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What is the LifeStyle Lift? The Lifestyle Lift is an alternative to a traditional facelift that promises to take years of visible aging off your face. More than 200,000 Lifestyle Lifts have been performed so far. Why is it so popular? The Lifestyle Lift can effectively reduce the appearance of wrinkles, especially laugh lines with a shorter incision then a facelift. The treatment  is less invasive then a facelift and usually requires less downtime. The procedure is performed by making small incisions in front of the ears and extend around the lower ears. It works by lifting the cheeks, jawline, jowls, and mid-face, and removing excess fat in the skin. Muscles are pulled tight and excess skin is lifted and removed. Patients still need a few days and up to a week to recover. Lifestyle Lift uses lidocaine and oral sedatives before it beings the treatment. Sounds too good to be true? While Lifestyle Lift results are comparable to a facelift, the side effects and recovery period is only slightly shorter.

There are over 1000+ Lifestyle Lift reviews on sites like Realself and ConsumerAffairs. Patients seem satisfied with the results they experience after surgery. However, many reviews suggest that the Lifestyle Lift does not fully explain the way the treatments works, the side effects and the recovery period.

The Lifestyle Lift was created by  Dr. David Kent, a cosmetic surgeon in Michigan. Since the procedure was created in 2001, it is difficult to estimate how long the results will last. However, results so far suggest patients can expect long range results.

There are over 70 board certified physicians who presently operate from 30+ Lifestyle Lift centers. LifeStyleLift Centers are in Houston, Atlanta, Cleveland, Dallas, Denver, Fort Myers, Ontario, Las Vegas, Long Island, Little Memphis, Manhattan, Minneapolis, Nashville, Phoenix, Seattle, Santiago, Tampa, Troy, Washington, West Palm Beach, Portland, Reno, Salt Lake City and San Francisco.

What is the cost of the Lifestyle Lift? Lifestyle Lift costs vary substantially depending on the severity of aging the physicians experience and the location you chose to have treatment. We have seen costs of between $3000 and $10,000 with an average cost of $4000. It is advisable to consult with at least two physicians with similar experience to compare the cost of the LifeStyle Lift.


  1. Jack Phoenix

    I can’t believe ANYBODY would spend over 2 or 3 grand for the Lifestyle lift. Where do these people live? In a cave? A regular face lift rarely goes over 10K. I had one for 2300 3 years ago and it still looks as good as the day it was healed. I hope anybody reading this will get 2 or 3 opinions AND ask to chat w/ a patient. I have had a few calls and several had been to the high priced Docs and couldn’t believe what I paid. Good luck..

  2. Barbara robertson

    I had procedure done 2 yr ago with great results….looked wonderful. Now I amn of ticking the area behind chin drooping and some pulling pressure beneath ears….don’t know how much longer it will be before it looks the I would say 2 years.

  3. Julie Cronin

    I was going to have the life style lift procedure I change my mind I didn’t want to go through with that after putting $2000 down I decided to go through a laser treatment co2 laser who wanted $700 down they will not refund my $2000 why they won’t tell me why they keep giving me the runaround. how do I go about receiving my money back that I put down for the facelift which I never had done?

  4. debbie

    I don’t know where any of you people went to get your Facelift, but i went to the Salt Lake City Office and they ONLY have BOARD CERTIFIED Facial Plastic Surgeons. Why would you go to anyone else? this was THE BEST thing that i ever did for myself!!! I loved everything about my experience, from the consultation to my surgery. I look AMAZING!!!!! People, look at the Doctors, dont blame the Company!

    • pam

      I had my lifestyle lift 2 years ago in San Leandro! It was the best thing I ever did for myself. I had lost 40 lbs and had a lot of excess skin on my neck plus my jowls were sagging. I think if you can stay close to your same weight as when surgery was done you should have long lasting results! It was worth the money for me! I like myself and I get a lot of compliments! I would do it all over again! It changed my life!

  5. Deborah

    Dh from Burlington Mass are you still as pleased after this length as you were when you posted your comments right after surgery. I’m from Maine and that is where I would go to have it done. I would really like to get some more in put from you. Or any one else that has had it done in Burlington Mass. Thanks D.J.D.

  6. Anette

    Wow I’m scared.

    I went for a consultation for a lifestyle lift. And I got financing for $13,000. That’s pretty good because I have great credit. I also put 400 down. And I wanted to do this for my self for Christmas.

