Laneige BB Cushion

Cushion foundations are a semi recent hit to the beauty scene but there has been a definite rise in popularity with every brand has been developing or launching their very own version of the highly convenient cushion foundation. Prestige brand Laneige has taken the idea behind the cushion foundation and applied it to BB cream, making it one of the first BB cream cushion options on the market. The Laneige BB Cushion is the 5-in-1 BB cream that aspires to revolutionize the way you use BB cream from here on out.

Laneige BB Cushion Overview

The main claim of the Laneige BB Cushion is that it provides a 5-in-1 benefit in a super convenient compact cushion. Using the popular cushion technique that many brands before it have employed when it came to foundation, the Laneige BB Cushion works by pressing the patented air cushion that is included with the BB cream, to soak up the product for an easy, mess and fuss free application. The Laneige BB Cushion works by picking up and distributing a calculated amount of the liquid BB Cream. This process enables you to apply the Laneige BB Cushion efficiently without waste or product buildup. The result is flawless skin, every time you use the Laneige BB Cushion.

The Laneige BB Cushion has a healthy broad-spectrum SPF 50+ content that provides an ample amount of sun protection from both UVA and UVB rays. The Laneige BB Cushion also contains Optimal Mineral Water, a nourishing skin ingredient that helps to soothe and hydrate the skin. Available in a limited shade range which includes: Light, Medium, Medium-Dark, and Dark, the Laneige BB Cushion would work for a variety of skin types but leaves some room to be desired for darker skin tones.

Laneige BB Cushion Formula

Beyond the Laneige BB Cushion patented cushion, the unique formula is where the 5-in-1 benefits come into play. The skin benefits that Laneige BB Cushion boasts is it Brightens, Cools and Hydrates, Protects, Prevents Shine, and Provides Long Lasting Coverage. To see how the Laneige BB Cushion can deliver such a customized product, you need to peek behind the formulation. For the brightening benefit of the Laneige BB Cushion, the formula uses a blend of hydroquinone derivatives and arbutin. Both of these ingredients in the Laneige BB Cushion have reducing properties of sorts. The Laneige BB Cushion uses the Optimal Mineral Water mentioned earlier to cool and hydrate the skin. The Laneige BB Cushion SPF 50+ not only offers intense protection from the sun, but it also works to prevent dark spots from occurring in the future. This aspect of the Laneige BB Cushion makes it a great anti-aging product as well. The Laneige BB Cushion describes it having a natural soft-focus finish which directly relates to the shine preventing benefit. However, it should be noted that there are not any oil-absorbing properties within the formulation so although it claims to prevent shine, the Laneige BB Cushion may not be a great option for those with oily skin. The final benefit is the Laneige BB Cushion promises this is a BB cream that will last all day with a sheer buildable coverage.

Laneige BB Cushion Review

While the formula and the product itself have a bright outlook, those who have tried the Laneige BB Cushion review it in a less than flattering fashion. The most common Laneige BB Cushion review touches on the lack of shade options and even describe the existing shades as unsuitable for the skin tones they should work for. Due to the fact that the Laneige BB Cushion doesn’t provide any oil absorbing benefits, some people have felt discontented with the claim that it prevents shine as those will oily skin have not been impressed. Another common Laneige BB Cushion review touches on the fact that the product is heavily fragranced which can lead to skin irritation. Amongst the disheartened Laneige BB Cushion reviews, most people have agreed on the buildable coverage and a formula that lasts throughout the day.


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