Mary Kay Primer

Mary Kay is an iconic brand in the beauty industry with a line packed with a number of solid makeup and skincare products. With some of its products are more extensive than others, you can be sure if there is a cosmetic product on the market, Mary Kay has created a version as part of its line. As far as primers are concerned, there is just one, the Mary Kay Primer with Broad Spectrum SPF 15 designed to perfect, prime, and protect.

Mary Kay Primer Overview

The Mary Kay Primer is your standard makeup primer that is created to prep the skin for foundation application. Like most primers, the ultimate goal of the Mary Kay primer is to provide an effortless and flawless foundation and extend the life of your makeup application throughout the day. The Mary Kay Primer in particularly is lightweight product that works to diffuse light, absorb oil, and improve the appearance of the skin. Its gel like texture applies smoothly to skin and dries down to a soft matte finish.

The Mary Kay Primer has a pretty typical formulation with its main attribute being the sun protection in the form of broad spectrum SPF 15. This broad spectrum sun protection protects from both UVB and UVA rays and offers a bit of anti-aging benefits as well. The Mary Kay Primer is also rich in minerals and contains a number of skin conditioning ingredients. One of the main ingredients in the Mary Kay Primer is silica. A staple in many cosmetic products, silica is a diffuser that directly works to improve the skins appearance by visibly reducing skin imperfections. The silica in the Mary Kay Primer also works to absorb oil which assists in extending the wear of foundation, keeping makeup fresh longer and reducing fading throughout the day. The Mary Kay Primer is a dermatologist-tested and non-comedogenic product which means it wont clog pores and its also void of many of the other skin known skin irritants that are found in makeup products. While the Mary Kay Primer contains a few ingredients that are good for skin, for a primer it does seem to lack some of the more common skin care benefits. The Mary Kay Primer doesnt boast any hydrating properties or additional anti-aging benefits aside from the minimal sun protection. The Mary Kay Primer also lacks common ingredients like anti-oxidants or other nutrients. All of these skin benefitting ingredients are typically found in most primers and are generally what gives primers their appeal.

Where some may be disappointed in such a basic formula, the upside to Mary Kay Primers simple formulation is that it allows it to work well for all skin types. The Mary Kay Primer is also translucent so it works on all skin tones as well. The Mary Kay Primer is best applied with fingertips as the first step in your makeup application directly after the last step in your skincare routine.

Mary Kay Primer Review

Much like its formula, many of the Mary Kay Primer reviews feel the product is average. As far as working to create a smooth foundation for skin, some users report it does an okay job while others have reported seeing little to no difference in the skins appearance after using the Mary Kay Primer. When it comes to helping extend the wear time of foundation, the Mary Kay primer reviews are torn as well. Some people have reported that the primer has significantly increased the amount of time that foundation stays fresh while others have reported in the same fashion that it hasnt helped at all. It seems as if the only Mary Kay review that could be agreed upon is that it doesnt seem to work well for those with oily or combination skin. People with these skin types have consistently noted difficulty with the product staying matte.


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