Lord and Berry

Amongst the elite beauty brands of the world, there are some, that strive simply to provide you with a luxurious makeup experience. These brands are admirable and deliver beauty products that exude excellence. But then there are brands that hope to give you a bit more. A full style experience that incorporates beauty and fashion into the heart of the brand. For Italian fashion brand Lord and Berry, that is exactly the goal and they have been achieving it since 1992.

The Story Behind Lord and Berry

Lord and Berry is a cosmetics brand that has branded itself as the makeup atelier of Milan. Over two decades ago when Lord and Berry was founded, it aimed to cause a wave in the beauty industry and evolve makeup from being a simple step in a womans daily routine but independent fashion accessory in its own right. Creating cosmetic products that are as sleek and stylish as the woman who wears it, Lord and Berry is dedicated to the revolutionary mission of creating fashionable cosmetics that empower women.

If you look at the time that Lord and Berry was established and its innovative approach to beauty, youll realize that  Lord and Berry is one of the leading niche beauty brands. Lord and Berry has been able to create an entire cosmetics focused around the specific admiration and allure of the fashion industry. Each and every Lord and Berry is designed to inspire womens inner chic and provide the same level of style within a lipstick as you would find with a new pair of shoes. The ultimate goal for Lord and Berry and is to provide truly stylish makeup that serves as another form of self expression, confidence, and beauty of women.

So how does this makeup atelier create such deep connecting fashion forward beauty products? Lord and Berry works directly with some of the leading fashion and beauty experts in the industry to get both artistic insight but also soulful creativity flushed into each of its products. Unlike traditional beauty brands that release multiple collections throughout the year with each season, Lord and Berry focuses on developing the best cosmetics, only releasing a new collection twice a year. This allows Lord and Berry to expertly craft makeup that will resonate with their customer base. Leaving nothing to be desired with their makeup line, Lord and Berry also strive to use the finest quality pigments and hypoallergenic ingredients to ensure every woman is getting the quality makeup she deserves.

Popular Lord and Berry Products

Of its extensive makeup line, one thing that the Italian brand Lord and Berry is known for are its high quality lipsticks. Lord and Berry lipsticks are some of the most sought after products of the makeup ateliers line. Today you would find that there are two specially formulated Lord and Berry lipsticks available to suit various needs and functions.

Lord and Berry Absolute Intensity Lipstick: When it comes to fashion accessories, no outfit is complete without the Lord and Berry Absolute Intensity Lipstick. This Lord and Berry lipstick was created with the runway in mind and delivered straight to you for everyday wear. The Lord and Berry Absolute Intensity Lipstick is vibrantly pigmented and creamy smooth, gliding onto lips with ease and drying to soft satin finish. You can layer this Lord and Berry as much as needed, building color to desired intensity or sheering out for a simple wash of color. What’s really special about this Lord and Berry Absolute Intensity Lipstick is its hydrating formulation. This Lord and Berry is packed with ingredients like macadamia oil, waterlly extracts, karite butter, rice brand oil, and vitamin E. The Lord and Berry Absolute Intensity is currently available in 12 show stopping shades that will instantly transform your look with a simple swipe of lipstick.

Lord and Berry Vogue Matte Lipstick: Where the Lord and Berry Absolute Intensity lipstick is hydrating and satin, the Lord and Berry Vogue Matte lipstick serves the opposite finish. The Lord and Berry Vogue Matte lipstick is the ultimate matte lipstick that doesn’t sacrifice finish with comfort. Infused with a number of lip treating ingredients like beeswax and antioxidants, the Lord and Berry Vogue Matte lipstick applies just as easy and quickly dries to a velvet smooth finish. The Lord and Berry Vogue Matte Lipstick is also formulated with a unique ingredient, Signaline, which promotes skin regeneration. This helps the Lord and Berry Vogue Matte lipstick to treat lips while enhancing them with vibrant color. The Lord and Berry Vogue Matte lipsticks are available in 10 shades designed for long lasting comfortable wear.


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