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Founded in 1952, LimeLight by Alcone offers its customers a variety of skin care and cosmetic products. Although the company doesn’t promote a specific skin care philosophy or any central ingredients, many of the items in this brand revolve around botanical extracts and herbal ingredients. For example, LimeLight by Alcone offers skin products like a cleanser with aloe and sunflower extract, a face mask with tea tree oil, a moisturizer with pomegranate and oats, as well as body cream with bamboo and lemongrass extracts. Though such botanical ingredients may initially sound enticing, it’s important to note that some consumers may experience side effects from LimeLight by Alcone products. Therefore, it’s imperative to speak with a licensed dermatologist beforehand, to ensure that these items are the right choice for you.

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LimeLight by Alcone Reviews

Unfortunately, the consumer will have a difficult time finding LimeLight by Alcone reviews. One of the reasons for this is likely due to the fact that the company has embraced a direct selling model in recent years. Much like Avon, LimeLight by Alcone offers individuals a chance to earn commissions on sales and even encourages members to build their own teams (to earn greater commissions). However, this model reduces the likelihood that a review will be left online. 

However, the consumer can still make an educated decision about the company’s products by carefully researching the ingredients in LimeLight by Alcone products.

LimeLight by Alcone Ingredients

Because the manufacturer offers a wide range of items without a central theme, it’s imperative to look at each product individually. 

  • Quench Cleanse:  LimeLight by Alcone created this face cleanser specifically for skin that is either naturally dry, or is deficient in moisture due to age-related issues with the moisture barrier. Some of the ingredients in this face wash include aloe vera, to soothe the skin; sunflower seed oil, to moisturize; rose flower water, for its calming benefits; and ginseng root extract, to heal damage with antioxidants. The cost of this LimeLight by Alcone cleanser is $26 for four ounces.
  • Masque of Zen:  The main goal of this LimeLight by Alcone face mask is to cleanse the skin and fight impurities as a means for reducing acne. The formulation includes ingredients like clay, which pulls dirt from the pores and reduces excess oil; tea tree oil, to promote skin healing (this ingredient also has mild antibacterial properties); glycerin, to moisturize; and lavender flower water, for a soothing effect. At a price of $38 for four ounces, this LimeLight by Alcone face mask is quite affordable for the average skin care budget.
  • Skin Polish:  This LimeLight by Alcone is another face mask, but with the added benefit of serving as a skin scrub. Jojoba beads are the main ingredient in this mask. Though jojoba oil has moisturizing and antioxidant benefits, the beads in this case are primarily meant for physical exfoliation. Additionally, this face scrub contains ingredients like apricot oil, due to its content of vitamins and minerals; squalane, to fortify the skin’s moisture barrier; and lemon peel oil, to repair skin with antioxidants. This LimeLight by Alcone skin care product is reasonably priced, at $38 for a jar of four ounces.
  • Skin Therapist:  LimeLight by Alcone has created this facial moisturizer to hydrate the skin, while at the same time repairing damage with antioxidants. Some of the ingredients include vitamin B, to moisturize the skin; oat protein, to reduce inflammation; safflower oil, to hydrate the skin; evening primrose, another moisturizer; and pomegranate sterols, to bind water to the skin. With a price tag of $26 for just under two ounces, this moisturizer can be incorporated into most skin care budgets.
  • Bamboo Renew:  The main ingredient in this LimeLight by Alcone body scrub is walnut shell powder, which physically exfoliates the skin. Additionally, milk thistle provides moisturizing benefits, while extracts from rice and algae may help tighten the skin. The cost of this LimeLight by Alcone body scrub is $38 for seven ounces.

LimeLight by Alcone Side Effects

Although serious side effects are not believed to be a major concern with LimeLight by Alcone products, some issues may none-the-less occur. For example, the face and body scrubs should be used with great caution, as the physical scrubbing may cause skin irritation and inflammation. This is especially a concern for individuals with sensitive skin, and for those who use scrubs more than once per week.
Additionally, botanical extracts may cause a number of allergies, which makes it imperative to test any LimeLight by Alcone product on a small patch of skin before using on a regular basis.

Where to Buy LimeLight by Alcone

LimeLight by Alcone can be purchased directly through the company’s website, or through one of the manufacturer’s direct sales representatives. For some consumers, buying through a direct sales rep may be a better option, due to the personalized attention. However, it’s important to keep an objective point of view while speaking to a LimeLight by Alcone rep, as the sellers are compensated through commissions and may push for you to make a purchase.

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