Iman BB Cream

Since BB Creams hit the US market a few years back, every brand has hustled to create their own unique version. There was just one problem back in those few years of BB cream overload. Brands seemed to consistently overlook darker skin tones in their limited shade ranges. While BB creams were never designed to work as full coverage foundation options, they still acted as a tinted of moisturizer of sorts. Yet brand after brand released lines of the coveted BB cream with its darkest shade being somewhere between tan and medium tan. That is until Iman. The Iman BB Cream is one of the first BB creams that took darker skin tones into consideration and created a line of shades on the darker end of the spectrum.

Iman BB Cream Overview

At its core, the Iman BB Cream is no different from many other typical BB Creams available. The main goal of the Iman BB Cream is simple, a beauty balm that blends skincare with makeup. The Iman BB Cream was designed to nourish skin, help even the skins complexion, and provide supreme hydration throughout the day. The result is the award winning Iman BB Cream that is created for women of color. The Iman BB Cream was a 2012 Huffington Post Beauty Winner, a 2013 Siempre Mujer Excellence in Beauty Winner, and a 2013 She Knows Beauty Award winner. The high performing Iman BB Cream is the beauty balm of choice if youre a woman of color on a search for a BB cream that performs as well as its shade range.

The Iman BB Cream has been highly regarded in the beauty space for a number of reasons starting with its robust skin benefiting formulation.The main claim of the Iman BB Cream is to even skin tone with a subtle wash of color that most directly compliments women with darker skin tones. The Iman BB Cream is formulated with the innovative IMAN Skin Tone Evener complex which targets skin discolorations and works to neutralize and reduce their appearance. The Iman BB Cream is also formulated with powerful skincare ingredients like Acai, Licorice, Grapeseed which works to combats skins natural oil production. The Iman BB Cream also contains Kokum, Almond, and Aloe to soothe the skin. And finally, the Iman BB Cream contains a number of antioxidant vitamins like A, E, C which help to protect the skin from free radicals and brighten the appearance of skin. The Iman BB Cream is also paraben free.

After the Iman BB Cream performance comes the celebrated shade range. The Iman BB Cream shades include six different colors that are designed to perfectly match the diverse skin complexions of women of color. The first of the Iman BB Cream shades is Sand Light, a light tan color with neutral undertones. The second of the Iman BB Cream shades is Sand Medium, a medium tan color with more yellow undertones. The third Iman BB Cream shade is Clay Medium, a medium tan shade with warm undertones and the fourth shade is Clay Medium Deep, a slighter warmer version of the previous shade. The last two Iman BB Cream shades are Earth Medium and Earth Medium Deep, both dark brown shades with red undertones.

Iman BB Cream Review

With a host of beauty awards under its belt, it should go without saying that the Iman BB Cream  highly rated. However, when it comes to consumers, the general Iman BB Cream review is less celebratory. For starters, the most common Iman BB Cream review is steadfastly against the product working for oily skin types. People with oily skin have consistently agreed that the Iman BB Cream is not a good option for them. Other frequent Iman BB Cream reviews have expressed disappointment in the wear time of the beauty balm with users claiming that the product wore off after just a few short hours. Those points being made, it still hasnt seemed to put people off from using the Iman BB Cream whether in a pinch or as part of their normal routine. Overall, it appears that the Iman BB Cream is an okay beauty balm that does the job but falls a bit short of expectations.


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