Magic Minerals

Magic Minerals is the popular mineral makeup that has taken the as seen on TVbeauty world by storm. Created by celebrated international beauty visionary Jerome Alexander, the iconic makeup artist wanted to a create cosmetic product that was as high performing as it was unique. The result was the Magic Minerals by Jerome Alexandar, an innovative multitasking foundation compact that doesnt compromise on performance or quality.

Magic Minerals Overview

Magic Minerals is the international makeup artists breakthrough foundation product that works to cover and conceal in one convenient compact. Magic Minerals by Jerome Alexander is the mineral foundation promises to conceal the most common skin imperfections such as blemishes, age spots, fine lines, and even help even your skins complexion. After concealing skin imperfections, the Magic Minerals foundation covers skin leaving a smooth and flawless appearance that looks and feels natural.

The science behind the Magic Minerals magic is its unique color correcting formula. The Magic Minerals uses four color correctors within its super fine micronized powder formulation. Magic Minerals infuses lavender to help correct sallowness in skin complexion, pink to brighten the skins appearance, yellow to conceal dark circles, and mint to neutralize redness and coverage breakouts. All of these color correctors work within the Magic Minerals foundation to provide coverage that not only conceals and covers skin imperfections but works to correct them as well. In addition to the color correctors within the Magic Minerals foundation, the formula also contains a natural SPF which helps to provide some sun protection as well.  The Magic Minerals  provides some addition skin protection with the inclusion of some antioxidants and vitamin C which work within the foundation to protect against free radicals. Finally, the Magic Minerals leaves out some of the more skin irritating ingredients and is talc and fragrance free. The Magic Minerals foundation is also hypoallergenic and should work well for all skin types including sensitive.

The Magic Minerals by Jerome Alexander foundation is available in what the brand claims is one universal translucent powder that will adjust to all skin tones. It has an extremely lightweight texture that allows the Magic Minerals to glide effortlessly onto skin without looking cakey or settling into fine lines or wrinkles. The flawless coverage of the Magic Minerals is expected to last all day with the brand advising you can achieve an impressive 12 hours of wear. The Magic Minerals is designed to be worn in replacement of your normal foundation, concealer, corrector, and finishing powder, so there is no need to apply additional products on top of this foundation.

Magic Minerals Reviews

When it comes to foundation, its hard to imagine a product like the Magic Minerals, available in only one shade and designed to be used without any additional products is possible. But when you take a look at the Magic Minerals reviews, youd find not only is it possible but people have tried and can attest to its wonders. The majority of the Magic Minerals reviews exclaim that the foundation is pure magic. They highlight the Magic Minerals ability to provide coverage that is able to cover skin discolorations and imperfections while simultaneously working to correct skin tones. Many of the Magic Minerals reviews agree that applying the powder foundation you really dont need to go in with a foundation or other concealer or correcting product on type. Along with the rave Magic Minerals reviews regarding the correcting and concealing properties of the Magic Minerals foundation, people have also applauded the foundation for feeling so lightweight on skin and holding up throughout the day. It appears that from the diversity of the Magic Minerals reviews that the foundation indeed is universal and not only works for all skin tones but performs well on all skin types as well. Overall, each and every Magic Minerals review celebrates the foundation for performing well and living up to its claims of being the all in one foundation product to try.


  1. C Larsen

    Love love this product! A friend gave me all hers and I wear it every day! I’m 60 and people think I’m mid 40’s! My complexion seems flawless! I seriosly get complements on my skin!
    I’m a bare minerals gal from the start …till I found this product!

  2. Renee Johnson

    I used this products one time at 1pm)in the afternoon, And wiped off before bed there was little residue on the towel,so I went to bed ,woke ip at 1:20am and looked at my face in mirror it had a beautiful glow to it and my spots were looking like they were diminishing, I’m going to keep you guys posted,but so far I can’t believe this ,,,all the money I’ve spent on failed products I’m praying this one is the answer,

    • Shelly Binkley

      I just checked ingredients and as I thought not healthy. What we put on our skin does go into us. If they have changed the ingredients (and I doubt they have) to healthier ingredients do share. They never contacted me back when I asked what was in their product. And their site didn’t show it. I use a healthier makeup. Red Apple Lipstick (coming out with blush next month. Waiting on their foundation. Meanwhile I am using UltraPure. Happy with it. Just was curious about something that claims it can cancel. That’s a first. I have yet to find a good concealer.

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