Joppa Minerals

Like most beginnings of a mineral makeup brand, Joppa Minerals was born from a search for better makeup. The now decade old brand was founded so that women could have access to cosmetics that looked and felt good too. And without the large price tag that many mineral makeup brands tend to have.

The Story Behind Joppa Minerals 

Joppa Minerals story starts in 2005 when its founder, Amy Casto-Anderson, needed to find chemical free makeup for her daughter. Like anyone who takes the time to really figure out whats on the back of cosmetic labels, once she started researching ingredients, she found a void in the market for truly chemical free, all natural cosmetics. Hence, Joppa Minerals was born. The Joppa Minerals philosophy is based on providing truly chemical free mineral makeup products that are safe and gentle enough for the most sensitive skin types.

Each Joppa Minerals product is formulated to be not only chemical free, but cruelty, gluten, sulfate, and paraben free as well. The Joppa Minerals products use the purest minerals to formulate all of its mineral makeup products. In addition to formulating products that were high quality and gentle on skin, another branch of the Joppa Minerals philosophy is to create mineral makeup that doesnt break the bank without sacrificing the quality of the mineral makeup. Joppa Minerals also promotes the promise that using their natural makeup line will help prevent and reduce signs of aging in skin which is an added bonus.

With a host of products including mineral makeup for eyes, lips, and cheeks, where Joppa Minerals shines is its foundation options. With Amys research, Joppa Minerals has created four unique foundation formulations designed to suit every skin type and skin tone. Within the four Joppa Minerals foundation formulations, you have a choice between a whopping 55 shades to find your perfect shade match.

Joppa Minerals Foundation Options

The Joppa Minerals premiere foundation was the Joppa Minerals Full Coverage Foundation. Even a decade later, this product is still Joppa Minerals number one selling product. This breakthrough Joppa Minerals foundation works to provide buildable full coverage that blends out into a natural matte finish. The fine loose powder Joppa Minerals full coverage foundation blends easily into skin and can be built up with ease allowing you to achieve a flawless finish that is virtually undetectable. The Joppa Minerals full coverage foundation is formulated with the Joppa Minerals promise of using only the purest minerals and a few other natural ingredients. Within the Joppa Minerals full coverage foundation formulation, you will also find a natural sunscreen, titanium dioxide and iron oxide, in addition to an oil absorbing clay is known for clearing blemishes. The Joppa Minerals full coverage foundation is best suited for those with normal to oily or acne prone skin. The sister product to the Joppa Minerals full coverage foundation is the Joppa Minerals Soft Coverage foundation which offers many of the same benefits in a sheerer formula that allow your skin to shine through while providing soft focus coverage.

The Joppa Minerals Simple Radiance foundation is the creamy foundation that is best suited for those with dry or aging skin. This Joppa Minerals foundation provides buildable medium to full coverage with a soft matte finish. Like the other Joppa Minerals foundations, the Simple Radiance foundation is formulated with pure minerals and has a natural sunscreen component with inclusion of titanium dioxide and zinc oxide in its formulation. The last Joppa Minerals foundation is the Morning Dew. This is a multitasking product that works both as a foundation and a bronzer due to the glowy appearance that the Joppa Minerals Morning Dew foundation gives off. The Morning Dew Joppa Minerals foundation also contains silica which helps with oil absorption and can even visibly reduce fine lines. This Joppa Minerals foundation is another buildable medium to full coverage foundation that works for all skin types.


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