Missha BB Cream line, this BB Cream was created to help soothe skin after laser treatment. Formulated with a number of key natural ingredients like chamomile and rosemary extract, the M Perfect Cover Missha BB Cream works to regenerate skin while providing sun protection, reducing the appearance of fine lines, and fighting wrinkles. This Missha BB Cream also contains the normal ingredients found in many moisturizers such as hyaluronic acid to provide hydration and ceramide to help retain moisture. The M Perfect Cover Missha BB Cream delivers a lightweight coverage that is available in 5 shades, which is the most of all the Missha BB Cream lines. The M Perfect Cover Missha BB Cream is a universal product that any and all skin types can use successfully.

M Signature Real Complete BB Cream SPF 25 PA+++ Missha BB Cream: The M Signature Missha BB Cream is probably the most sensitive of the Missha BB Cream line. Hypoallergenic, noncomedogenic, and formulated without parabens, alcohol, and mineral oil, this Missha BB Cream is the best option for people with acne prone or sensitive skin. The complex formula includes an intense botanical blend of over 50 natural extracts including lavender extract for its anti-bacterial properties and chamomile extract to soothe the skin. Offering an impressive 12-hour natural coverage, the M Signature Missha BB Cream works to blur skin imperfections and even skin tone. The M Signature Missha BB Cream is available in 4 shades ranging from very pale to light-medium. It is also the only Missha BB Cream to with EcoCert certification.

Signature Complexion Coordinating BB SPF 43 PA+++ No.1 Missha BB Cream: This one shade Missha BB Cream has a two tier system designed to brighten skin and leave you with a healthy luminous complexion after use. The Signature Complexion No.1 Missha BB Cream uses an inner system that works to brighten, firm, moisturize, and soothe while the outer system works to improve skin tone, correct flaws, and even skin texture. This Signature Complexion Missha BB Cream will work well for those with a pale to light skin tone.

Signature Complexion Coordinating BB SPF 43 PA+++ No.2 Missha BB Cream: The sister product to the Signature Complexion No. 1 Missha BB Cream, this cream also uses the same two tier system to correct flaws and smooth skin. This Signature Complexion Missha BB Cream will work best for those with light to medium skin tone.

M Magic Cushion SPF 50+ PA+++ Missha BB Cream: Using the increasingly popular cushion technology, the M Magic Cushion Missha BB Cream offers seamless coverage that lasts all day. Formulated with ultra hydrating ingredients like bamboo water and baobab extract, this Missha BB Cream is the most moisturizing of the line. Available in 3 shades, the M Magic Cushion Missha BB Cream delivers a lightweight flawless coverage with a dewy finish.

Signature Essence Cushion SPF50+ PA+++ Missha BB Cream: The second cushion Missha BB Cream, the Signature Essence is the cream of choice for this interested in anti-aging benefits. Providing intense hydration and sun protection, this Missha BB Cream delivers long lasting coverage with a radiant finish. The mineral rich formulation of the Signature Essence Cushion Missha BB Cream contains birch sap for hydration, raffinose to replenish moisture, hyaluronic acid to moisturize the skin, and a Phyto Cooling Complex to refresh the skin with each use.

Missha BB Cream Review

With such an expansive line of Missha BB Cream to choose from, a Missha BB Cream review whether positive or negative vary depending upon the specific type. Being the most popular and best selling, the most common Missha BB Cream review is regarding the M Perfect Cover Missha BB Cream. The general M Perfect Cover Missha BB Cream review express disappointment in the limited shade range and also feel this isn’t a great option for those with sensitive skin. Other complaints are that the M Perfect Missha BB Cream tends to oxidize on skin and doesn’t deliver on its promises. Overall, be sure to do your research on each Missha BB Cream thoroughly before making a decision so you can ensure you’re getting the product that is right for you.


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