Japanese Skin Care

In the search for the perfect beauty solutions, many women are turning to Japanese skin care as a possible way to achieve glowing skin. Although it may be tempting to jump into a new skin care routine right away, you should first understand how the new routine aims to treat your skin. When it comes to Japanese skin care, for example, the routine is not all that different from the routines of women in the United States, but it’s the products that make all the difference.

In the United States, many women pride themselves on using the newest, most expensive products, because the idea is that new science is better. But a Japanese skin care products and routines, on the other hand, take a more holistic approach and draw on ancient wisdom for more natural results.

Importance of Diet in Japanese Skin Care

A big aspect of Japanese skin care is its emphasis on diet to nourish the body from within, and maintain beautiful skin. The routine involves some simple rules like drinking green tea, which is packed with antioxidants; avoiding sweets; limiting the consumption of meat; and using makeup only sparingly. This aspect of Japanese skin care makes it very different from common considerations in the U.S., where a larger focus is placed on wearing the right makeup and buying the best skin care products, while forgetting to nourish the skin’s natural regenerative processes.

Traditional Ingredients and Routines

Japanese skin care products and routine also include some traditional medicine methods. For example, most of the skin care products in Japan are typically made from five simple ingredients: rice, camellia, red beans, herbs, and seaweed. Interestingly, many Japanese women will rub actual red beans on their faces because the red bean makes the skin feel smooth, because of their high protein and antioxidant content. Most women in the U.S. likely never considered rubbing bean on their faces, but in Japanese skin care this is a practice that has been utilized for centuries to get rid of wrinkles and achieve better skin texture.

Japanese Skin Care: Slow and Steady Face Washing

The typical Japanese skin care regimen involves three steps. The first step is a slow and steady foaming facial wash. The wash is typically very foamy, in order to bring up dirt from the pores into the foam layer so that it can be easily washed away. However, the actual scrubbing is not done with the fingers, but more typically with a scrubbing net to get a thicker foam. The Japanese skin care routine also requires a longer wash time than in typical western routines. This is because a longer wash means you’re not scrubbing in a hurry, and are less likely to damage your skin. Also, cleansing for a longer period of time allows more dirt particles to be dissolved and brought to the surface, leaving you with much cleaner skin.

Think of how different the Japanese skin care approach is when compared to western cultures, where the goal is to get in and out of the bathroom as quickly as possible. Just a few minutes makes all the difference because a cleaner face will absorb facial moisturizers and any anti aging serum much more readily, leaving you with significantly more healthy skin.

Balancing Skin with pH Toner

Step two in the Japanese skin care routine involves using a pH balancing toner or lotion. These toners are not full of alcohol or other drying agents that cause a sting, like American toners do. Instead, they usually contain moisturizing lotions and are gently patted onto the facial skin with a cotton pad so that the fingers never touch the face, thus decreasing the chance of skin damage.

Problem-Correcting Serum and Gentle Moisturizer

Step three involves using a hard-working serum. Japanese skin care routines involve the serum to correct problems and correct any imperfections. Like the first two steps, the serum is applied slowly, over the course of several minutes for maximum absorption and effectiveness. This is followed up with a moisturizer that is actually applied with the palms, not the fingers, so the face is never tugged.

Gentle and Powerful Ingredients

Many of the products that Japanese skin care routines include are made from vitamin rich ingredients. It is common to see rice bran oil and a rice bran powder used in skin care products. These contain B vitamins, which are naturally present in the body, and play a large role in skin health. When rice bran oil is used with camellia in Japanese skin care products, wrinkles are less likely to appear and skin stays moisturized.






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