Mary Lou Manizer

Nothing completes a perfect makeup application like an illuminator. This one simple step in your routine can take your look from ehh to awesome with one simple sweep. The Mary Lou Manizer is the illuminator that takes that sweep and multiplies it by three, making it the versatile illuminator to have in your makeup stash.

Mary Lou Manizer Overview

So what is the Mary Lou Manizer exactly? If you catch the cute play on words, the name speaks for itself. Created by the quirky cosmetics company, The Balm, which is known for its multipurpose beauty products, the Mary Lou Manizer is an eye-catching, luminizing powder. Essentially, the Mary Lou Manizer is a three in one product that works to diffuse light, leaving you with softer, younger skin that looks like it’s glowing from the inside out.

The secret behind the Mary Lou Manizer is its quaint formulation that contains a number of light-reflecting silica pigments. These pigments work within the Mary Lou Manizer luminizing powder to help conceal skin imperfections like blemishes and fine lines. The light golden honey shade of the Mary Lou Manizer helps provides skin with a translucent shimmer that translates well on virtually every skin tone. The Mary Lou Manizer is packaged in a convenient compact making it a great product for travel and touchups throughout the day.

How to Use the Mary Lou Manizer

Aside from its gorgeous honey color, what really makes the Mary Lou Manizer so special is it versatility. The Mary Lou Manizer can be used as a highlighter, eyeshadow, or illuminator. Where ever it is that you’re looking to add brightness and shimmer, the Mary Lou Manizer will give you the radiance you desire while also providing skin with a soft glow.

To use the Mary Lou Manizer as a highlighter, it is best applied using a soft blush brush. After your foundation and any other makeup is applied, lightly apply the Mary Lou Manizer to the areas of your face you are looking to highlight. If you’re not sure where to start, at the very least apply the Mary Lou Manizer to areas where the light naturally hits your skin. This includes areas like the top of your cheekbones, the middle of your forehead, chin, and even down the bridge of your nose. By applying the Mary Lou Manizer as a highlighter in these areas, it will give your skin a radiant glow. To use the Mary Lou Manizer as an eyeshadow, you can use either a standard eyeshadow brush or opt to use your fingers for application. Starting off light and building your way up, apply the Mary Lou Manizer to your eye lids for a luxuriously shimmery look. You can even use the Mary Lou Manizer in the inner corner of your eyes to add a pop of shimmer or brightness to your look. To use the Mary Lou Manizer as an illuminator, take a fluffy powder brush and gently swirl into the product. Sweep the Mary Lou Manizer all over your finished makeup application to achieve a perfectly subtle finishing glow that will last all night.

Mary Lou Manizer Review

The Mary Lou Manizer like many of The Balm products is highly recommended. You’d be hard pressed to find a negative Mary Lou Manizer review when it comes to the luminizer that performs just as well as it looks. The most popular Mary Lou Manizer review is simple with most people exclaiming it’s the best highlighter they have ever used and highly recommend it. Other common Mary Lou Manizer reviews celebrate the luminizing powder for being highly pigmented and has lasting power both on the skin and in the pan. A little goes a long way. The soft, light reflecting, formula is another popular Mary Lou Manizer review, as well as praise for the Mary Lou Manizer being such a versatile powder that works for a variety of skin tones and types.


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