Jordana Cosmetics

Jordana Cosmetics is one of those beauty brands where you probably received your first introduction through your favorite beauty gurus YouTube channel. But surprisingly, this small family-owned cosmetics company has been creating quality, affordable cosmetics to the industry for the past 25 years. Behind the price friendly Jordana Cosmetics brand is the core commitment to providing cosmetics that perform without breaking the bank. This simple philosophy has gained Jordana Cosmetics its noteworthy popularity that continues to grow.

Inside the Jordana Cosmetics brand, youll find a line of cosmetics that caters to a wide spectrum of women across ages, skin tones, and backgrounds. Each Jordana Cosmetics product fuses technology with trends in order to create innovative cosmetics that fit into every womans budget. And according to the brands popularity, Jordana Cosmetics continues to be the value-packed beauty brand of the industry.

Popular Jordana Cosmetics Products

Jordana Cosmetics Lipstick: Of the Jordana Cosmetics extensive line of products, some of the most popular are the Jordana Cosmetics lipsticks. There are currently four versions of Jordana Cosmetics lipsticks available including a standard lipstick, two versions of matte lipsticks, and a new modern matte lipstick. The regular Jordana Cosmetics lipstick is available in an extensive 84 shades that provide full coverage, vibrant color to lips. This Jordana Cosmetics lipstick contains a luxuriously creamy formulation that feels comfortable on the skin and delivers a satin shiny finish. Next, Jordana Cosmetics contains two standard matte lipstick lines including a simple nude toned line and a more extensive matte lipstick line. Within the Jordana Cosmetics nude lipstick line youll find nine shades of comfortable matte lipsticks that provide intense color and coverage to lips. The more extensive Jordana Cosmetics matte lipstick line contains 35 shades of vibrant long lasting matte coverage in the same comfortable formulation. Within the Jordana Cosmetics lipstick line youll also find the Jordana Cosmetics Modern Matte Lipsticks that combine vibrant pigments and moisturizing ingredients in a unique matte formulation that lasts all day. Available in 18 shades, the Jordana Cosmetics Modern Matte Lipsticks are talc and paraben free and are the lipstick to try for those who want the comfortability of a shine lipstick with the finish of a matte lipstick.

Jordana Cosmetics Eyeliner: While the Jordana Cosmetics lipsticks are popular in their own right, the Jordana Cosmetics eyeliners are equally as known. And for a small brand, Jordana Cosmetics has created quite an impressive collection of eyeliner options available. Within this collection, youll find 15 different types of Jordana Cosmetics eyeliners to choose from in an array of textures and formulations. Of all the Jordana Cosmetics eyeliners the most popular would have to be the 12 HR Made to Last Liquid Eyeliner Pencil. As its name suggests, this Jordana Cosmetics eyeliner provides a vibrant boost of color to eyes in a water and transfer resistant formulation that promises to last a full 12 hours of wear time. The creamy liquid formulation of this Jordana Cosmetics eyeliner allows it to glide on smooth for the easiest eyeliner application around. Available in seven vibrant shades, this Jordana Cosmetics eyeliner is the perfect option to turn up the drama on eyes with ease.

Jordana Cosmetics Lip Liner: The Jordana Cosmetics lip liner is most likely the product that introduced you the brand if youre one that frequents the world of Youtube. These Jordana Cosmetics lip liners took the industry by storm and continue to be some of the top rated affordable lip liners on the market. Jordana Cosmetics currently has four versions of lip liner available in its lineup with the most popular being the Jordana Cosmetics Easyliner for lips. This Jordana Cosmetics lip liner is a retractable creamy formulation that provides intense coverage with a matte finish. Available in 13 rich shades, this Jordana Cosmetics lip liner is known for its ease of use and versatility with many users opting to use this Jordana Cosmetics liner alone as their full lip color. The long lasting formulation allows for all day comfortable wear and the colors are gorgeous enough to wear over lipstick, under lipstick, or in the standard lip liner application.


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