Lily Lolo

In the world of mineral makeup, many times the focus is on the top US brands who have led the pack in this growing genre of makeup. As mineral makeup’s popularity continues to increase, so does the number of both US and European brands available. Lily Lolo is one such brand with British roots, that is has been making a name for themselves on an expert level.

The Story Behind the Lily Lolo Brand

Lily Lolo is the British mineral cosmetics brand that was launched over a decade ago in 2005. Founded by Vikki Khan, and named respectively for her two sisters, Lily Lolo is a mineral cosmetics brand that has been able to connect across the beauty space becoming a favorite amongst makeup artists and enthusiasts alike. The ultimate goal of Lily Lolo mineral cosmetics is to create professional quality, high-end mineral makeup that enhances each and every woman’s natural beauty.

Lily Lolo prides itself on delivering superior quality products that are gently formulated to work all skin types. Each and every one of the Lily Lolo mineral makeup products is non-comedogenic and designed to provide skin with a lightweight, naturally flawless coverage that won’t clog pores or irritate even the most sensitive skin types. You won’t find any of the most common skin irritants that are contained in most cosmetic products, in any of the Lily Lolo beauty products including the absence of parabens, mineral oils, or fragrance. In fact, approximately 95% of Lily Lolo products are vegan. At the heart of the brand, Lily Lolo remains passionate about supplying the most naturally derived and effective cosmetic products as possible and works with a team professional cosmetic scientists to help them create high quality, natural grade mineral makeup.

Since it’s launch in 2005, Lily Lolo has expanded across the UK and has made a name for themselves catering to both the professional cosmetic market as well as reaching consumers online with its e-commerce operations. Part of the Lily Lolo brand experience is an incredibly helpful website that consists of an extensive Lily Lolo product selection with vibrant colors and shades for every skin tone. The Lily Lolo site also offers a collection of helpful tutorials and makeup videos ensuring each and every customer can choose the best Lily Lolo products for them.

Popular Lily Lolo Products

Lily Lolo Mascara: A popular and highly rated Lily Lolo product is the Lily Lolo mascara. This super gentle Lily Lolo mascara is packed with naturally derived ingredients making it the vegan friendly mascara option for everyone regardless of how sensitive your eyes may be. The Lily Lolo mascara works to define lashes, add volume, and promote length leaving you with Twiggy worthy fabulous lashes. The Lily Lolo mascara, like all many of the Lily Lolo products, is fragrance, silicon, and alcohol free, and also ophthalmologist tested. The best part about the Lily Lolo mascara is it dries quick but isn’t difficult to remove.

Lily Lolo Foundation: Like most mineral makeup companies, Lily Lolo shines when it comes to the Lily Lolo Foundation. This foundation is a super fine powder, packaged in a neat container with a lockable sifter. The Lily Lolo foundation glides onto skin, blending seamlessly, and providing buildable coverage to suit your needs. Available in 18 shades ranging from Porcelain to Hot Chocolate, the Lily Lolo foundation delivers flawless coverage that minimizes fine lines, pores, blemishes, and other skin imperfections. Though the Lily Lolo foundation shade range contains a considerable amount of shades, this foundation is best suited for those with pale to dark tan complexions.The Lily Lolo foundation is the high performing foundation that provides both coverage and protection with its antibacterial packed formulation. The Lily Lolo foundation also contains SPF15 which helps protect skin from the harmful rays of the sun.

Lily Lolo Lipstick: Another wildly popular Lily Lolo product is the Lily Lolo lipstick. Currently available in 13 berry, pink, and red shades, the Lily Lolo lipstick is a naturally derived lip product that delivers a burst of color with equal protection. The soft and creamy Lily Lolo lipstick applies easy and naturally to lips and every Lily Lolo lipstick is formulation with vitamin E, organic jojoba oil, waxes and rosemary extracts which help to keep lips protected and hydrated.


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