Kjaer Weis Foundation

Super sleek and chic Italian beauty brand Kjaer Weis has been able to do what many brands have not. That is, creating luxuriously chic beauty products from the formulation to the packaging, that are certified organic. At first glance of the Kjaer Weis beauty products, youd most likely be drawn in by its silver packaging and modern design, but youd stay for its natural formulation. Starting with the super popular certified organic Kjaer Weis foundation, this is the natural beauty brand you want to try.

Kjaer Weis Foundation Overview

The Kjaer Weis foundation is a cream foundation that is packaged in the brands signature sleek compact, making it just as pretty as it is performance wise. This velvety smooth cream foundation is designed to diminish the signs of moderate to intense skin imperfections from blemishes to rosacea, fine lines to pores. The Kjaer Weis foundation provides a buildable medium to full coverage that can be sheered out for a barely there application or built up to provide completely opaque coverage. Whichever you decide, the Kjaer Weis foundation will leave your skin with a soft, smooth, naturally flawless finish.

The innovation of the Kjaer Weis foundation gets greater as you go behind its chic packaging. The certified organic formulation of the Kjaer Weis foundation is where all the magic happens. To start, you wont find any artificial ingredients including petroleum, parabens, dyes, fragrance or petrochemicals within the Kjaer Weis foundation. What you will find in the Kjaer Weis foundation is a formulation packed with healthy skin benefiting ingredients, with 95% being sourced from organic farming. Amongst these organic ingredients within the Kjaer Weis foundation, youll find sweet almond seed oil which is a natural skin moisturizer and is also known to increase the elasticity of the skin. Within the Kjaer Weis foundation formulation, youll also find the natural moisturizer and popular skin care ingredient Coconut oil, as well as Jojoba Seed oil which is a key component in many anti-aging skincare formulations. In addition to all of the many skin benefiting properties of the Kjaer Weis foundation, this product is infused with high-quality pure minerals that diffuse light and adjust to the skins natural tone.

With its delicate formulation the Kjaer Weis foundation, this foundation works well for people of all skin types including normal, combination, and oily. The Kjaer Weis foundation continues its versatility and is currently available in nine skin tone adjusting shades that range from Lightness to Delicate. Within the limited but diverse Kjaer Weis foundation shade range, youll find a shade for a wide variety of skin tones.

Kjaer Weis Foundation Review

It almost goes without saying that the Kjaer Weis Foundation has nothing but rave reviews from across the industry. Those who arent concerned with the organic ingredients in the Kjaer Weis foundation have been drawn in by the allure of the packaging and have stayed for the performance. Those who have used the Kjaer Weis foundation specifically for its certified organic formulation are generally impressed. Some of the most common Kjaer Weis Foundation reviews celebrate the product for its ultra velvet texture and comfortable wear to skin. Youll commonly hear users noting the soft matte finish doesnt feel drying and the foundation itself feels lightweight on the skin. Other Kjaer Weis Foundation reviews applaud the product for coverage and shade matching options. Youll typically find users impressed with the medium coverage that can easily be built up without appearing cakey or masklike. And to that note, users also noted that the coverage of the Kjaer Weis Foundation lasts all day without settling into fine lines or creasing. On the opposite end of the spectrum, you will find a few less than favorable Kjaer Weis Foundation reviews. Typically these Kjaer Weis Foundation reviews come from people with drier skin types who feel that this foundation has the tendency to enhance dry patches on the skin. If your skin is dry, make sure to moisturize thoroughly before application.


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