    I had a consultation with the doctor and they were very evasive about how long it will last and possible side effects.
    I am scheduled for next Monday and I have read mixed reviews. It’s pretty much been 50-50 with good and bad. But I will be looking at paying this off for the next four years and I want to look good while I’m doing it
    Help help help what should I do

  7. Luckyashton

    Oh my god!! I’m bored at work and am reading reviews about the lifestyle lift. I enquired about it a couple years ago and still get emails from them. I am seeing that people spent from $6600 to $14000 for this. I flew to Capetown, South Africa and got a proper neck lift, chin lipo and and implant for $5500. This was a board certified plastic surgeon, anaesthesiologist and nursing team. Then I spent another $5000 staying in a great bungalow and shopping my head off for 14 days. No chin strap. This also includes my flight on Emirates the best airline. That was a year and a half ago and it still looks great. It looked great after a week. I would never, ever go to lifestyle lift. I was quoted $10,000 usd in America for the same what I got in S Africa , by a board certified plastic surgeon. Wow.

    • Linda Cassidy

      I am very much intrigued by your post. I had a lifestyle lift about 9 years ago and was happy with outcome but now the ‘turkey neck’ is back. It is all I see every time I look at myself and I hate it! I received estimate from surgeon for $14, ooo. First time was only 4000. I would rather get a vacation out of it if care is as good as you say, but cannot find any info without a million ads popping up. Can you share any more details?

    • donna fairlane

      Would you mind giving me (through my private email) the doctors name and town you visited in South Africa to do this. I lived there for some years back in the late 1970’s. Thank you

  8. Dh

    I had lifestyle lift done 3 weeks ago. Downtime 1 week, although still healing no swelling left no bruising. All doctors are not the same. Mine is a true artist. I would do it again. I feel so lucky and happy I did it. It seems only the people who have complaints are the ones who are leaving reviews so I just had to write a good one….I look 20 years younger. Thanks. Burlington, ma

  9. bobanis

    I don’t know why anyone would have this company perform any surgery on them. Just read the reviews…This is your face you are talking about…geez people

  10. Alex

    I am so glad I stumbled on to this site. My mom had a full Lifestyle Lift done 7 years ago. The comments about earlobes are right in target. My mom’s are now attached to the side of her neck / face. She used to have Lobes! Then, the Dr. took too much skin out of one of her eyelids. She could barely close that eye. Her eyes were so tucked so tightly, her husband didn’t recognize her. & said she actually looked Aisan. Just Save for a few more years, then go to a REAL Doctor !

  11. Debi

    I am scheduled to have this done tomorrow morning. I just read these comments. I read positive but these negative comments are scaring me. Has anyone had one done recently and its for weeks later from the time with your surgery? Are you happy with it?

  12. sandra

    do not do it , get a second opinion , I did it the results did not happen it’s a one fits all thing which is not good I have been miserable since I did it , I have post problems not to mention the obvious mutilation of my ear lobes , all I have had is pain and mutilation for the rest of my life they tell you this is it or a $40,000.00 face lift do not believe them its not true I want to sue over this lie , if any one reading this lets cause a lawsuit based on this lie I am so sorry this has ruined my life everyday I am in agony due to having this done face lifts I found out are not done this way the are done from forehead not ears

  13. Ahn Singet

    Where did Candace have the procedure? Sounds like she had a good doctor after reading all the bad reviews on this site.

  14. Candace

    I had this procedure done by a plastic surgeon and the results were wonderful! Lasers are far from perfect, in fact some people come away with permanent ‘red’ skin. This procedure is done under local and it is not as invasive as a full face life, but the results are amazing. I have my face back minus the ‘jowls’; do I look 20? of course not, but I look years younger. When I looked in the mirror after the procedure I was amazed, I’d forgotten what I used to look like. After I healed it was wonderful to wear cosmetics again. I love fashion. I take great care of myself, work out every day, eat right and this procedure helps me to project on the outside how I feel on the inside. Some common sense advice: check out the doctor and if you plan on loosing weight do it first.

    • anonymous

      where did you get your lift. I would like to but have read review and have
      concern. I would like to have one done during the Christmas break.
      I have black skin and concern about scaring,healing and
      bad experience.etc. you seem to have good
      results . What doctor did you have.? and where did you have it

  15. Anonymous

    Tell u all now if u r looking in to doing something for ur face go to a plastic surgeon. Mom had this done end up having to go to plastic surgery to fix it.

  16. Lana Green

    I am scheduled for dec 23. I have paid six hundred down. Regretting this dec what do I do. Also they showed the lifestyle 30min show with Debbie Boone. Twice a week. Suddenly they are not showing it at all not even the short commercials what’s happening

  17. Warning

    Do not have this done.
    It will change your life for the worse.
    There are far less drastic steps you can take, and you will be much happier with the end result.

  18. Anonymous

    You are right. I went for a consultation with two physicians. Lifestyle Lift is not performed by a registered plastic surgeon. You are also right that there are newer/better non surgical facelift procedures available. I have been reading about Epione in Beverly Hills and considering making an appointment there.

  19. Destiny

    I have been doing my research and there are newer and better alternatives to Lifestyle Lift. Apparently this isn’t even performed by a qualified plastic surgeon. Stay away. This spells disaster.

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