It CC Cream

When it comes to alphabet creams, CC creams are the nifty color correctors that generally provide a sheer wash of color with a few other skin benefits. The It CC Cream changes the game in numerous ways and seeks to replace not only your other CC cream, but every other facial product on your vanity as well.

It CC Cream Overview

The It CC Cream is currently the brands best selling product and for good reason. This It CC Cream is packed with a number of beneficial skincare ingredients and essentially promises to transform your skin all within a tube of cream. The It CC Cream differs from some other popular CC creams in that it aims to provide complete full coverage to skin. This includes the It CC Cream concealing everything from blemishes to fine lines, to wrinkles and other skin imperfections. Where most CC creams focus specifically on color correcting and some other minimal skin benefits, the It CC Cream includes a focus on anti-aging and sun protection in its robust formulation. The bottom line, the It CC Cream is a multipurpose cream that promises to leave your skin with a naturally healthy and radiant glow.

The secret behind the It CC Creams magic is its comprehensive formulation that includes a high concentration of pigments fused with a ton of skincare ingredients. The highly pigmented formulation of the It CC Cream allows it to offer unmatched coverage when it comes to a CC cream. This concentration also allows a little bit of the It CC Cream to go a long way so be sure to start off light and build as needed. The It CC Cream is also packed with a generous SPF 50+ that works to protect skin from the harmful UVB rays that burn skin and the UVA rays that age skin. Along with the ample sun protection that the It CC Cream provides, the It CC Cream is also infused with ingredients that are known to significantly improve the condition of skin. The It CC Cream contains ingredients like peptides, niacin, algae, a host of vitamins, and hyaluronic acid to provide multiple skincare benefits. All of these ingredients work within the It CC Cream to hydrate, brighten, and correct any discoloration in the skin. While most of the ingredients are wonderful for skin, it should be noted that there are few additions that are known to cause some skin irritation. The inclusion of some citrus based oils such as lemon, lime, orange, and grapefruit may cause some less than favorable It CC Cream reviews.

The It CC Cream is uniquely designed to work as the only step in your skincare regimen. You can effectively use the It CC Cream as a moisturizer, concealer, foundation, sunscreen, and anti-aging serum. Once applied, whether alone or over a moisturizer or primer, the It CC Cream provides sheer to medium buildable coverage that leaves behind skin that is nourished and radiant. The It CC Cream has a soft smooth texture that applies easily and blends seamlessly into skin. The only drawback of the It CC Cream is its limited shade range. Currently, there are only five shades of the It CC Cream available starting with the lightest shade Fair, and ending with the darkest shade Rich. With this shade range, the It CC Cream is best suited for those with light to medium complexions.

It CC Cream Review

Seeing as though the It CC Cream is currently one of the brands best selling products, naturally the overall It CC Cream reviews are positive. The most popular It CC Cream review applauds the great coverage that surpasses any other CC cream currently on the market. Another common It CC Cream review celebrates that lasting wear time of the CC cream both on skin and in the tube. The only less than favorable It CC Cream review is focused on the small shade range which leaves many darker skin tones out of reach.


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