Iluminage is the brainchild of two very large U.S. companies: Unilever and Syneron Medical. The former is well known for many consumer products distributed through thousands of stores, allowing the company significant reach and understanding of consumer markets and needs. Syneron, on the other hand, is focused on developing laser systems and other treatment devices for dermatology offices. In many ways it makes sense that these two companies teamed up to create Iluminage, as they can both bring something unique to the projects. Though it’s difficult to confirm with great certainty, our guess is that Unilever provides the project with consumer marketing know-how, while Syneron brings its technological expertise. Let’s take a closer look at some of the products offered under the Iluminage brand and what they may achieve for the average consumer.

How Iluminage Products Work

Iluminage doesn’t yet have a wide range of products. Currently, the manufacturer is focused on one anti aging laser and several hair removal products. 

  • Anti Aging Laser:  This device is based on the idea of delivering laser bursts to deeper skin layers in order to stimulate collagen production. It is certainly not a new concept, and many lasers in dermatology offices work on the same principle. As the laser bursts are delivered to the skin, they heat up the area, which in turn can stimulate collagen to grow and strengthen. Of course, the Iluminage technology isn’t as powerful as what you’d find at a skin care clinic, as inexperienced users could otherwise cause significant damage to their skin.
  • Hair Removal Devices:  The other set of Iluminage devices includes several hair removal devices. These are also based on a similar technology as the items found in spas and dermatology offices. At least one of these seems to be based on intense pulsed light technology, rather than laser delivery. The idea behind a hair removal laser is to deliver bursts of energy that will be absorbed by the pigment in inside follicles. Heating destroys the hair follicle, a process which prevents future hair growth.

Iluminage Reviews

Reviews for Iluminage products seem to be quite mixed. However, it’s important to give the company credit for allowing negative reviews on their website, as many companies often prevent bad reviews from showing.

There are several concerns raised with Iluminage reviews, and they seem to focus on the effectiveness of the products, or lack thereof. 

For example, several consumers expressed frustration with lack of permanent hair removal using the hair lasers. This can definitely be a concern with at-home hair removal systems, but the reason isn’t necessarily a poor design from Iluminage. Let’s consider some of the reasons in more detail:

  • Hair Color:  Laser hair removal is most effective on darker hair. This is because the laser targets pigment inside the hair follicles, in order to heat them up to appropriate levels. If the user’s natural hair color is fair or blonde, the laser may have a difficult time heating up the follicles to destruction.
  • Hair Cycles:  Another potential reason for lackluster results may have to do with consumers’ lack of understanding of how hair removal works. The role of cycles in this treatment is very important. At any given time, a portion of your follicles is actively producing hair strands or is dormant. If the follicle is in a resting phase, the treatment will not be effective, as there is insufficient pigment to target the follicle. Therefore, it’s vital to follow Iluminage instructions and complete multiple treatments to achieve permanent results.
  • Laser Strength:  The hair removal lasers at a dermatologist’s office will typically be stronger than Iluminage devices meant for at home use. This is because doctors and medical providers are taught how to avoid skin damage with powerful devices, while an overzealous consumer is likely to hurt themselves. Therefore, the Iluminage device may not provide the same degree of energy intensity.

Where to Buy Iluminage Products

Items in the Iluminage product line may be purchased directly from the manufacturer’s website. However, the item prices are quite high. For example, the Touch permanent hair reduction device is $445, the Anti Aging Laser is $595, and the Precise Touch is $245. 

Additionally, it’s important to note that some of these devices may need replacement bulbs. For example, the replacement cartridge for the Touch hair removal device is a whopping $150. 

The high cost of Iluminage devices should be considered carefully by the consumer. The improvement in efficacy of such home-based technology has improved significantly over the years. However, the learning curve and misunderstanding of skin function may yield a less than positive outcome for some consumers. Therefore, it’s a good idea to seek the advice of a skin care expert who can show you how to properly use Iluminage technology and avoid potentially serious side effects.


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