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Lip Plumper: Their Uses, Effectiveness, and Side Effects

Those who want fuller lips without having to endure cosmetic surgery or lip injections often turn to lip plumper products instead. There are many products available at beauty and department stores that aim to provide fuller lips. Some of these are cosmetic lip plumpers that aim to increase lip volume through special ingredients and adding glossiness. Other products involve a suctioning cup that temporarily increases lip volume through the vacuum effect. If you have considered using a lip plumping product because you are not a good candidate for injections, there are several things you should know about these cosmetic products before you make a purchase.

Lip Plumper Pumps

This product is a very simple idea whereby you can apply suction to your lips with a pump. This lip plumper is usually made out of plastic, and has a mouthpiece on one end, where you press your lips. The other end will have a pump that is pulled to create the suction. The vacuum draws fluid into the lips and temporarily increases their size. This type of lip plumper will produce results for several hours. This skin care product is not a substitute for professional treatments and does not provide permanent results.

How a Cosmetic Lip Plumper Works

The secrets behind the effectiveness of a cosmetic lip plumper are in its ingredients and its shine. Most products like this contain ingredients that make the lips react to them by swelling up. Some common lip plumper ingredients usually include ginger, wintergreen (the natural chemical that makes hot peppers spicy) and undiluted cinnamon. When the product comes into contact with the lips, all of these ingredients work together to make the lips swell and also increase blood flow to the area, which makes them appear redder.

Many lip plumper products also contain ingredients that give them a high shine, which makes the lips appear larger than they really are. Unfortunately, the results are not nearly as long-lasting as lip injections or lip implants.

The Results of a Lip Plumper

While many lip plumper products claim to have long-lasting effects, most of them only last a few hours before the swelling and redness decrease. The only way to get a long-lasting effect is through reapplication, but eventually, the lips may become irritated. Those lip pumper products with high shine last longer thanks to the reflective effects of their ingredients.

Lip Plumper Side Effects

The side effects of a lip plumper can range from mild to severe, depending on how sensitive the user’s skin is. The biggest risk of suffering side effects comes with repeated application over a period of twelve to 24 hours. If the product is applied repeatedly to achieve maximum plumpness, the lips may become quite irritated. When this happens, the after-effects of a cosmetic lip plumper can be damaging.

When using a lip plumper also keep in mind that if your lips are already irritated, they may become dry, split, crack, and even bleed. This can be especially true of the top lip, which is often thinner than the bottom one. Chapped and split lips will then start to peel, which is painful and unsightly. People who are prone to allergies may have a strong reaction to the ingredients in a lip plumper, which may cause pain, stinging, and even a rash around the mouth.

Using a Lip Plumper

While no lip plumper can offer you the kind of results that lip injections can, many of the products that are available do give lips a plumper, fuller appearance than usual. However, before you use any product of this kind, you should test a small area of the lip to see how the skin there will react. This may save you hours of itchiness, burning, and peeling later on. Not everyone will suffer a negative reaction to these products, but testing your reaction to any lip plumper before applying it fully is always a good idea, especially if you have sensitive skin.

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