Josie Maran Argan Illuminizer

Sometimes the secret to radiant luminous skin isnt found in your foundation or concealer. It may not even be your beloved primer or finishing powder. Sometimes, the key to getting soft luminous radiance comes from a unique product designed specifically to mimic a healthy summertime glow regardless of the season. The Josie Maran Argan Illuminizer available in three forms is that kind of product. Providing you with radiant skin that looks like its glowing naturally.

Types of Josie Maran Argan Illuminizer

The now legendary Josie Maran Argan Illuminizer has expanded beyond its original liquid form and is available in a powder and cream version as well. Each and every Josie Maran Argan Illuminizer contains high quality argan oil, organic and natural ingredients, are cruelty and paraben free, contain no synthetic fragrance, and are recyclable and vegan. All working hand in hand to provide the luminosity youd expect from the Josie Maran Argan Illuminizer, it all comes down to your skin type, preference, and how you plan to rock your Josie Maran Argan Illuminizer to figure out which one is right for you.

Josie Maran Argan Enlightenment Illuminizer: The original productalbeit in newly improved packagingis the liquid illuminizer designed to make your skin appear like its lit from within. In a universally flattering champagne color, this Josie Maran Argan Illuminizer is formulated with Josie Marans signature argan oil to provide hydration and grape seed oil to help regulate the skins natural oil production. With its hybrid formulation, this Josie Maran Illuminzer is suitable for all skin types. You can use this Josie Maran Argan Illuminizer alone or mix it with your favorite foundation or moisturizer to leave you with skin that looks naturally radiant and healthy.

Josie Maran Argan Enlightenment Iluminizing Powder Veil: This Josie Maran Argan Illuminzer comes in a creamy hydrating powder. Conveniently packaged in a luxury compact, it is created to deliver the same naturally appearing radiance as its liquid counterpart. The Josie Maran Argan Illuminizer powder isnt cakey drying and will provide a glowy luminous finish to skin. To that point, though it will work well for all skin types, those with drier skin may want to opt for the liquid version instead. Formulated of course with argan oil to nourish skin, the powder Josie Maran Argan Illuminizer also contains honeysuckle flower extract which has anti-inflammatory benefits and sunflower seed oil which is rich in Vitamin E. Using the same universal champagne shade, this Josie Maran Argan Illuminizer is best used in any areas you would highlight like cheekbones, cupid’s bow, bridge of nose, brow bones, or inner corners of eyes.

Josie Maran Enlightenment Illuminizing Wand: The creamy version of the Josie Maran Argan Illuminizer, the Illuminizing Wand provides all of the same illuminating benefits in a conveniently targeted wand application. Formulated with both argan oil and shea butter, this Josie Maran Argan Illuminizer provides supreme hydration. Also containing rosemary leaf, rice brand, and sunflower seed extract, this creamy Josie Maran Argan Illuminizer works to soothe and smooth the skin while promoting firmness. In the same flattering shade as the other Josie Maran Argan Illuminizers, this wand works perfectly on the areas you want to highlight providing a more controlled application. It’s also super convenient to just pop in your bag and use with ease without any mess or extra tools.

Josie Maran Argan Illuminizer Reviews

The Josie Maran Argan Illuminizer reviews are all positive across each of the products. The most common Josie Maran Argan Illuminizer review is based on the intense luminosity and radiance each product provides. The Josie Maran Argan Illuminizer has been applauded for delivering a natural finish and its use of working as a highlighter when in the powder and wand form. The versatility of each Josie Maran Argan Illuminizer has been celebrated as well. Many users have noted that each Josie Maran Argan Illuminizer has exceeded their expectations.


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