Mac Mineralize Foundation

The undisputed of undisputed makeup brands, MAC Cosmetics naturally has a lot to offer when it comes to quality makeup for the masses. Their foundations alone have become the standard for any and everyone interested in beauty. Whether youre a makeup artist or makeup novice watching videos on Youtube, you know MAC is going to deliver. One of their popular foundations is the MAC Mineralize Foundation. Available in a liquid cream compact, a loose powder, and even a moisturizing cream gel, the MAC Mineralize Foundation is the brands expert dabble into the world of mineral cosmetics.

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MAC Mineralize Foundation Types

Where many mineral cosmetics start and end with the familiar loose powder we have all come to know and love, the MAC Mineralize Foundation has taken the mineral philosophy and expanded it into a three foundation line up. All respectable in their own right, each MAC Mineralize Foundation promises to provide mineral-rich, long lasting coverage that is sensitive to skin.

MAC Mineralize Foundation Loose: The loose powder version of the MAC Mineralize Foundation is probably the most familiar mineral foundation type. This MAC Mineralize Foundation is a fine silky powder that provides buildable medium coverage giving skin a smooth and radiant finish. The MAC Mineralize Foundation Loose powder was developed to provide the most natural of finishes with the most comfortable feel. The MAC Mineralize Foundation Loose powder has the smallest shade range at just nine shades—which is still comparable when it comes to foundation colors—and differs from the typical MAC Foundation names with colors ranging from Light to Dark Deep. The MAC Mineralize Foundation Loose powder is the perfect foundation for those who desire the quality of MAC cosmetic products in a typical mineral fashion.

The MAC Mineralize Foundation reviews for its loose powder formula are comprehensively positive. With 4 and 5 star ratings across the board, this MAC Mineralize Foundation seems to be a favorite of those with oily and sensitive skin. These MAC Mineralize Foundation reviews applaud the loose powder for its long lasting natural coverage and surprisingly there are no complaints about the small shade range.

MAC Mineralize Foundation: Packaged in the signature MAC compact, this MAC Mineralize Foundation is a liquid cream foundation that provides supreme hydration with the same mineral-rich qualities to be expected of a mineral foundation. This lightweight MAC Mineralize Foundation promises an 8 hour wear time with medium buildable coverage and a soft satin finish. The unique formulation of this MAC Mineralize Foundation combines emollients, conditioning extracts, and powder to reduce the appearance of imperfections and pores. The dermatologist tested and non-acnegenic formula comes in 11 diverse MAC Mineralize Foundation shades with the standard cool and warm tones to be expected of MAC foundation.

The MAC Mineralize Foundation reviews for this compact foundation agree that this is an extremely hydrating mineral foundation. For those with normal to dry skin, this is the preferred MAC Mineralize Foundation with the brand agreeing that dry and mature skin will benefit most from this foundation. Some complaints include though this foundation has two more shades than the MAC Mineralize Foundation Loose, it comes up a bit short for shades on the deeper end of the spectrum.

MAC Mineralize Moisture SPF 15: The final and most unique MAC Mineralize Foundation is the Moisture SPF 15. Designed to refine, revitalize, and refresh, this MAC Mineralize Foundation is formulated with an impressive 77 mineral-rich complex and even includes some other skin conditioning ingredients like shea butter and Vitamin E. The intriguing formula creates a cream gel product that works to optically correct the appearance of skin making it soft, smooth, and even toned. This is the only MAC Mineralize Foundation that offers sun protection with the broad-spectrum giving it another leg up on the other MAC Mineralize Foundation options. Available in MAC’s standard extensive shade range, the MAC Mineralize Foundation Moisture SPF 15 is available in 23 cool and warm toned shades.

The MAC Mineralize Foundation reviews on the Moisture SPF foundation are to be expected. Those wanting a dewy natural finish found this MAC Mineralize Foundation to be the perfect option. There seemed to be mixed reviews on whether this MAC Mineralize Foundation was suited for oily skin, with most erring on the side of if your skin isn’t super dry, try another MAC Mineralize Foundation option.


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